Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Was Born In The Wrong Decade

"I'm not posing, nor am I in pain. I'm thinking. It doesn't cause me pain to think." ~ J. C. Pidgeon

Before I post today's entry, I want to post the following tribute to, and for Lone Ranger:

Thursday, in the mail, I received a DVD I had ordered a few days before from a place called Movies Unlimited. The Movie I ordered is called, "The Cheaters". It is a Christmas Movie filmed in 1945, and up until recently, was unavailable on DVD.

I remember watching that film every Christmas season for many years on TV, but they only showed it during Christmas season, so when television stations stopped showing it, I didn't even notice it's absence. I have mentioned the fact that I missed it since then on some of my previous blogposts.

As soon as I opened the DVD jewel case, I sat down and watched the movie in it's entirety. It was better than I remembered. I remembered it wrong, by the way, but nonetheless, it was better than I remembered. If anyone is interested, you can find a detailed synopsis of the film, here.

Friday, I received another DVD set in the mail. It is the entire 5th season of "Make Room For Daddy", starring Danny Thomas. I really am not a big fan of Danny Thomas, but this DVD set included the original pilot show of "The Andy Griffith Show". The Andy Griffith show was a spinoff of the Danny Thomas show.

I had never seen the pilot episode of the Andy Griffith show, and I couldn't find any DVD's that included it, except for this one. I did, however, find a deleted scene from the pilot on youtube which I include here:

I think the deleted scene is better than what they left in, but that's just me, I guess.

In this scene, Henrietta Perkins, who they are discussing, was played in the pilot by Frances Bavier, who later played Aunt Bea. There is a town drunk, but his name is Will, not Otis, and he is not played by the same actor. Andy has an Aunt but her name is Lucy, not Aunt Bea, and she is not seen. Aficionados of the Andy Griffith show will no doubt notice the store owner in the deleted scene is the same actor that later plays Old Ben Weaver in the series. Opie is seen and played by Ronnie Williams.

I have been watching my new DVD's all weekend, and I am having a ball!


Lone Ranger said...

I once watched a classical music concert for children on PBS. All these well-dressed kids in the audience were bored out of their skull, until the William Tell Overture started playing. Every single one of those kids perked up in their seat as if they'd been splashed with cold water.

Mark said...

You watch PBS? Aren't you afraid you'll be infected with Liberalism?

Lone Ranger said...

It was a fluke. I was just channel-surfing and saw all these sad kids being subjected to enhanced interrogation methods and just decided to watch for awhile. The only PBS show I watch now -- since the removed The Red Green Show -- is America's Test Kitchen.

Tonto said...

You make me want to see this movie the "Cheaters" now.

Tonto said...

Okay I am convinced after reading the synposis. I am going to buy this one. At least a few nights in December I do a marathon of Christmas movies alone in my room...which I find now I can add a new one to the list! Thanks.

Mark said...

Tonto, If you're interested, I found a clip of "The Cheaters" on the TCM website. Here\'s a clip,, Tonto.

Tonto said...

Hey thanks. I am gonna watch it now.