Friday, April 17, 2009

More On ( Moron) Liberal Bias In The Media

"The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools." ~ Herbert Spencer

In the wake of all the grass roots Conservative tax and spend protests, called tea parties (in reference to the famed "Boston Tea Party" of 1774), all across America, the Liberally biased media are having a field day voicing their now blatant derision of everything and everyone that's holy, just, and truly democratic (as opposed to what the socialist Democratic party has in mind) in The United States of America.

Can there be stronger evidence of Liberal bias in the media?

For example, CNN proudly trumpets their Liberal agendaa with some rude, classless reporter's (I don't know what her name is, and I don't care) treatment of a father who is, quite frankly, fed up with Obama's socialist wealth distribution plan of spending massive amounts of taxpayers money, by throwing it at every Marxist social program of which he is made aware. And that's a lot, since every money grubbing Liberal group imaginable has come crawling out of the woodwork since "that one's" election to suckle at the government teat.

Here's a CNN reporter berating that aforementioned father for standing up for the Constitution at one tea party:

For the record, this protest might be anti-government (although, I would call it anti-Obama, but that's just me), and it's undoubtedly anti-CNN, but "not family viewing"? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

Notice how she asks him a question, then continually interrupts when he tries to make his point. Also, notice how apparently, one of her crew yells at him to shut up so she can "educate" him on Obama's stimulus plan which will ostensibly give him a whopping 400 dollar credit in a whole year, and shuttle 50 billion (that's "billion" with a "B", folks) dollars to Liberal social programs within the state of Illinois alone.

Those billions aren't going to fall out of heaven, my friends.

Unknowingly, this fiduciary "genius" CNN reporter proves the point of the tea partiers everywhere with her ignorant support of the very programs that will inevitably cost her and her heirs trillions of dollars in increased taxes. Not to mention all the psychological problems the plethora of Obama's social engineering plans will cause.

In addition, MSNBC's favorite lesbian, Rachel Maddow and her lesbian buddy, Ana Marie Cox sunk to an all time low in mocking Conservatives.

Note:It might help to Google the term "tea bagging" before watching this video so you can understand the sarcasm and/or why they are giggling like naughty schoolgirls. If you can stomach the thought. It is pretty disgusting.

It only proves what kind of profound, perverse proclivities possess the pea-sized brains of these potty mouthed Libtards.

Maddow and her butch friend have managed to prove one point which I have stated often:

Homosexuals are completely, totally obsessed with sex. I've witnessed this phenomenon hundreds of times among homosexuals. If they can turn a phrase or a word into some sexual reference, no matter how obscure, they will. They have sex on their minds at all times. Sex is their God. Sex is "Numero Uno" to the homosexual. It dominates their conversation, their actions, and their lives. They place their perversion above everything else in their lives.

Even God.

Even if homosexual behavior wasn't expressly forbidden by God in Leviticus 18:22 (that's in the Bible for those Liberals and homosexuals who accidentally stumble across my blog by googling the word, "sex"), It would still be considered a sin because it violates the first commandment, "Thou shalt not have any other gods before Me".

For the record, it also violates the second, fifth, seventh, and tenth Commandments.

Rachel Maddow and her sarcastic friend tittered and snickered like five year olds who hear the word, "underpants".

Well, we still have freedom of the press and freedom of speech in this country, so I suppose we shouldn't call for the firing of these unprincipled, blatantly biased reporters at these blatantly biased news organizations.

Really, we shouldn't, should we?

Will these tax and spend protests grow the necessary wings to become airborne?

Not if the Liberally biased media can stop them.


Red said...

What passes for journalism today is just clownish and hollow. Rachel Maddow grosses me out. She is a throaty talking head. Period. Pretty much everyone at CNN (save for Lou Dobbs--what he's doing there I have no idea) are too busy trying to be hip and cool and snarky in an attempt to cater to the twenty something crowd. They are all a disgusting lot. All I can do is keep the channel changed and spread the word. Turn off MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS. Stop watching their programs and live your lives in the name of decency and independence. It's not like they report the news anyway and by the content of some of the shows on t.v., tell me something: would we really miss anything? I don't.

Susannah said...

Susan Roesgen is the name of the reporter in the first clip. Do a search for David Shuster @ MSNBC. He was the first one I saw make such a mockery of Tea Parties. Then there was CNN's Anderson Cooper (w/ David Gergen in an interview). They think they're being so clever. Makes me want to scream. So superior, condescending, smirking & smug.

If this is what they call Journalism, then Chicago Ray is right - Free Press Journalism is dead.

Susannah said...

Oh, & Red, you forgot NBC. I don't watch any of them (at all - I found out about Susan R., David Sh. & Anderson C. online), but Fox. And I can assure you, we don't miss them at our house. On the other hand, we had a GREAT Tea Party. 2,000 in attendance. I've got some pics. posted if you care to see!

Joe said...

What a lying piece of trash she is!

Not one supporter of the tea paries I'v heard EVER referred to them as "tea-bagging," that distinction belongs to, and only to the foul minded, gutter oriented, Mainstream Media, led by MSNBC and liberals, who seem to think the First Amendment gives them the right to be socially foul.

Lone Ranger said...

sigh. It's a bad time to be a journalist. The left corrupts everything it touches. I hate to fight vulgarity with vulgarity, but Greg Gutman of Fox News' Red Eye nails the tea bagging thing. I don't watch Red Eye and have forever wondered why FNC would air such trash, but occasionally, they make a good point.

Susannah said...

Lone Ranger, thank you so much for the link. I didn't know "Red Eye" on Fox until now. Thank goodness SOMEBODY is saying something. (Not that we want to legitimize their '8 year old' antics.) You KNOW they'll never say 'mea culpa'...

I'm going to post a few links @ my blog & use you & Mark as references. Thanks for hooking this up, friends.

Susannah said...

Thanks for the correction @ my blog on Rachel Madow, Mark. The correction has been made. I wouldn't have known, otherwise...

Thanks again for stirring my thoughts!

Ms.Green said...

This just confirms for me my decision 10 years ago to disconnect my television set from the world once and for all.

What masquerades as News these days is nothing but liberal commentary and it would seem CNN and MSNBC have a higher ration of homosexuals than the general population.

No wonder they're so full of vitriol toward the Tea Parties. Most tea party participants were probably anti- homosexual because homosexuality is the antithesis of family values.