Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Potential Candidates I Like

"Give no decision till both sides thou'st heard." ~ Phocylides

Now, for the promised post on potential Republican Presidential candidates that I like.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I like Rick Santorum. He has already declared his candidacy. Democrats and their puppets in the media have long attacked him for his strong family values. I don't see them lightening up. If he is to prevail, he'd better not have any skeletons in his closet, and he'd better not utter any word that could conceivably be misunderstood. He will need to be squeaky clean and above reproach.

Just advocating family values is enough to set the hounds loose on him.

Michele Bachmann. I admit, I didn't think anyone would suggest she couldn't be President because Republicans won't nominate a woman, but Commenter Glenn Chatfield offered exactly that opinion in the comments section of my previous post. Perhaps Glenn buys into the Democrat propaganda that Republicans are sexist. I'd hate to think that. Perhaps he will clarify. I believe, for true Conservatives, Ms. Bachmann is an ideal candidate. She espouses not only the family values Conservatives cherish, but she embraces sound fiscal policies as well.

I like her.

That said, the Democrat attack machine media would have a field day with her. She is a woman, and an attractive woman to boot, and that combination scares the heck out of the Liberals:

A woman with a mind.

To Liberals, that is something with which they are unfamiliar. Contrary to what Democrats say, they are secretly sexist. If Bachmann runs for president, the Democrats true colors will likely be revealed. They will say, as a woman, she can't be as strong and decisive as a man would. She will have to prove her strength and tenacity to win the necessary respect from the American voters. Remember what I pointed out previously:

The average American voter knows little, if anything other than what the leftist media tells them.

Again, like Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann will have to be squeaky clean to avoid the media's character assassination tactics

My favorite candidate in the previous election was Duncan Hunter, U.S. Representative from California. I still like him, though it is highly doubtful he will even consider running. However, his son, Duncan Hunter Jr, has taken his father's place in the House of Representatives, and he is as Conservative as his father.

I would gladly vote for either if either of them chose to run.

Name recognition is a huge problem for the Hunters, though. Senior wasn't able to garner much of a following in the last election, but that's largely due to being nearly completely ignored by the most influential Republican pundits. Ann Coulter supported Hunter, and even scolded Sean Hannity for not giving Hunter equal support. He clearly represented my personal views better than any other candidate, and still does.

Probably the most viable potential candidate, in my humble opinion, is Herman Cain. This guy (along with Alan West) is the Democrat's worst nightmare:

A black man who is a Conservative.

And, not only is he a Conservative, but a man with real solutions to the problems created by the history making Barack Hussein Obama. A Herman Cain candidacy will almost certainly force the Democrat run media to fish or cut bait. Will they treat Cain with the respect he deserves as a black American (who they claim they revere)? Or will they spit out cleverly but thinly disguised racial epithets in their attacks on Cain?

I'm betting they will do the latter. Then, pretend they didn't really mean it the way it sounded.

He also may present something of a dilemma to the black voters. In 2008, 96% of black voters voted for Obama.

Two years later, after proving himself both incompetent and inept, a recent poll reported 96% of black voters said they would still vote for the liar-in-chief.

It is painfully clear blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama simply because he is black.

If Herman Cain, a black man with obvious superior intellect runs against Obama, the choice will be a difficult one for those who vote based strictly on skin color. Especially if Cain can convince black voters that his economic recovery plan is the better of the two. And, he also has the added advantage of offering something Obama promised but failed to deliver:

True hope and change.

Obama had his chance and failed. Hopefully, enough black voters will recognize that fact and vote accordingly to make a difference. Many black voters may well throw their support in Cain's direction.

Obama won on a promise.

So can Cain. And, unlike Obama, Cain can deliver.

Alan West. This freshman Republican Representative from Florida has impressed Conservatives in the short time he's been a Representative. A former Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, he is skilled in military strategy which would be a great advantage while we are still engaged in three wars. Additionally, he is a brilliant man with brilliant ideas that could help alleviate the financial situation the nation now faces.

Also, like Herman Cain, West is a black man. And, being black, he has the same advantage Cain does. The only significant drawback is his relative inexperience in politics. Although, it could be argued that attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps requires the utilization of a certain amount of politics.

As we know, being inexperienced is not an issue for the media as their fawning love for Obama clearly indicates. Unless, of course, the candidate is a Republican. Then, it's open season.

Regardless, the Liberal media attack machine will find an easy target in Alan West. He will be derisively referred (as will Herman Cain, of course)to as an "Uncle Tom" or brainwashed by the White Republican rich man establishment. And, the obligatory attacks on West's lack of experience, thus demonstrating how low into the depths of hypocrisy the Democrats are willing to sink to champion their hero, Obama.

My dream ticket thus far? Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.

I know there are others we can discuss, but I can't think of any more off hand.

If my two readers wish to add other potential candidates to this post, feel free.

I'd like to hear what you have to say.


Jim said...

I'll go with any of them, but I particularly like your "dream ticket". I think I speak for most Democrats on that.

Mark said...

Of course you would, Jim. That's because Democrats are racists and sexists, just as I said.

It's much the same thing I said when Obama chose Joe "foot in mouth" Biden.

Trader Rick said...

I think Obama proved that ANYONE (even a foreign born, marxist, ear sticking out Amerika hater) can be elected by the clueless American masses, that spend more time agonizing over who to vote for on American Idol or Dancing than they do elections, if packaged properly....

In a brightly colored label on a pretty bottle out the back of a wagon, with a little side show for free, and a BIG LIE about it's benefits...

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I don't think it is necessarily just Republicans who probably won't want a woman president - I think it is most of America. I'd really like to see America vote for Bachmann, but I am also afraid if she's in the running we will be saddled with Obama another four years because I do believe most Americans are afraid of a woman in the White House. Especially a conservative woman. Let's hope and pray I am wrong!

I'm only against women for president if they are the likes of Hillary!

Jim said...

"I think Obama proved that ANYONE (even a foreign born"

Haven't heard the news, huh?


With Goldman Sachs running the Treasury? Silly. I'm sure to you, anything left of Norquist is a marxist.

"ear sticking out"

You're stooping to something that stupid? Really?

"Amerika hater"

So you say.

"can be elected"

And he was and likely will again.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I was already thinking the same thing about the Bachman / Cain dream ticket. I hope it happens! I'll be blogging about it shortly.