Sunday, April 26, 2009

If Liberals Had Their Way

"Civilization is built on a number of ultimate principles...respect for human life, the punishment of crimes against property and persons, the equality of all good citizens before the law...or, in a word justice." ~ Max Nordau

Original artwork provided by yours truly.

The scene is a room somewhere on the grounds of GITMO at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The room is bare except for a desk, and three folding chairs, upon which three men are seated, one behind the desk, one in front of the desk and one sitting at a slight distance behind the man at the desk. The man behind the desk is an anonymous CIA Interrogator. The man in front of the desk is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, leading al Qaida terrorist. The man in back is a referee, selected by the Obama administration to make sure the interrogator doesn't employ any illegal torture techniques.

Interrogator: Now, Mr. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Please tell me anything you know that might possibly be helpful to us in helping us prevent further Terrorists attacks on America. Pleeeeeease?

KSM: You will see soon enough, Pig!

Interrogator: Aw, c'mon Khalid, pretty please?

KSM (grinning): Nope!

Interrogator: I'll give you a cookie if you tell us.

KSM: With sprinkles?

Interrogator: Uh...sorry, Mr. Mohammed, we only have chocolate chip.


Interrogator: OK, OK, OK, we'll get cookies with sprinkles. Someone get Mr. Mohammed a cookie with sprinkles! But remember, if I give you a cookie with sprinkles, you'll tell us when the next attack is coming, OK?

KSM: If it's a good cookie, with lots and lots of sprinkles, I'll tell you. I promise.

Interrogator (handing KSM a cookie. With sprinkles): Here. Here's a cookie with sprinkles. Would you like some milk to wash it down?

KSM: Yes, thank you. (eats cookie, and washes it down with a cup of milk)

Interrogator: OK, now. Tell us what we want to know.

KSM (grinning ever wider): Ha Ha ha! You will know soon enough! Ha Ha Ha!

Interrogator (slams his palms down on desk, exasperated): Darn! Now what can we do?

Referee: Well, unless you have a nicer, more polite interrogation technique, I guess you'll have to let him go.

Interrogator: Darn. I really thought we were close this time.

MSNBC news in background: A 747 jet airliner has just crashed into the Federal building in Los Angeles. Estimates are that there are as many as 5,000 people inside. So far there is no word on who's responsible, but MSNBC analysts suggest it was an attack perpetrated by former President George W. Bush, in retaliation for the loss of the election to our revered Messiah, Barack Obama. Now, for a word from our sponsors.

KSM: He he he he he!

The preceding dramatization could be the result of Obama's stupid, naive, "One world of Peace" political philosophy.


Trader Rick said...

Obama has turned our world upside down and inside out--bizzaro!

Anonymous said...

Good satire, Mark! The naivete of the Left is staggering.

Dan said...

Have you heard of Taqiyya? It is a Muslim term that makes lying OK if it protects the Muslim cause. So it was OK to lie about the cookies, I guess.

Mark said...

OK, Dan. If you want to post a comment here, I must ask you please, to modify your user name somewhat. Add a 2 behind it or something.

I have a frequent Liberal commenter also named Dan, whose comments I often have to reject because he's too argumentative and too stupid.

Obviously, you aren't THAT dan!

Mark said...

For the record, This is fiction, so I guess we can say he lied about the cookies, but it makes no difference.

Although, according to the way I wrote it, I leave the question open as to whether he lied or not. Could be, he didn't like the cookies. There is that caveat.

Joe said...

Mark: I have a novel idea. Let's take ole KSM and make him THINK he is drowning, without actually drowning him. After about 180 or so of these episodes, he will tell us what we need to know and the 5,000 people in that building will be safe.

Naw...I guess that would be too extreme...only just a long way from torture.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Their coming to take me away, ha,ha.
Their coming to take me away, ho,ho.
To the funny farm ha,ha,ho,ho.

This is how I feel every day with Obama in power. Will someone please pinch me and wake me up!

Mark said...

My point is this:

Liberals continually whine that what we are currently doing is not the right way to get terrorists to tell us what we need to know, but they can't seem to come up with a technique that does work.

I just want any Lib to tell me, what should we do? They are so sure of what doesn't work, perhaps they can enlighten us as to what does work.

Gayle said...

A very clever post, Mark, and far to close to the truth! Sad, isn't it?

Barry O said...

Well, I'm locked in an office with Geithner and Emmanuel all day- that's torture!

Jim said...

Mark said: "but they can't seem to come up with a technique that does work.

"I just want any Lib to tell me, what should we do? They are so sure of what doesn't work, perhaps they can enlighten us as to what does work."

On Marshall's blog, Marty provided this for you:

"Marine Major Sherwood F. Moran was the most successful interrogator of Japanese prisoners of war during WWII.

From a 2005 article by Stephen Budiansky Truth Extraction:

"The successful interrogators all had one thing in common in the way they approached their subjects. They were nice to them...... "Moran spoke fluent Japanese, but more important, he was thoroughly familiar with Japanese culture, having spent forty years in Japan as a missionary. He used this knowledge for one of his standard gambits: making a prisoner homesick. "This line has infinite possibilities," he explained. "If you know anything about Japanese history, art, politics, athletics, famous places, department stores, eating places, etc. etc. a conversation may be relatively interminable." Moran emphasized that a detailed knowledge of technical military terms and the like was less important than a command of idiomatic phrases and cultural references that allow the interviewer to achieve "the first and most important victory"—getting "into the mind and into the heart" of the prisoner and achieving an "intellectual and spiritual" rapport with him."

