Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Sign Of Hope, At Last?

"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure." ~ Mark Twain

I will confess right here, that I don't personally know a lot of liberals intimately. I'm sure I work with Liberals, and interact socially with them on a daily basis, but our ideology is not discussed. Probably, out of all the people I know, a majority of them may be liberals. Maybe not. I don't know.

But, two Liberals I do know well are my niece and nephew, the children of my older brother, the college professor. I read their Facebook statuses regularly, and from them, it is clear they are Liberals.

I find it interesting that their Facebook statuses rarely reference politics now, although, a couple of years ago they often did. Included in some of those earlier updates were pictures they took of their trip to Washington DC to attend the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.

Oh, what a joyous occasion that was for them!

My nephew, you may remember, is the same nephew who has earned a doctorate in Media studies, and now teaches courses in the same. Similarly, my niece has received a degree from the same institution of higher learning where her brother and my brother both continue to teach.

My nephew and I have had many spirited debates via Facebook regarding Conservative vs Liberal ideologies. One in particular, a debate over how some Christians, being Christians, could support legalized abortion, was contributed to by fellow blogger buddies Neil Simpson and Marshall Art. (or was it Timothy? I forget.) In the end, it would appear that we Conservatives convinced him to reconsider his position. His last comment was something along the lines of, "You've given me something to think about. I'll spend some time thinking and praying about this and get back to you."

I have yet to hear to what conclusion, if any, he eventually arrived. But, regardless, that's one of the things I like about him. He shows an (unique for the typical Liberal) ability to keep an open mind towards other opinions.

This morning, while lying in bed, unable to sleep, with a rather aggravating and unexplainable pain in my right leg, it occurred to me that I haven't seen any Facebook status posts recently from either my Niece or Nephew that wasn't ideologically neutral, and I wonder if the hope and change that their candidate, Obama promised, but never delivered, hasn't somewhat soured on them.

I never could understand how someone of their towering intellect and education could have allowed themselves to be taken in by such an obvious fraud as Obama in the first place.

But now, I wonder if they have finally saw through the deception, and are simply too embarrassed to admit they were duped.

(I realize this blows Lone Ranger's "Immutable Truths About Liberals" number 8 out of the water, and for that, I apologize, LR)

As an aside and possibly an explanation, neither of them appear to have much of a grip on reality. My niece's updates center on her relationships with her friends and trips she takes, and are generally devoid of any kind of intellectual pursuits. She stays well clear of any mention of politics , or any ideology, for that matter.

My nephew's life revolves around fantasy. His job is analyzing and critiquing films, and teaching others how to analyze them. If one spends all their time watching movies and listening to music, how will he ever retain more than a tenuous grasp on reality?

It is not surprising, therefore, that he is so out of touch with the real world.

I've often said that the reason Liberal talk radio and television news commentary is continually unsuccessful is that Liberals don't want to concern themselves with issues of life changing political import. They are more concerned with happy times, happy thoughts, and dreams of living in Utopian worlds of fantasy.

Liberals don't listen to talk radio, either Conservative or Liberal.

Cold hard facts are simply too much for them to bear.

That factoid would seem to be validated by a recent message my Nephew sent me via Facebook, in which he implored me to stop typing out my ideological opinion on his status updates, as he suffers from depression and some of my comments upset him too much.

Out of compassion for him (he is family, after all), I agreed to keep my comments non-provocative and relatively innocuous, but I am left with a pervading feeling that he is beginning to see the proverbial light and the mere thought of having to come face to face with reason and logic scares the daylight into him. So, as a typical Liberal, he prefers to avoid the subject altogether.

And, now, I wonder if other Liberals might be coming to the conclusion that Obama and his Liberal ideology are fraudulent.

If enough of them have the required intellect and guts to admit they may have chosen unwisely in the last election, it may sway the next presidential election results to a true Conservative.

And that would be a joyous occasion, indeed!


Lone Ranger said...

I stand by number eight. If they are capable of being embarrassed, they have an open mind. An open mind is the beginning of the end for liberals. IF they are embarrassed, they might have taken the first step on the path to conservatism.

By the way, NO Christians support legalized abortion. "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?" There are a LOT of people who believe they are Christians. That's why I say I wish there were a roller coaster cam at the gates of hell, just to see the expressions on the face of these self-anointed "Christians."

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

There is something called "deception by investment." People may be initially deceived by a false teacher, false teachings, or politicians like Obama, and then they really invest themselves in them.

As the truth about such errors become more and more exposed, these people remain deceived, only this time intentionally, because to admit one was wrong about such things would be to admit all the investment was wasted. This would reflect badly on them.

So they remained deceived because of their heavy investment.

Always On Watch said...

I've been reading at various sites that many of the younger followers of Obama are becoming disillusioned with "The One." Perhaps, just perhaps, their disillusionment will cause them not to vote in 2012.

On the other hand, my dyed-in-the-wool liberal neighbor (age 70 or so) will vote for a Dem no matter which Dem runs for President. My liberal neighbor is so steeped in liberal ideology that he can easily deny cold, hard facts. **sigh**

Always On Watch said...

Have you seen this story about Matt Damon's loss of faith in Obama?

Z said...

umm...Do they read this blog? :-)

It is a sign of hope, I think. PLEASE let us know what you hear/read!

