Thursday, April 28, 2011

Convincing Proof: Obama Is A Phony

You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time. ~ Abraham Lincoln

At long last, Barack Hussein Obama has released his birth certificate, and now the issue of his citizenship and subsequent eligibility to be President is finally put to rest, right?

Of course, who could argue with this solid proof?

Click to enlarge.

Seriously, folks. This astounds me. Who, besides the willfully ignorant, could accept this obvious forgery as legitimate?

I won't lie. I have thought this issue a mere distraction for a long time. There has been no question in my mind that Obama is indeed a natural born citizen of the United States. Of that, I had no doubt. All the suppositions and assumptions and convincing arguments could not convince me that Obama is not a legal natural born citizen of the United States.

Now that he has released his "actual birth certificate", I'm no longer so sure. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see the obvious problems with this "document".

Look at the upper left hand corner. And then, compare the left border with the right border. See anything strange?

The so-called birth certificate was obviously and poorly cut and pasted onto a background with a nearly identical pattern. My God, the forger didn't even bother to trim the edges to complete the illusion of authenticity. He simply cut the forgery out and pasted it onto a nearly identical background pattern.

One would think in three years the forger could have perfected his art.

My 7-year old grandson could do a better, more convincing job.

Next, and probably most damning, look at the box labeled, "Race" beside his father's name.


Since when is Africa a race?

There are white people native to Africa. I'll bet there are Asians who are native to Africa. Is the continent of birth their race?

Obama was presumably born in 1961. (I say "presumably", because after this fallacy, nothing about the origins of Obama is certain) No one has ever disputed that fact.

But, I digress. Does anyone want to venture a guess as to what the proper and accepted term for a black person was in 1961? I'll spoil the fun for you.

It was "Negro".

Or, if that box on the document were to be consistent with the mother's race (which is recorded to be, "Caucasian") the race should read, "Negroid". Regardless, it certainly wouldn't be "African".

See, back in 1961, there were three sub races within the all encompassing human race:

Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid, although the third was sometimes called Asian instead. I have never heard of a fourth race called "African".

I really don't know what to think about Obama's intent here.

I can't decide whether I think Obama is stupid or he thinks we are stupid, or if he is simply so arrogant and narcissistic, he doesn't really care if we buy his flim-flam or not.

At any rate, I am no longer convinced he is legitimate.

And, I know I am not alone.

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Jim said...

"One would think in three years the forger could have perfected his art."

He's obviously been busy running the country.

For crying out loud. This is a copy. It was produced and certified by the State Registrar on Monday. You going to call him up and ask him if this is forgery? Go ahead, forgery prover. Ask the Registrar if he produced it our not. Knock yourself out.

Yeah, I'm sure Obama sat upstairs in the residence and went online looking for a forger who worked cheap and got him to come up with something that Mark busted in a few hours.

Look. The guys a negro. Get over it.

Mark said...

OK, Jim. I am willing to go so far as admit whoever created this copy of the "birth certificate" may have placed a cut out paper with he same pattern as the original certificate over the book containing the certificate, thus making the upper left hand corner look suspicious. It makes sense that he would have concealed other birth certificates in the same book.


That still doesn't explain the use of the term, "African" to denote the father's race. I have never heard of a Black man's race officially referred to as "African". Have you? As I mentioned, there are white people native to Africa. What do you suppose their birth certificate says regarding their race?

I remain unconvinced it is not a forgery.

Mark said...

"Yeah, I'm sure Obama sat upstairs in the residence and went online looking for a forger who worked cheap and got him to come up with something that Mark busted in a few hours."

Surely looks like it, Jim.

Mark said...

And, if you don't accept my analysis, here's more.

Jim said...

Do you ever ask yourself, "Why would the most powerful man in the world produce such an 'obvious' forgery?"

Why wouldn't he just leave well enough alone with what had already proved his citizenship?

I'm actually disappointed that he gave into this BS.

Trader Rick said...

The Donald really sucked Hussein in on this one.The president was reduced to silly name-calling.FAIL!

Oprah asked the president why he waited so long to release the document. He didn't answer her.

