Saturday, November 28, 2009

Affirmative Action Works!....Right?

"Bachelor's degrees make pretty good placemats if you get 'em laminated." ~ Jeph Jacques

I found this photo over at Trader Rick's blog.

Well, I've always said there is often a vast difference between education and intelligence. Ms. Brown proves my point.

What's really scary is the fact that this woman creates laws!

I read a bio on Rep. Corrine Brown.

She has a Master's degree from Florida University.


In education, no less!

(Rick, no offense, but are you sure you really want your name associated with a university that turns out such erudite graduates?)

If this is an example of the success of affirmative action programs, I have to believe I am right to oppose them.

Affirmative Action: Handing out degrees to complete idiots for decades.


Jim said...

It's a photoshop. The original is here

Mark said...

OK, Jim. It IS photoshopped. But, go to your own link and listen to her speech. She did say "gradulate". She did pronounce the word "Coach" as "Corch" and "corching" she did leave the "s" off several plural words. She did say "it is malice the most the pressure he was under".

C'mon, Jim if you want to defend your idiot Liberal icons, defends one that is a little more indefensible. Don't pretend Ms Brown is intelligent. it is obvious (even though the photo may be photoshopped) she isn't.

If she really earned her Masters in Education, why is her grammar so horrible?

Jim said...

I listened to the clip. Gradulate is a common term combining graduation and congratulations. Although the "sign" credits her with saying the word five times, she only said it once.

It is unclear that she said "corch". To me it sounds like "co-utch" She is from the deep South. She has an accent.

It is unclear that she said "malice". Sounds to me like she said "matters". Not great syntax, but better than malice.

Yep, she said "gusty". Big whoop! Bush had a graduate degree from Harvard and said, "Is our children learning?"

"Jim if you want to defend your idiot Liberal icons, defends [sic] one that is a little more indefensible [sic]." What is your level of education?

Mark said...

What is my level of education? A couple of years of College. So what? I can still speak the English language, and it didn't take a Masters degree in edumacation (spelling intended) to know how.

I don't know why I bother to set you straight on this, but putting the "s" on the end of "defend" is an obvious typo, but indefensible is spelled right.

"Gradulate" is a common term? In who's Universe? I've never heard those two words combined to form one word.

Level of education is one thing. Intelligence is quite another matter, as you prove with every comment you make.

Jim said...

You are all over this woman because of basically her accent and her ethnicity. She's on the floor of Congress lauding her state's champion football team.

I'd never heard of the word "gradulation" either. So, first thing I did was Google "gradulation". Did you know you can buy "gradulation" cards? See, I didn't automatically assume this person was unintelligent because of the way she talks.

My point was not to criticize you nor impugn your education but to note that anyone can have a slip of the tongue or a typo. Sure indefensible is spelled correctly, but your use of the word here doesn't make sense in its context. Why would I want to defend someone more indefensible?

Mark said...

I'm not attacking this woman for either her ethnicity or her accent.

I'm attacking her for her obvious lack of intelligence and a seemingly unearned Masters degree in Education.

It would seem to me someone who has a Masters in Education would be more articulate.

I can't believe she earned her degree. It would seem to make more sense that she was handed her degree simply because she is black. It certainly isn't because she learned anything in the program.

Mark said...

Oh great. I too googled the un-word, "gradulate".

It is a word if you count the urban dictionary as a legitimate reference.

It is sad that our society seems to be regressing rather than progressing.

Jim said...

"It would seem to make more sense that she was handed her degree simply because she is black."

And there you have it. QED.

Trader Rick said...

I've always known Jim to be a bit dense, but now I can see that he is deeply into fabrication and devious falsehoods as well.Jim, you should look yourself in the mirror and try to be more honest. Anybody that has listened to this idiot congressperson talk knows she is semi-literate. We in Gator Nation are sorely disappointed and ashamed of this idiot. It is OBVIOUS to a fair minded person that she has no place in a law making body. She is a disgrace to her race and Gator Nation. She is in a district grossly gerrymandered by dimocrats to ensure a black representative. Apparently the powers that be wanted a drone they could control. UF has long prided itself in having tougher entrance standards than our other SEC counterparts, and this has hurt us in recruiting football players. I tell you the truth, any black player on our current championship team has more brains in their little finger than this moron member of congress. And due to NCAA rules, they don't get a pass just because they are athletes. Miss "Go Gatuh" obviously was given a huge pass all the way thru school... She's a nmonumental disgrace and a good argument against pure democracy. And Jim should be ashamed for trying to defend her, and for that he's a pinhead.

Trader Rick said...

Another thing, most of the members of the '08 National Championship Team are they haven't gradulated yet. BTW "gradulate" is NOT a word in the English language.

Mark said...

QED my ass! That statement proves nothing except my point: Affirmative action hands out degrees to morons. Like you, Jim.

Mark said...

And you never answered my question.

If she actually earned her degree, why is her grammar so horrible?

Joe said...

Jim: It is one thing to take a stand for liberalism. If that is your world-view, then so be it. To be so fool-minded that you cannot, or will not, see facts as they are laid out in front of you without trying to justify them with some spin born of stupidity is beyond the pale.

When you stretch that far to defend the indefensible, you reveal your total lack of respect for the truth; IE: what actually happened, as opposed to what you wish had happened.

I am a southerner who has grown up immersed in the culture of the south as well as the culture of so-called "African-Americans." The horrendous grammatical errors made by Ms. Brown demonstrate a level of intellect that does not rise to the standard of the average black person in the U.S.

By the way, she is remarkably consistant in her inability to construct gramatically correct sentences.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

That is a great example of what an education through affirmative action has done to America.

My guess is that either she was taught in English but listened in Ding Bat, or she took all her courses in Ebonics.

Joe said...

MRG: That's what I would have said, too, but I can't spell Ebonics.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Well I thought I would stop by lol, looks like the same place ha ha!

Git 'em Mark!

Always On Watch said...

"Bachelor's degrees make pretty good placemats if you get 'em laminated." ~ Jeph Jacques

It used to be that a B.A. meant something -- at least where I went to university. back in the Dinosaur Age. Ha, ha.

I've discovered that my B.A. from that particular small college has surpassed even PhD's recently given out. **sigh**

Krystal said...

Jim, I graduated from a predominately black high school in South Florida. And you are jackass.

YOU are defending HER because of her accent and ethnicity! I bet you didn't cut George W. any slack at all.

Black people are NOT stupid unless they CHOOSE to be! I attended classes with black kids from the hood who didn't know who their daddy was who CHOSE to take advantage of the SAME EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM I attended.


The black kids who CHOSE to use guttural hood English did so because they had an entitlement attitude and entitlement expectations. They KNEW they'd be given the "it's their ethnicity" condescending, prejudice excuse you are giving this woman.

It isn't the white people who expect proper grammar who are holding the black community back, it's idiots like you!!

YOU and YOUR LIBERAL FRIENDS are the ones who think they're too stupid to learn, too stupid to take care of themselves, and too stupid to rise above their situation. You prove it every time you make asinine comments like "it's their ethnicity".

That's code for "We think they lack the brains to learn proper English, so we'll just make up an excuse for them because they need The Master to make them feel good".

People like you, with your thinly veiled prejudices you are too blinded to see yourselves, just plain ... PISS ME OFF!