Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Death Of America's Work Ethic

"God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest." ~ J. G. Holland

The above quote seems to be what many people just don't understand. God provides and God answers prayer, but He doesn't make the things you need just suddenly appear out of thin air. God depends on His people, not His people's government, to do His work.

And, you have to work for everything you get.

This is why taking from the "haves" to provide for the "have nots" is not God's plan. Every man is responsible for both his own blessings and his own curses.

Many Liberals insist they are following the teachings of Jesus when they support wealth distribution, but this is not what Jesus had in mind when He told us to give to the poor.

Giving to the poor, as with everything else, is a personal choice, not a government mandate.

At least it should be a personal choice.

But our Government has usurped the right of the individual to make his own personal choice to give money, goods, services, or whatnot to help those less fortunate than themselves.

It is no longer a matter of personal choice.

It is no wonder, then, that many people are rising up in protest over the increasing governmental control of our personal lives and finances. People love their freedom, in this land, and in every other land.

Those who don't have never experienced freedom.

Health care is only the most current egregious example of Government over-stepping it's bounds.

To demand that those who have the money to afford their own health care or their own health insurance to pay the tab for those who don't, is patently un-American.

And, to back those demands with threats of jail time and/or imposing heavy fines is explicitly treasonous.

It violates the very principles upon which this great country was founded.

In 1776, our founders signed a document that enumerated the rights we enjoy as free men and women. Those rights are the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to personal property.

All of these rights are contingent upon taking personal responsibility for one's thoughts and actions.

The current administration and the current United States legislature is attempting to take those rights away from us.

We cannot allow them to succeed.

We must demand that our representatives return to the founding principles that made this country the most powerful and respected country on earth. We must remind them of the Biblical admonition, which was understood and repeated by the freedom loving men who first settled in this new world:

The men who settled at Plymouth Rock in 1620 made that admonition the law of the new colony: "Those who do not work, shall not eat."

This simple admonition was the impetus which created what once was the American work ethic.

This nation cannot survive with out it.

We had it once. My father instilled it in me. His father instilled it in him.

When did we lose it, and how?

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Tonto said...

I am with you all the way. I want my government to be the "referee" not the "coach."

Trader Rick said...

I want the government to be a fan in the stands.

Randy said...

Good post. I agree completely.

Always On Watch said...

taking from the "haves" to provide for the "have nots" is not God's plan

And the taking didn't work in the Jamestown Colony either!

When did we lose it, and how?

A gradual process, IMO. It accelerated under FDR.

The sense of entitlement so many Americans seem to have today was generations in the making. It seems to me that those born after 1960 have that sense of entitlement. Not everyone born after that date, of course.

The death of America's work ethic is leading us down the path of statism, which will once again be the disaster that all utopias ever attempted have been.

Trader Rick said...


Mark said...

Working, Rick.

Anonymous said...

Ugg. More liberal bashing. If you Republican tightwads are the answer than how do you explain the last eight years?

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