Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Was In My Head When I Awoke

"He'd drink with the devil and spit in his eye, then go to confession on Friday" ~ unknown

Dublin O'Shea

CHORUS: Have another drink, boys. Well, have one with me.
We're home from the sea. Yes, we're back on the shore;
And if you get too drunk, boys, in this company,
You'll roar 'round Cape Horn on the Rory O'Mor.

He lived on the dockside near Liverpool town,
And he always went down to the "Thief and the Vagabond."
Everyone knew him as Dublin O'Shea.
Some say he came from Killarney.


I sing of an Irishman honest and plain,
But what's in a name when you think of the man himself?
He was a sinner and he drank with the same,
And he mastered the fine art of blarney.


He was a lay preacher and a God-fearin' man
With a drink in his hand. What a terrible sinner!
He'd drink with the Devil and spit in his eye,
Then go to confession on Friday.


For ramblin' and rovin' there's none to compare.
If you'd met him you'd swear that the man was a saint;
But if you could just see him in some foreign bar,
You'd swear he was the High King of Ireland.

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