Sunday, November 01, 2009


“When government accepts responsibility for people, then people no longer take responsibility for themselves.” ~ George Pataki

I think if there must be one or two words that define what is meant by the word, "Conservatism", it would be the words, "personal responsibility".

Conservatism, to me, means taking responsibility for oneself. And, by "responsibility", I mean taking blame for your own words and actions as well as taking credit.

I have much more respect for the man who admits to doing wrong while apologizing for whatever he did, than the man who makes excuses and blames others for his mistakes even if his apology is sincere.

And, I think that extends to taking punishment, also. A couple of years ago, a man named Stanley "Tookie" Williams was executed in California for four very senseless and brutal murders.

To my knowledge, he went to his Maker protesting his innocence, and without taking responsibility for his crimes.

Can anyone think of another man who makes excuses and blames others for his problems?

Barack Hussein Obama is a Liberal. Personal Responsibility are not words that describe him. Nearly a year into his administration and he still blames his predecessor on America's problems.

One could argue that Obama takes personal responsibility sometimes, and that would be true.

Now, he often takes credit for what he perceives as positives, however, he never takes the blame for anything negative.

Remember when he claimed the reason a Chicago White Sox pitcher pitched a perfect game was because Obama wore a White Sox jersey at the all-star game? It was a statement made with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, I realize, but still the statement speaks volumes about the man's character, in my opinion.

If his health care bill passes, he will take the credit. When it fails, as it inevitably will, he will not take the blame.

Mark my words.

And, that brings up another term I want to define, because as sure as I'm writing this, some Liberal who read this will undoubtedly suggest that my disdain for Obama is rooted in racism. Even if they don't comment, there will likely be one or two Liberals who will mutter to themselves, "He doesn't like Obama just because Obama is black".

I would submit that anyone who believes Conservatives reject Obama or his policies because of his color is a racist himself.

If someone voted either for him or against him simply because he is black, that someone is the definition of a racist.

Some people no doubt voted against him because he's black. That's a sad reality.

Multitudes voted for him for the same reason.

This isn't only my opinion. It's a fact.

This is how I define racism:

The act of judging a person on the color of his skin, rather than on the content of his character.

I sincerely believe most Conservatives oppose Obama and his policies, not because he is a black man, but because he represents positions that Conservatives deem harmful to the continued existence of the Constitutional Republic that is the United States of America.

Barack Hussein Obama is not disliked because he is black. He is disliked for his refusal to take personal responsibility, and for failure to demand others take personal responsibility for themselves.

This failure will ultimately create more problems in the future for all Americans.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

You are absolutely right. But along with not accepting personal responsibility is prevalent belief among liberals, which seems to be growing is an attitude of "You owe me and I deserve it."

Have you noticed that a lot of products and services, that are advertised on television today, all seem to say "...Because you deserve it"? So today people seem to believe that they deserve this that or the other thing, NOT because they ever did anything TO deserve it, but just because they are here.

Jim said...

"is prevalent belief among liberals, which seems to be growing is an attitude of "You owe me and I deserve it.""

I'm a liberal. I work in San Francisco. I read Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, and several other liberal blogs every day. I watch the Ed Show, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow (and Bill O'Reilly) nearly every day. I listen to Air America (the Sirius XM version) every morning and every afternoon.

I have NEVER EVER heard ANY liberal express any such attitude. EVER.

So your assertion is blatantly false.

And the advertising you are talking about is aimed at getting people to buy higher end products because they "deserve" the luxury they get from spending a little more on themselves.

Your "observation" is idiotic.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

And you Jim are perfect in your assessments I suppose?

I'm sorry to have to inform you that I am correct. Even in our public schools , students receive honors just for trying, they don't really have get a right answer or win at a game just as long as they are there is what counts today.

I have spent a lot of time over the years working with various youth groups and organizations and have seen first hand the growing attitude among people to day that they feel that they deserve all sorts of things and that they are owed stuff, simply because they are here in the world, but I would hardly expect a liberal to admit that this is the case.

Turn around is fair play so, your observations are idiotic. I have been around too long and seen and heard so much, that I know where of I speak.

Jim said...

You may work or volunteer in an environment where where some of the people have this attitude. In my kids' schools, public schools, they perform or they get Ds and Fs. But the kids in your environment and the kids in mine are not "liberals." They are basically a-political.

Your comment was about a prevalent belief among liberals. I deny it and challenge you to quote any significant group of liberals having an attitude of "You owe me and I deserve it."

It's not honest to attribute the attitude of a few people to "liberals" in general. Just isn't true.

I am not perfect in my assessments, but I certainly know what I'm talking about.

Trader Rick said...

"I read Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, and several other liberal blogs every day. I watch the Ed Show, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow (and Bill O'Reilly) nearly every day. I listen to Air America (the Sirius XM version) every morning and every afternoon.

I have NEVER EVER heard ANY liberal express any such attitude. EVER.

So your assertion is blatantly false."




"I am not perfect in my assessments,"


"but I certainly know what I'm talking about."


Jim said...

Says you. :-)

The Rev says it "seems", I counter with years of reading, watching, and being a liberal to refute his "seems" and you criticize my "scientific survey"?

So be it.

Edwin Drood said...

Every single liberal cause is about not having to accept personal responsibility. Just look at the flagship issue for all Liberals, abortion. Now look at some other "causes": welfare, heath care, tax the rich give to the poor. Is it too mush to ask people to make their own money, feed yourselves and not get yourself of someone else pregnant.

Apparently it is, because now we have to make sure they have money to go to the doctor.

What cracks me up the most about Obama and his middle school blame displacement, is that he was in Congress for 4 years before he was President. I know he rarely showed up for work but it was still his responsibility.

As a senator he had more power over the economy than Bush did. Getting Libtards to understand the importance of the legislative branch is impossible, that include Obama.

Marshall Art said...


I think it was only two years Barry was a US Senator. Before that, an IL state senator. In either case, the bottom line is the same. He inherited this mess from himself.

Marshall Art said...


You could listen to and read more from twice the amount of people that you've listed and personal the "I am owed" attitude is indeed prevalent among libs. Have you never heard that everyone deserves health care, that they have a right to it? What does that imply but that people are owed it, if not deserve it as well? Some say it with the word "affordable" in there, but the attitude is the same. Reality would rephrase it, everyone deserves to get what health care they can afford, or they need to work harder to afford what is possible to get.

Gang bangers, not generally Republicans if they vote at all, and don't forget that pic of all the mugshots with the perps wearing pro-Barry Tshirts and such, ALWAYS insist they are deserving of respect and attack those who are perceived as not providing that respect.

Homosexuals insist they are deserving of having their behavior treated as equal to heteros. They believe they are owed that treatment and legislative changes to go with it.

Liberals believe all opinions are deserving of equal respect and that we owe it to people to give their opinions the same level of validity, even when they are clearly stupid.

I don't think any of your liberal radio hosts and bloggers would disagree with any of the above and there's more I could add to the list. The attitude is expressed in almost every liberal proposal that comes from a lib politician. (I say "almost" just to be polite.)

Edwin Drood said...
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Edwin Drood said...

Common mistake M. you see Barry took Congressional office in Jan 2005 and gave up his seat in Nov 2008. He spent 3 years 10 months and 13 days as a US senator. In all that time he apparently had no idea where the US economy was going.

It's ok, all Obama has to do is blame Bush. The Libtards who can't even define the term "Legislative branch" will buy it hook line and sinker.

Marshall Art said...

Wow, Ed. It seems like only yesterday this loser was foisted upon us as the messiah.