I keep hearing Hollywood types are ticked off at Obama and used to get excited but, every time I think "FINALLY", it says "because he's NOT LEFT ENOUGH!" :-(
Funny, I JUST READ AOW's link to the Matt Damon story...Another one I thought had finally seen the light, but nooooooooo...just not lib enough!!
I hope you'll want to read the part of the Jeane Kirkpatrick speech I shows the kind of thing that's sucked people like liberal relatives into the Obama vortex!

Jim said...

"My niece's updates center on her relationships with her friends and trips she takes, and are generally devoid of any kind of intellectual pursuits."

It's FACEBOOK, for crying out loud!

"Liberals don't listen to talk radio, either Conservative or Liberal."

I listen to it all the time. Used to listen to Franken before he was Senator Franken. Now I listen to POTUS on Sirius Radio.

"intellect and guts to admit they may have chosen unwisely in the last election"

In stead of McCain? I don't think so, Tim.

Lone Ranger said...

Listened to Franken. That explains a LOT.

Jim said...

I hope so.

Mark said...

Jim, another thing I've always said about Liberals is they tend to personalize every generalization such as:

I say, "Liberals don't listen to talk radio." You say, "I do"

I say, "Liberals are socialists" You say, I'm not".

Obviously, not all generalizations are true, But, by their very nature, they are generally true. And, I just composed an entire post demonstrating the truth of that generalization.

Trader Rick said...

It has been my experience that you cannot change the thinking patterns of strong willed Liberals (or conservatives, for that matter) with logic, facts or emotion in anyway whatsoever. (The vast masses, however can be swayed by the slightest breeze.)

True believers are HARD WIRED somehow from childhood in a way that brain surgery can't alter. Then EXPERIENCE cements it all together. It's the way they roll. We can't help it.

There are no arguments or revelations that will ever make me hate the land of America, as our president seems to. Nothing will ever sway the anonymous "jim" from being whatever the hell he is, I suspect.

I once rode shotgun on a garbage truck in a third world country and witnessed young children scrambling thru mountains of trash to find leftover scraps of rotting food. That image was seared in my brain and to this day I can't stand to see food being wasted or thrown away and am admittedly boorish about it.

The political and moral litmus test for me is abortion. Those that feel the torture, mangling and death of unborn babies in the womb is somehow a good thing, are to me unspeakable monsters of the highest order. Nothing will ever change that opinion for me..

So we are what we are. Black and White. Good and evil. Not sure we can choose. Jesus said not to be lukewarm and sit on the fence. I'm glad about what side I come down on.

Jim said...

Trader Rick actually makes arguments. [applause]

I don't agree with much of it. No surprise.

"Those that feel the torture, mangling and death of unborn babies in the womb is somehow a good thing"

Who in the WORLD ever said it was "somehow a good thing"?

Trader Rick said...

"Who in the WORLD ever said it was "somehow a good thing"?"

Everybody that condones it.

What bizarro fringe universe do you actually live in, "jim"?

Jim said...

There is a difference between accepting something and thinking it is a good thing. Or is that too subtle a concept for you?

A soldier severely wounded by an IED may have to have a portion of a limb removed. He has to accept it. I doubt he would consider it "a good thing."

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Jim, that is apples and oranges. A baby in the womb never has to be killed - it is only done out of convenience for the mother.

Jim said...

Glenn, stay on track here. The current point is whether I or anyone else thinks abortion is "a good thing". My example is not apples and oranges. I'm not comparing losing a limb to abortion. I'm giving an example where the "best" thing" is not necessarily a "good" thing.

Abortion is NOT a good thing. We should do the most sensible and effective things we can to reduce the number of abortions.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I am staying on track. Abortion is never a good thing, nor even the best thing.

Jim said...

So you are against abortion to save the life of the mother, then?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

This is such an extreme rarity that it is tripe to bring it up to justify abortion.

Besides which, many times women are told this is the case - and we have two personal friends who were told this - and they trusted the Lord rather than trying to do his job, and the babies were fine as was the mother. Too often a claim is made that the mother might die, and yet it is a rare thing in reality.

No one knows for sure if the mother might die in ANY childbirth. It is always speculation - guess work. Especially with modern medicine the likelihood is even more remote.

But let me throw the question back at you - is this the only time you would permit abortion?

Jim said...


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

My point exactly - you are into murdering the unborn for convenience - not to save anyone's life.

Jim said...

"you are into murdering the unborn for convenience"

I reject the premise. I don't regard abortion as murder, the courts don't regard it as murder.

It is not murder.

Trader Rick said...

To anyone with half a brain, and any moral sense at all--


And those that don't think so, if they participate in it, will answer to their maker, and let's hope their arguments are good...

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Jim, what you believe about abortion, what the courts believe about abortion, isn't the point. The point is what is true - what GOD says about abortion.

What is in the womb is a bonafide child, and to kill it for convenience is murder.

Culture and the courts say same-sex marriage - or just homosexual behavior - is right and proper also, yet the truth of the matter - what GOD says about it - is a whole different ball game!

Jim said...

Actually, I talked to God about it myself, and he said you're both wrong.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Jim the only God that would say that is one of your own making. If a spiritual being told you that, then it was Satan himself.

Jim said...

Nope. He showed me ID. It was God alright.

The Piper's Wife said...
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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Jim, you just demonstrated what a fool you really are.

Jim said...