Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Perfect Ticket

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!" ~ William Shakespeare

Disclaimer: Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot Democrats don't consider their guys mortal! But I do, so the above quote refers to Obama and his "handlers", in this case.

Caption this!

So, the most inexperienced, unqualified man in the Senate has chosen the stupidest, most racist man in the Senate as his running mate.

Yesterday, while on my door-to-door fundraising drive for a local volunteer rescue squad, I happened upon a home that had a car in the carport with an Obama bumper sticker. As usual, I expected I wouldn't get a donation from this house. I have become accustomed to the fact that Democrats are usually not generous with their own money.

They are generous with other people's money, but I digress.

To my surprise, the lady of the house actually gave me the maximum suggested donation amount, and as she wrote the check, we (briefly) discussed politics. She hadn't heard B. Hussein had chosen Biden as his running mate. She speculated he might choose Gov. Tim Kaine, of Virginia. When I told her he had already chosen Biden, she replied, "Oh, that's a great choice. Don't you think he's a good choice?"

I thought about how the choice of Biden for Vice President should make it that much easier to defeat the Democratic ticket in November, and replied,

"I think it's the perfect choice, ma'am".


Anonymous said...

I couldn't be happier with Obama'a pick. Hard to imagine what he was thinking, other than ensuring he wouldn't be overshadowed by his choice.

Mark said...

Surely you understand by now that Obama didn't pick anyone. He is a robot who only does and says what his staff tells him.

Thank his handlers, not him. He knows nothing. He probably doesn't even know why Biden was the choice.

Heaven knows, I don't!

Father Gregori said...

This will be like the blind leading the blind. But it should be fun to watch since both men suffer from foot in mouth disease.

Trader Rick said...

Caption this:


Timothy said...

If Obama didn't make the choice, and his handlers did, then the left has become what they accuse the right of being, mind-numbed robots. And their candidate is the chief mind-numbed robot.

Cameron said...

Biden is Obama's Cheney.

Anonymous said...

Every thing you said about Obama and Biden are lies. How could you do that?

Then McCain goes and nominates Harriet Myers.

Mark said...

"Every thing you said about Obama and Biden are lies".

Anon, prove it. Don't come in here making definitive statements you can neither prove or back up.