Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sending A Message

"The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more, if the government had not sometimes got in its way." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Probably, by now, both of my readers have learned of the Republican victories in yesterday's Gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

Here in Virginia, the Republican party made a clean sweep, winning the Governors race, as well as Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General.

This makes me very happy. I believe it's the first time since I've been voting that all the candidates I voted for have won.

In New Jersey, the mostly Liberal Democrat and "moderate" voters have joined with Republicans to oust corruption plagued Governor Corzine, and install a Republican Governor.

I was at work when my wife called me and told me of the Republican victory in Virginia. My boss was standing nearby when I received the call, and he looked at me with a quizzical expression when I disconnected. When I told him the news, he responded, "It's not surprising. Obama has screwed up this country so much, it's no wonder people are voting Republican. They will vote for Republicans in the next Presidential elections, too."

I've read a couple of articles so far that also suggest these victories are significant losses for Barack Hussein Obama.

The general consensus seems to be that these outcomes will send the message to the White house that American voters are not happy with the way Obama is presiding over our country.

I disagree.

Barack Hussein Obama is much too arrogant and narcissistic to consider the results of these elections a personal loss for him or his administration. Although Obama personally campaigned on behalf of the losing candidates in these races, he will not even consider that he had any effect whatsoever on their outcomes. He will probably blame the losses on incompetent or inadequate campaigning by the Democratic candidate's campaign personnel, or on Fox News.

If it was sent to Obama, I don't think he will get the message.

I do, however, think these Republican victories will send a message to the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

They have been ignoring the will of the majority for too long now.

They have been thumbing their collective noses at we the people.

They have been running things their way, and now it's coming back to haunt them in a big way.

I believe last night's elections are just the beginning of a long needed house cleaning. More will come. There will be a changing of the guard.

Perhaps now the Legislature will sit up and take notice. Perhaps now they will listen to the voice of the people.

If they value their jobs. If they wish to be re-elected.

The message has been delivered.

The question now is: Will they listen?


LoneWolfArcher said...

Wow, my blog entry for today was eerily similar to yours! :)

But I agree, Democrats do not get messages, they just try to yell louder.

Lone Ranger said...

I cruised some liberal sites today and there are enough sour grapes out there to crash the vinegar market.

They still don't get it. They won't get it. Truths About Liberals #2.

Jim said...

Seems like the voters in Virginia and New Jersey disagree with your "analyis".

According to ABC News:

"Twenty-four percent in Virginia said they'd cast their vote in part to show opposition to Obama, 17 percent to support him – a 7-point negative gap, although most, 56 percent, said he was not a factor in their vote. In New Jersey it was an even split: Nineteen percent said they cast their vote in part to express support for the president, an identical 19 percent to show opposition to him, while 60 percent said he wasn't a factor. "

Mark said...

Excuse me, Jim?

If I had said voters voted Republican to show opposition to Obama, maybe your comment would make sense, but I didn't say that and yet if I had, your comment still doesn't make a lot of sense.

24% said they voted in part to show opposition to Obama and 565 said it was not a factor. Silly me. I thought 54% was a majority.

How do those figures disagree with my analysis?

I did say I read a couple of articles that suggest a significant loss for Obama. I didn't see it that way at all, and I said I disagree with that assessment.

I don't understand your comment at all.

Mark said...

Whew! I am tired! I meant, of course 56%, not 565 or 54%.

Lone Ranger said...

We are finally going to get something DONE next year. Mostly, I'm talking about getting back our gun rights.

Mark said...

I didn't know we'd lost any gun rights. Don't you still have a conceal-carry permit?

Joe said...

Nancy Pelosi has proclaimed the elections a victory for Democrats.

She has a strange concept of victory.

Given President BO's approach to Afghanistan, I guess they ALL have a strange concept of victory.

Joe said...

Jim: You referenced ABC news. They ceased to accurately report news long ago. You need to find a news source that actually engages in journalism instead of constant, unswerving liberal bias.

Krystal said...

Well, they weren't listening to the message too well when they passed the health behemoth...

Anonymous said...

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Mark said...

Anonymous, I don't understand what you are saying. Partly because you don't seem to have a good command of the English language, and partly because I don't know what you mean, "a moderator" for my "forum"? What does that mean?