Monday, April 06, 2009

Waiting For God

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." ~ William Shakespeare

This is my weblog. This is the vehicle I use to express my opinion about whatever I choose to opine. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I do not write the things I write about to argue. I am only stating my opinion here, on the internet, somewhat anonymously. One does not have to agree with me, just as one doesn't have to comment on whatever I write.

It is the readers choice.

That is why I haven't written anything for a while. I simply cannot believe the things that are happening in my beloved America. I don't possess the words to describe the things I see happening before my eyes.

We have this person who claims the office of President who obviously doesn't have America's interests at heart. I will not call him President because he has not shown the capabilities of representing the office with even a tenth of the dignity it deserves. He has violated, and is violating his oath of office with every word he speaks, with every action he takes, and with every speech he makes.

He is systematically dismantling the Constitution of these United States while his willing accomplices in the media sit idly by and pretend they don't see plainly the things he is doing.

And yet, there are still those, who otherwise appear to have the capacity of abstract thought, who continue to ignore what seems to me to be obvious. Is this what mass hallucination causes? If so, why am I not affected?

When I was younger, there was a popular movement about, when eschatology was all the rage. That is the study of what is best referred to as "The end times". We read books by Hal Lindsey, Jack van Impe, and others who write continuously on present day events that perhaps signal the end of the world as we know it, and usher in the age of apocalypse.

Well, we got over it, didn't we? That particular fad went the way of so many others. We had simply allowed ourselves to be led along in the emotion of the moment. The popularity of the movement waned, faded, and petered out, and reason, once again took over. We sighed in relief that the end of the world was still a long way off. We wouldn't have to worry about it. That was for our children's children's children to worry about. Not us. All of us would be long gone by that time.

Now, we see that those prophecies appear to be coming to fruition before our eyes and we pretend not to notice. Why fight it? If we say something we will be labeled a nutcase. No one will listen to us anyway.

Skeptics will no doubt conclude I've lost my reason. They will insist I'm an alarmist. But I'm not. I may be wrong. I admit it.

But I may be right.

So what? It's just an opinion I express when I see events in America unfolding that seem to point to the very things escatologists have been predicting based on scriptures culled from various sources and interpreted in so many different ways it's impossible to put the pieces together.

Where to start? Where to start?

Obama using his new found, but carefully cultivated power to take over corporations and dictate who has the right to earn their salaries and previously agreed upon bonuses, and to make personnel decisions.

Obama seeking unprecedented power not authorized by our Constitution to make changes in the way our Government is intended to work. Changes that may soon adversely affect the lives of millions of Americans.

Obama going over to Europe and attempting to dictate to the world how other countries should run their respective Governments.

I'm not going to declare Obama the anti-Christ. I have neither the expertise or the accumulation of facts to support such an outlandish claim. I'll leave that to the eschatologists to argue.

Is the evidence is in front of our eyes? Are we closer to meeting God face to face than we think? Is the One World Government, otherwise known as the "new World Order" right around the corner? Can Obama complete a nefarious plan for world domination in a mere four years without anyone noticing? Anyone that people will listen to, anyway?

Ok. Now I have a choice. Should I publish this rambling discourse or should I hit the delete key? Have I sufficiently established myself as a full blown conspiracy nut with dangerous paranoid fantasies? Should I care?

Does it matter?


Most Rev. Gregori said...

You are much like me, a small voice crying in the wilderness. You are seeing what I see, but the majority do not, either out of stupidity or fear.

We are losing our beloved country and nobody wishes to stand up and fight. Obama is disrespecting America every turn, by putting us down in Europe, by disrespecting the Prime Minister of Great Britain, by acting disrespectful before the Queen of England and by bowing before the Saudi King. He is disrespecting the U.S. every time he violates the Constitution and every time he usurps power that does not belong to him. And yet, nobody cares enough to put a stop to it, or they think that they will wait for four years, but by that time it will be far too late, there will be nothing left to save, America as we know it will be gone forever.

I am waiting on the Lord and I believe His coming is very soon.

Trader Rick said...

You are 100% spot on...You are just one of the voices of reason crying out in a wilderness of lunacy. You are not alone. You have brothers willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the coming fight. We will meet the foe head on and defeat him or die together in the cause. Walk tall.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Mark to you and Rev. Gregori. I have nothing to add, but totally agree with both of you. mom2