And that is the real issue here: Why? Is he just an arrogant obstinate moron? No. Was he afraid it would reveal some data he didn't want to get out? Maybe. Waiting so long just clouds the validity of the document. McCain dealt with his birth issues before the election. Why didn't Hussein?

There is no logical reason that doesn't make Hussein look like a criminal....

Now, it doesn't matter whether the thing is real or not--Hussein had something to hide.

It stinks to high heaven.

And the haters like that Goofy View Host that are proudly playing the race card are shameless.

Mark said...

Jim, As I said, only the willfully ignorant will believe this is a real Birth certificate.

Thus you are classified.

Jim said...

OK, I get it now. The incompetent, ignorant, marxist Obama has purposely produced an easily provable fake birth certificate in order to challenge the country to impeach him or simply have him removed via the 25th amendment. Then he will declare a state of marshal law, invite the Muslim Brotherhood, the Chinese and the Ruskies to take over and enforce his tyranny under Sharia.

Is that about it?

Always On Watch said...


You are spot on about the term "Negro" or "Negroid" being the terminology used back in 1961.

Always On Watch said...

You might want to take a look at THIS. The part about the hospital is interesting -- at the least.

Jim said...

Regarding the hospital, the name of Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital in 1961 was Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital. However, Barack Obama wasn't born there. He was born at Kapi Ľolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital. The two merged starting in 1976.

Fake hospital name: Fail

Regarding the use of the name "Kenya", in 1961 the country was in a state of transition from British colonial rule to self rule. Regardless of the "official" name, it was commonly known as Kenya and shown as Kenya on maps. I can see the clerk putting down whatever Barack Sr. said rather than looking up the name of the country in a registry of official country or colony names.

This is truly flimsy.

Really people. You actually think that Obama would "hide" this thing from you for three years and then produce something so "cheesy" and obviously fake?

He's black. Get over it.

Jim said...

"Oprah asked the president why he waited so long to release the document. He didn't answer her."

What sort of answer were you expecting? "It took me three years in my bedroom to photoshop this thing."?

Mark said...

Jim, I thought, as a frequent commenter, you actually read my posts.

To insinuate or imply that I am a racist is beneath even you.

Don't you remember what I wrote in the post immediately before this one? Who did I say I would like to see as the Republican nominee for President? You scoffed at the idea of Herman Cain running. Herman Cain is a black man, and not just half black either.

I am not the racist. It seems you fit that description much better than I.

Trader Rick said...

"He's black. Get over it."--The anonymous "jim" troll.

Way to go, "jim". Mindlessly following the far-left mantra on this issue. You let Whoopi Goldberg do your thinking for you?.Yikes!!!That's a new low, even for YOU.

Opposition to the Carnival Barker's policies, or questioning his alleged background has absolutely Nothing to do with race. FAIL

Trader Rick said...

"jim"quoted Rick and said:

"Oprah asked the president why he waited so long to release the document. He didn't answer her."

What sort of answer were you expecting? "It took me three years in my bedroom to photoshop this thing."?

Ah, Eureka, the dummy gets it. There IS no logical answer. What would he be trying to hide? The answer is, there WAS no original...

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

The real racists are those who insist Obama is black. They focus on one side of his parentage to the expense of his other side. Obama is just as much "white" as he is "black," so why doesn't anyone call him a white man? Because everyone is still seeing one drop of "black" making one black?

The thing is to not even look at his skin color, but any time one mentions his horrid policies, his poor theological understanding, his attempts as socialization of the country, his real and expressed hatred for this country (apologizing for us to the world), well it automatically means we don't like him because he is a "black" man and we are racists.

Jim said...

Glenn, the president identifies himself as black. He looks black. So don't tell me there is no racism involved because he is half white.

Interesting. In my first comment I said "The guy's a negro." I was really surprised that I didn't get blamed for playing the race card then. Took a repeat of it to raise your hackles.

The simple fact is that Obama provided certified proof from the State of Hawaii of his citizenship years ago. You don't think the Clinton oppo research team thoroughly vetted him?

Why didn't you believe him then? Because you don't agree with his philosophy or policies? Sure.

"Hussein look like a criminal"

He's not like us.

"Hussein had something to hide."

He's not like us.

