Sunday, May 24, 2009


Written by George Gershwin. Which version do you like better?

This version performed by Billy Stewart:

Or this version, by Janis Joplin:

Or, for AOW, this version, performed as it was written, by Cecily Nall:


Always On Watch said...

Hmmmm....Actually, I prefer more operatic versions of this tune.

Jim O said...

Billy Stewart.

Jim said...

Have to go with the classical version. Always been a Gershwin fan, and what makes this version is the musical arrangement. Sounds like a hot summer afternoon.

Joe said...


I performed this number on the piano before my High School classmates in 1959.

I played it Gershwin style.

I wish I had though of doing it Billy Stewart style.

I would have been thrown off the stage, but I would have had a blast!

Susannah said...

Not a Billy Stewart fan of this tune...too staccato. Never been a fan of Janis Joplin - listening to her here makes my throat hurt.
The last one is a little too formal.

This is gonna sound corny to you sophisticates...but my favorite is Fantasia Barrino (yes, American Idol from 2-3 yrs. ago). She did a version of this - which you can Youtube - which was just stunning -IMO.