Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's In My Head

I've failed to mention this before, but I stole the idea of posting "What's in my head" and "What was in my head when I awoke", which is a variance of the same theme, from Lone Ranger. To his credit, and my gratitude, he has never objected. At least, not to me.

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Always On Watch said...

Ah! Dean Martin!

That takes me back a lot of years.

I was a staunch fan of Dino -- still am, though no longer with a teenager's mania. I still have lots of Dino trivia in my head after all these years. Ask me any question about him. LOL.

The man was easy on the eyes and the ears.

For our 35th anniversary, Mr. AOW and I visited Steubenville, Ohio -- the hometown of Dean Martin. The town has a Dean Martin Festival every year, complete with impersonators; and "That's Amore" or some other famous tune of his plays nearly all the time over somebody's radio or loudspeaker.

HERE are a few photos of our visit to Steubenville. Visiting there takes one back to pre-9/11 days and a much happier time.