Monday, January 17, 2011

How The Left Honors King

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King's dream can be summed up in that one short statement that he uttered in his famous "I have a dream" speech on the 28th of August, 1963.

Today, I opened up my browser, and I read this. My first thought was, "Now, that is just stupid. Exactly what does Martin Luther King's dream have to do with the tragedy in Tucson?"

Then, I read the article.

Amazingly, the author of the piece managed to create a link between the shooting and Dr. King's message.

It is a tenuous link at best.

Is there nothing the left won't do to let no good crisis go to waste?


Marshall Art said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

The politics in AZ is about exclusion? It's about the rule of law and a state's sovereignty. The shooting is about violence? It's about mental illness. These idiots stoke the fires they claim they want to put out. Incredible.

Randy said...

I dunno, I think remembering MLK and the Tucson shooting together is good. MLK was about non-violent protest, about all people being equal. The recent election and party politicking has gotten violent, people shouting down their opponents, windows smashed, etc.

It is time to let both sides be heard, something MLK spoke of often. Like him, I too have a dream...

Trader Rick said...

I have a dream too. I have a list of 104 Americans much, much more deserving, in my opinion, of their own Federal Holiday than MLK, due to their contribution to our Republic. And I want every monday and friday off to celebrate their lives.

The First sentence of that AP op-ed piece is a nasty fabrication.

"The federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. has taken on added meaning for most Americans this year, as they try to make sense of the violence in Arizona..."

How does the authorette know that? Did she take a scientific poll?. I would think "most" Americans think of the day as just another day off from work. The day has NO meaning for me. I'm not trying to make sense of the act of a crazed lunatic. THAT would make no sense...

Go Gators!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I couldn't read the article. The moment the author made the assumption that MLK Day had "added meaning" is the moment I knew it was bilge. If he had written the MLK Day "should have, according to MY opinion, added meaning" I might have lasted a bit longer. But his liberal assumption that he somehow knows the hearts and minds of most Americans and their thoughts concerning a particular divisive holiday is way too presumptuous.

Dan said...

Connecting the dots for some involves planetary leaps and the penetration of concrete laws of logic at every step. When they're done they are soooooo proud, and by all rights I guess they should be.