Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What's Wrong With Socialism?

"The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking." ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

I was listening to Sean Hannity's show and as usual, he was ranting about the dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency. He continually warns us that should Hillary become President, she will turn the United States of America into a Socialist country. And he is pretty close to correct in my opinion. Hillary Clinton certainly does appear to embrace a Communistic ideology.

The problem is, Hannity uses the term, "Socialist" as if it is a bad thing.

(What? Is Mark saying socialism isn't a bad thing? Has he lost his mind?)

No, I am not saying that. Communism is most definitely a bad thing. The problem is few average United States citizens across this country realize why it's an undesirable system.

The majority of Americans don't listen to Hannity, or any other talk radio show, and when the news comes on TV, they quickly change channels to catch the latest installment of "American Idol", or "Dancing with the Stars", or whatever. Anything but boring old news shows.

Plus, the Americans, ignorant of Communism, who do listen to newscasts and read newspapers are getting their news mostly from the decidely Liberally biased mainstream media.

The average American is blissfully ignorant of anything that has important far reaching and possibly devastating repercussions upon this country. Or for that matter, anything political.

They don't read newspapers unless they are reading to find out the latest gossip about Britney, Lindsay, and Paris, the latest sports scores, and/or the comics. They don't watch news programs or presidential debates or interviews with our country's most influential newsmakers.

What our culture has spawned in the last few decades since the 1960's are entire generations of people who don't know "Shiite" from shinola.

Watch Jay Leno's "jaywalk" feature sometime. Listen to the occasional man in the street interview from time to time. The average American is brain dead when it comes to things of national importance.

So, when Hannity and Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh warns us of the impending danger of a Hillary Clinton presidency, average rank-and-file Americans respond with a collective yawn.

Is it because they don't care? Or is it because they are under-educated about the horrors of a Communistic state?

We need to remember what kind of information has been spoon fed to Americans in the last several years.

The few average older Americans who remember the "Red scare" of the 50's, the Cuban missile crisis of the early 60's, the bloody invasion of Hungary by the Soviet Union, etc, unless they were directly involved, don't remember the atrocities committed by Communist regimes worldwide. Either they don't remember or have buried the memories somewhere hoping against hope they won't resurface.

And don't look to the younger generation for redemption. The institutions of higher learning in this country are turning out graduates who have learned not the oppression of Communism, but instead have been indoctrinated in the lie that Socialism is the ultimate Utopian society. One which is to be admired, not reviled. Nearly every College and University in this country has become a cookie cutter that creates Communist adoring cookies.

Neither the older Americans or the younger generation know anything about the millions of murders and tortures inflicted on the people of Communist countries in the last century and today. Nor do they care.

Our children and our children's children have not been taught the truth of Communism.

The television and radio programs that the average American tunes into are overwhelmingly influenced by these same forces, even when they are just entertainment programs. Comedians, news anchors, talk show hosts and guests, sportscasters, your local disc jockeys, television and movie characters offer their opinions and the average American sits and listens, and digests whatever political and social ideology they hear, and they don't even realize they are being brainwashed.

For that matter, the majority of the aforementioned celebrities who regurgitate the Socialist pablum and distribute it to the average American don't realize to what extent their own minds have been manipulated.

The people they should be listening to, the ones who know and attempt to share the truth with Mr. and Mrs. Average American, are routinely demonized and marginalized by the overwhelmingly Liberal media and academia, to the point where they are no longer given any credibility.

It is an uphill battle for the hearts and minds of the average American. And common sense is the casualty.

Hannity, and Levin, and Rush, and the others need to not only tell the people what and who to fear, they need also to tell them why to fear.


The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Well said Mark. Liberalism/Marxism/Socialism has truned this republic so far away from its real roots that those who do not remember the Red Scare, or the effects of Socialism during WWII in which entire populations were blinded to dictators like Hitler and Mussolini BECAUSE of Socialism, cannot grasp WHY Hillary is so dangerous.

Most in this country have grown up depending on the government in one form or another and cannot understand WHY Hillry's Socialistic programs are such a bad thing. After all they do allow for the people to be taken care of by Washington.

They cannot see how over especially the past 40 liberal socialism programs such as the Great Society etc have eaten away at our freedoms so much that the Founders would not even recognize this country today.

So you are right, it is an uphill battle adn education especially to younger generations is necessary to get across the idea that liberal policies will destroy America and usher in American Socialism.....but first they have to understand just what that means!

Cameron said...

There is and always have been bits of socialism in our nation. That's what the tax structure is all about.

There were many early groups in the US that tried their hand at forms of collectivism as well.

It is human nature to strive for fairness, and that is where much of the public support for many of these programs comes from. I do think, though, that some of the support comes from envy of those that have much by those who don't.

The key is recognizing that there are two main problems with social programs. One is that they give more money, and therefore more power, to the government. The other is that they basically constitute A feeling charity for B, and then taking money from C to give to B. That's not true charity.

Abouna said...

