Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gimme That Old Time Religion

"Aint gonna need this house no longer, I'm getting ready to meet the saints." ~ Stuart Hamblen

Here in the "Community for active seniors" where I live, some of the more active residents often host short (about 1 hour) free concerts by small groups of old time Gospel singers. For the first time, I attended one of these concerts by a group called "Peggy Lee". No, it isn't the Peggy Lee, of "Sorry" fame. It is a duet consisting of a woman named Peggy and her husband, Lee.

I had so much fun, and was so uplifted, I attended the next concert by a trio called "The Traveling Pilgrims".

The songs are about Heaven and going home to meet Jesus face-to-face, and no more suffering, pain, and crying in the hereafter, and so on. For the residents of our community, the majority of whom are well past the age of retirement, these are songs of comfort and hope. One of the ladies who attended will be celebrating her one hundred first birthday in a few days.

Those of us who know the songs sing along, and are encouraged by the singers.

Sitting there in the second concert, which featured many old gospel songs that were actually new to me, I thought of some of the old songs I used to sing with my family when I was young. I kind of hoped to hear some of them in the concerts, but the only one of them either group did was "I'll Fly Away", which was more than worth the price of admission. If there was an admission.

Anyway, I found this old song on Youtube, which isn't one of the songs performed, but one I used to enjoy listening to many years ago. It was one of my father's favorites:


Trader Rick said...

I think Ernie Ford used to sing this...

Trader Rick said...

You are an active senior????

Mark said...

Tennessee Ernie Ford did sing it, but Stuart Hamblen wrote it. I remember seeing him perform it in person when I was about 4.

I am more of an inactive senior, really.

Actually, my wife and I are the youngest residents here, but we still qualify, and hey! It's relatively cheap to live here and we have perks!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Dear Friend,
You just hit a tender spot in my own heart with the older Gospel songs that I miss so much. The new church I just joined only sings them seldom. If you have any advice on where to get some quality old Gospel songs, please let me know.
God Bless you!

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
Union Grove, WI

Dan Trabue said...

Here's Angel Band by a buncha longhair mennonite types...

Sorry for the quality of the video.

Mark said...

Thanks, Dan. I love Angel Band. I even know how to play it on the guitar.

Always On Watch said...

"This Old House"! I learned the version by Rosemary Clooney when I was a toddler! Of course, I didn't have a clue what the meaning of the song was; I simply loved the honky-tonk piano in the instrumental portions.

Thanks for a great reminder. Off now to YouTube to see if they have Rosemary Clooney version.

Joe said...

"This Old House" has been a staple of gospel music for many years.

Stuart Hamblen, Rosemary Clooney, Tenessee Ernie Ford, The Cathedrals, and so many others have recorded it because it is one of those songs that can stand the test of time.

Cameron said...

What a great song!

Krystal said...

I like some of the old gospel songs. Not everything has to have a drum beat and electric guitar.