Mark said...

I can't believe no one has commented on my original artwork!

Mark said...

Nice try, Jim, but those were Japanese. They don't compare to these animals.

I want to know how Libs would interrogate Islamic terrorists.

Joe said...

Mark: The art work is VERY interesting! Almost Piccaso-esque.

Barry O: Don't forget Napolitano.

Mark said...

Picasso-esque? The nose and eyes are in the right places. One can actually tell it's a man. What are you talking about?

Always On Watch said...

BHO's attempts to sing kumbaya all over the place is going to get a lot of Americans killed.

I don't think he's naive, however. I think that he's executing the Saul Alinsky plan of government.

Joe said...

Mark: Oh! Those are noses and eyes?

Jim O said...

I like the crumbs in the picture!!!

Gotta be worried about Obama's message, as heard by Al Queda, etc.: The America you hate is still here, but the America you feared is gone."

Cameron said...

I understand what you're getting at by asking "what does work", but I'm not sure that's enough. The whole torture discussion seems to really be a discussion about ends justifying means. I think everyone has the same end in mind - prevent terror attacks. But the means is what everyone is haggling over. So when you ask, let's find what works and do that, do you really mean it? Is anything okay to do so long as terror attacks are prevented?

Mark said...

Well, Cameron, I think as long as we don't behead the terrorists or otherwise torture them until they die, the end does indeed justify the means.

Remember, whatever plots they are planning will lead to the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

I think a little mild torture is an adequate trade-off.

Trader Rick said...

I never had an etch-a sketch as a kid...But I did haVE A jON nAGY DRAQAWING BOOK--i'VE EVEN GOT SOMKE OF THE PENCILS LEFT!!!

I need a naew keyboarad...

I need a naew keyboard...
I need a new keyboard--one that only types the keys I hit.

Krystal said...

"Could be, he didn't like the cookies."Gave me a full belly laugh!!! And I'd like to order a 5x7 of your original artwork for my wall!

Jim, your comment makes a great point and I totally agree. We need to understand those we are interogating. But you've missed a couple things.

First off, they made the Japanese homesick. Well, to an Islamic terrorist, home is with Allah, who will provide him with seven virgins, but ONLY if he stands firm for the Jihad they are involved in. You can't get through that by saying, "PLEASE!!!" These are people who believe they'll get bonus points for every infidel they take out or help to take out.

Second, these "torture" techniques are meant to play on the psyche of a person. It's suppose to make them a little bit insane so they can't help but spill their guts. Now I realize it doesn't sound nice. But you have to realize, these people are ALREADY CRAZY to begin with. They strap b*mbs to their own children and saw off people's heads. You can't deal with that type of mentality being nice. Crazy is a huge wall to get past.

I wonder if we try Sodium Pentathol first. It's the same stuff they give you before surgery that makes you tell the surgeon that he has dreamy blue eyes...(he really DID have dreamy blue eyes). The drug itself is on the WHO's Essential Drug List.

All I know is that if forcing a crazy person into a different crazy state to save the lives of innocent people is wrong, how much MORE wrong is it to KNOW a crazy person is aware of a plan to kill innocent people, and not do whatever is necessary to stop it?! I mean, if your wife, son, daughter, mom, dad, etc were threatened, wouldn't you just beat the crap out of the guy yourself? I would.

Hand me the bucket and strap the SOB down!

Cameron, well, let me ask you, do the wants of the few outweigh the needs of the many? Is it better to be nice to a murder KNOWING that the sacrifice is an innocent life? or hundreds or thousands of innocent lives? Which members of YOUR family, which CLOSE friends, would you be willing to sacrifice to keep a terrorist intent on killing them comfortable? How nice should we be to someone intent on killing your loved ones?

See, people NEED to personalize this. People NEED to look their spouse, their child, in the eye and ask themselves to what extreme would they go to protect the person they're looking at and holding? It isn't about the terrorist.

Mark said...

Krystal, feel free to copy and paste the cartoon, transfer it to paint or some other microsoft program and re-size it, print it, and hang it on your wall.

Krystal said...

Mark, thanks!

Mike's America said...

MSNBC would blame a future attack on Bush.

Why is it so difficult for libs to understand what is at stake here?

We're talking about SAVING AMERICAN LIVES.

And if we have to waterboard THREE TERRORISTS to get the information necessary to save those lives so be it.

Suggestions that we could have gotten the same information with milder methods don't stand up to the laugh test. Surely we tried the nice routine first and ONLY used waterboarding when KSM and his two other buds refused to talk.

All the documentation Obama released shows this to be true.

What Obama won't release is the information we learned from waterboarding.

I wonder why?

Cameron said...

Mark, one of the major problems I have with torture is that it requires me to allow the government that additional power. It's easy to frame the argument in terms of us vs. really really bad guys, but what happens when I'm seen as the bad guy? If our government were made up of all honorable people it might work, but it's not. It's that lack that makes me very skeptical of giving the government that kind of power.

Fredd said...

That's a great drawing, Mark! With crumbs a-flyin', (or are those sprinkles?). And is that a smirk I detect on KSM's mug?

I prefer this style exactly; draw it with just enough detail to make your issue clear, but without a lot of frills and irrelevant background drawings, simple and to the point without all the superfluous details (that suck the time).

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