This is a most excellent post, and you are right on every point. America has gone so far into an intellectual coma, that it is doubtful it will ever regain consciousness. Few people have any concept of what Socialism is and how it is just one tiny step away from Communism.

Under Socialism, you can own your property and your business, but you are taxed up the butt (redistribution of your wealth, take it from you who earned it, to give it to those who haven't) to pay for all of the Nanny State entitlements that the government wants to give, total care from cradle to grave with no free choices. Then it is just one step away from Communism when the Government takes possession of your property and business and makes you a slave to them.

Then try to speak out and watch how they beat you into submission. It is coming people, whether you believe it or not. While you are stuffing your brains with Dancing With the Stars, all of Reality Shows and the other mind warping crap, Bush is busy making secret deals with Mexico and Canada to sell out our our National Sovereignty, and places like one city in Virgina (if not the whole State) is planning on offering every amenity and comfort and perk to all illegals who move there, such as free education, low income housing, medical and dental, and even help them to find jobs.

We are losing our country, our freedoms, our very way of life and the majority of Americans today don't even know it and if they do, they just don't give a damn.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Off Topic here Mark,

I cant think of any other way to send condolences to Francis Lynn except by going to his webpage/blog.

American Values Under Attack

Reverand K didnt leave anything on my blog but a quick mention of his passing.

So I went to Francis blog and added mine.

I hope they keep his blog up he was an inspiration :-)

Trader Rick said...

Mark when I went to high school in Florida in the 60's, there was a state-mandated course that was required for graduation, entitled "Americanism vs. Communism"--my class was taught by a retired Army Colonel--schools today should have a course in "Americanism vs. Hillaryism."

Mary said...

Excellent post, Mark.

American children are not being taught the horrors of life in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc.

Instead of learning the truth about socialism and communism, they're fed Leftist propaganda, promoting these failed systems.

As you point out, many adult Americans are clueless about history.

Truly scary.

Shushan said...

Amen. Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct. Add to all that an increasing fear in those same new graduates to stand against any politically correct position, and/or perceived authority and you see a people prepared to embrace serfdom once again - as long as they don't call it that!


Dan Trabue said...

It's probably pointless of me to try to make any points here, as you seem pretty sold on your mindset. I will note that you seem to have a pretty low opinion of the American populace.

I will further note that "communism" or "socialism" in and of themselves, don't lead to the atrocities you describe. Fascism does and this was the problem with USSR and China - they were fascist and oppressive in nature. They could have been capitalist fascists just about as easily.

You know that there are and have been countries that lean communist that are not fascist in nature (Nicaragua off and on, Denmark, for instance).

These countries have their problems, too and I'm not advocating socialism here, I don't think it works well.

But, it's just not the case that communism=fascism. That's fearmongering, McCarthyism sort of talk. Most Americans realize that, but there are a few who cling to old demonizations.

Perhaps we, the people are not as stupid as you seem to think.

Dan Trabue said...

And Trader Rick, that sounds like a brain-washing class you took part in. Just the sort of problem we saw too often in many socialist nations. Scary that it happened here.

ELAshley said...

here's a little perspective on the evils of Communism. Or for those who don't like to read, how about here's a chart detailing the deaths attributed to communist governments?

It's a bit premature to say that BECAUSE Hillary wins the Presidency this is the kind of wholesale slaughter we have to look forward to, but when you consider how Communism/Socialism has failed miserably EVERYWHERE it's been tried, Hillary's 'presidency' is certainly a step in an Orwellian direction. And as I opined at my own place, 'a presidency from which this nation may well never recover'...

And here is the truly scary part. Hillary winning the Nomination is both the Right's best hope of regaining the White House and the most frightening Democrat opponent, because of the very real threat she poses to freedom in America. We hope for a Hillary nomination, yet therein lies the greatest danger... we had best make sure OUR candidate is the best qualified and capable of defeating her. If there was EVER a presidential race that was genuinely crucial/pivotal to America short and long-term future, it's this one.

Marshall Art said...

It is a form of entitlement that so many in our country live their lives in total darkness regarding the workings of our governments (fed, state & local) and the impact that can be absorbed by the election of the wrong candidate(s). I doubt there are any here who don't know at least one person who believes there's no difference in whom we elect, that it doesn't really matter to their personal situation. These folks believe they are entitled to be left alone and while they go about living, they are also entitled not to be burdened with the duties of citizenship. Is it any wonder that our country suffers from it's various ills? Just look at the numbers every election time. How many are eligible to vote, and how many actually do. It's pathetic. So it's one thing to have our favorite conservative pundits explaining the why's and wherefor's, but people first have to actually want to know and take the time to learn. It's a tough gig, but everybody has to do it.

Marshall Art said...

One more thing: for those that I know who think there's no difference, those who don't vote or pay the least bit of attention to the goings-on in our nation and the world, I chastise them for their selfishness and laziness. Shame on them.

Al-Ozarka said...

I believe socialism is the ideal form of government.