"only the willfully ignorant will believe this is a real Birth certificate." So the State of Hawaii is in on this?

Because it would prove that he is legitimate if it is. But he is not legitimate. He is not like us.

"there WAS no original"

There is. There was and the State of Hawaii officially said so years ago.

He's not smart enough to have written his own books.

He's not smart enough to have gotten into Harvard Law.

He's not smart enough to have been head of the Law Review.

He's arrogant, as if Bush wasn't and Trump isn't.

If it were just his political philosophy and policies (like Cain), all of the above wouldn't be brought up. It's all been vetted. You want any excuse to de-legitimize "Hussein".

I have to go with Occam's Razor here.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I don't care a fig about his birth certificate. The man is an ardent marxist who wants America to be a socialist nation. That is the major problem; his policies are destroying this nation.

Jim said...

"The man is an ardent marxist who wants America to be a socialist nation."

No he isn't.

"his policies are destroying this nation."

No they're not.

Trader Rick said...

"jim" Why do you hate America and want her destroyed? That's what comes out of your every post. Did something bad happen to you?

Jim said...

"Did something bad happen to you?"

Yeah, I was abused by another Dick: Nixon.

Hey, Dick. We all know that America is perfect. People who have anything critical to say about its history, political or otherwise, are simply America-hating hippies. [Snark, in case you didn't catch that.]

"Why do you ... want [America] destroyed?"

I've worked for a large corporation for 35 years. I'm nearing retirement (no I don't live in my mother's basement, Dick). My retirement security is dependent on the health of this corporation and a robust economy driven by a broad middle class.

Why on EARTH would I want America destroyed?

"That's what comes out of your every post."

I'd be pleased to have you cite one instance in which a post of mine implies that I hate America.

Dick, how can you claim to love America when you clearly hate Americans?

Lone Ranger said...

It appears you are right, Mark.

Jim said...

From your source:

"The hospital had a different name in 1961, it was not named Kapiolani Maternity and Gynocological Hospital, it was called Kaokiolani Children’s Hospital."

This is false.

The hospital was named "Kapi Ľolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital" from 1931 until 1971, 10 years after Obama's birth. That hospital later merged with Kaokiolani Children’s Hospital starting in 1976.

Your "researcher" can't get basic information correct. Why would you think any of it would be reliable?

Jim said...

"Now that he has released his "actual birth certificate""

Wipe the foam off the corners of your mouth. Did you notice down in the bottom right that document is a "certified true copy" or abstract of the record on file...

Why don't you call up Alvin T. Onaka and ask him how he thinks he's going to get away with certifying a forgery. Better yet, ask him if he did indeed certify it. And while you're at it, ask him how much Obama paid him to keep his mouth shut.

You guys are hilarious.

Trader Rick said...

We may be hilarious to you, "jim", but we're not psychos like you. And I think you need to seriously consider getting some professional mental health advice, "jim". We read each others' blogs and hang out together on line, because we share some common traits: Love of America and her heritage, "Conservative" views of government and economics, respect for God and Human life, etc. all topics that are anathema to you, as evidenced by your rantings. We don't mindlessly troll ultra left wing Anti-American sites and subject ourselves to constant ridicule and hatred, like you do.It would be depressing to us. Why do you do it? You spend more time commenting on this genuine, sincere, well written Pro-America blog than anyone else. You know your silly parroting of our enemies' talking points and your total lack of logic are not going to have any effect here, so why bother? Why subject yourself to failure and humiliation every day??
Do you see yourself as some sort of heroic defender of the rights of stupid people??? Is that it?

Osama is Dead! Long live Christian Civilization!!!!

Jim said...

The reason I read this blog and comment is that doing so drives me to do the research that you obviously don't. I learn so much about the truth from this blog. Not from what you write, but from the research it leads me to.

"all topics that are anathema to you"

Excuse me for this, but bite me, Dick.

"Do you see yourself as some sort of heroic defender of the rights of stupid people?"

Of course I defend your rights, Dick.

Trader Rick said...

Congratulations to the anonymous troll "jim", who loses it once more:

His most cogent comment yet:

"bite me, Dick."

real classy.

Jim said...

This coming from you just hurts me to the core, Dick.