I believe that the only way sinful humanity can thrive in a socialist society, however, is with the iron-fist rule of a perfect, sinless, morally-pure dictator.

Even so, come Lord Jesus!

ELAshley said...

Note to Dan: McCarthy was right. The record bears out his warnings. He got a bad rap, and too many people still see him as pseudo chicken little

"The Communists are coming! The Communists are coming!"

Well, truth was, he was right.

As for brainwashing-- There's a hell of a lot more of that going on in today's schools than way back when.

Dan Trabue said...

I also find it humorous the fear of Hillary that exists in so many on the Right. She is among the most conservative of the Dem candidates.

The Left will have a very difficult time voting for her. That should give you some comfort. It won't, but it should.

Dan Trabue said...

EL said:

Note to Dan: McCarthy was right. The record bears out his warnings.

[rolls eyes...]

EL said:

As for brainwashing-- There's a hell of a lot more of that going on in today's schools than way back when.

Oh? Your source for this?

I am a public school graduate. My two children are in public schools. I taught in public schools very briefly. I have some experience in the public school arena here in Kentucky.

Never - in all of my experience - have I seen a course as blatantly titled as "Americanism vs. Communism." If anything, our schools still lean towards the conservative indocrination side, at least here in Kentucky.

For instance, they still think it okay to bring in the military to an elementary school do a presentation showing how "cool!" it is to be in the army. And they do so without parental notification!

But of course, they provided a peacemaker organization equal time, right? No, of course, not.

Now, in colleges, you may have some fairly blatantly liberal-sounding courses, along with blatantly conservative-sounding courses, but never have I heard of any such doctrinaire-sounding classes - in either direction - as this "Americanism vs. Communism" class.

To be fair, that's just a title, perhaps it was an even-handed presentation. But somehow I doubt it, given the times.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

For instance, they still think it okay to bring in the military to an elementary school do a presentation showing how "cool!" it is to be in the army. And they do so without parental notification!

But of course, they provided a peacemaker organization equal time, right? No, of course, not.

Dan: The military IS the peacemaker.

I have no problems with the military to come in to talk to children. Why shouldn't they? Exactly what is in the presentation? You are attempting to "politicize" the military, by pointing out a supposed dichotomy, in bringing up a "peace" organization that the children must also be exposed to. The military should be loved and respected by our young. Not feared. If the school invited firefighters to come speak to their kindergarten class, would you be offended that they didn't also invite some pyromaniac representing an arson group, to give them equal representation and the opposing point of view?

Really, Dan....

I know you are a pacifist, but for the life of me, I cannot fathom how anyone cannot see that it is our military that preserves our peace, prosperity, and security. We have no country without a strong military.

Dan Trabue said...

As a Christian Peacemaker, I don't want the gov't to market the military to my elementary age children as something glorious and cool. Which they did.

I'm fine with a defensive army and I don't demonize the military. But I don't trust our gov't enough to give them the nearly trillion dollars a year to have history's most massive military machine.

It has little to do with the military and everything to do with not trusting gov't - especially gov't indoctrination programs.

Putting up with gov't indoctrination can lead to the exact sort of fascism that Mark is decrying here, mistakenly calling it socialism.

ELAshley said...

If Hillary is the most Conservative of her fellow Democrat Candidates...



WOW!!! Things are worse than I ever imagined!

Gayle said...

Al-Ozarka said "I believe socialism is the ideal form of government." Ya, that's why San Francisco is doing so well. LOL!

Somehow we screwed up and let the liberals get a foothold in our public schools and colleges and it's gone downhill ever since. I've seen Hannity's "Man in the Street" videos. It's utterly shocking, but the good news is that I think many of these non-political, to-busy-to-be-bothered- with-anything-other-than-video-games folks don't vote anyway. At least I hope they don't!

Mike and Abouna are right. This is an excellent post.

Erudite Redneck said...

The fact that neither Mark not any of his Amen Corner "get" the irony of his using a quote from uber-Keynesian John Kenneth Galbraith over a post against "socialism" speaks VOLUMES about the level of pure-dee, garden-variety ignurnce 'round here. Gah.

EL, if you think you that there is ANYTHING about the drunk egotist McCarthy's witch hint that is remotely redeemable, well, then, you're irredeemable as a so-called thinking 'Murkan. JeeZUS.

How 'bout B. Arnold? You gonna defend him, too? Both served themselves FIRST. And both deserve vilification.

Mark said...

I often use quotes from people with whose ideology I disagree. I think it fits the post nicely. It's too bad Mr. Galbraith used those same non-thinking people to advance his own Communistic agenda.

As far as Joe McCarthy, I would suggest you read the real history of McCarthy and not your typical leftist revisionist history. EL is correct. You have been reading too many liberally biased newspapers.

Erudite Redneck said...

This seals it: You don't have a dang clue what "Communist" means. Not a clue.

"It's too bad Mr. Galbraith used those same non-thinking people to advance his own Communistic agenda."

Your lack of understanding about things you go on about is breath-taking. Please read some books, for your own sake and the sake of the country.