Friday, February 01, 2008

Terrorists Cross The Line

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Finally, the Democrats have a reason to get behind the war on terror. From the Liberally biased AP, we learn that the terrorists are now using retarded women (excuse me. I mean women with "special needs") as human bombs.

But that's not the reason Democrats will finally support the war in Iraq.

They are also using young boys with Down's Syndrome.

But that's not the reason for supporting the war either.

The real reason they may finally start expressing outrage over the atrocities commited by Isamic Jihadist terrorists is this:

Terrorists are now starting to murder animals!

They can fly airliners into buildings, killing thousands of innocent humans, and the Libs call them "Freedom Fighters".

They can shout "Death to America" and call for the murder of our people and our leaders, and the Libs think they are just misunderstood.

They can detonate bombs in crowded marketplaces, killing hundreds of their own people, and the Libs demand that we sit down with them over tea and crumpets to ascertain why they don't like us.

They can announce to all the world that their sole mission in life is to kill Jews and Christians and everyone else that isn't Muslim, and the Libs insist America is to blame.

And, as Lone Ranger reminds us, they can cut off heads and the Libs call us war criminals for pouring water in their face.

But now, they are targeting pets, as well as Humans. Now that they have started terrorizing wildlife, Libs must finally recognize they are indeed terrorists.

Now, they have crossed the line.


Parklife said...

...the Libs call them "Freedom Fighters"...


US President Ronald Reagan famously described the anti-Soviet insurgency in Afghanistan as freedom fighters. Years later, some of these same fighters are now seen as Taliban enemies, often labeled as terrorists.
- Wiki, "Freedom Fighter"

Mark said...

Two different wars, two different situations.

Tell me, Parklife. Do you consider The Taliban and al Qaida "freedom fighters?"

Perhaps one could say they are. After all, they fight to free your head from your body.

BB-Idaho said...

"Two different wars, two different situations." Sounds like that old moral relativsm ascribed to any one who is left of Coulter...

Lone Ranger said...

Don't forget that they can cut off heads and libs call US war criminals for pouring water in their face.

Abouna said...

Now the Islamist terrorist may have finally hit the lib's nerve. Do you think P.E.T.A will raise an army to send over to protect the animals?

Marshall Art said...

They were freedom fighters when the Soviets were trying to control their government. Then, they became scumbags when they had control themselves.

Mark said...

Yes, LR, you hit it on the head, as usual. I was trying to think of some better examples than I had, but as usual, I couldn't think. Must be too much sugar.

But now that they are killing innocent animals, maybe the Libs will consider them terrorists.

Parklife said...

Why would I call them freedom fighters? I do tend to vote for Dems. but have never heard any "Lib" call them "freedom fighters". Imagine my shock when I saw Reagans name in there.

I was making an observation on your choice of words. It just seems interesting how things change over time. Even the words we use to describe a group or a situation is hardly static.

Toad734 said...

Umm. I thought they crossed the line on 9/11

Mark said...

Toad, they did cross the line on 9/11, but you Libs apparently don't think so, since you still stubbornly cling to the misconception that this war is not necessary, and that if we just talk nice to them they will stop attacking us.

But now that they are killing animals, maybe you Libs will see them for the bloodthirsty savages they are. Especially since you Libs place more value on a dumb animal's life than an unborn human childs.

Mark said...

Again, Toad, I am rejecting your comment. If you want to make an intelligent comment here, you might want to refrain from copying and pasting statements made on the Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. They aren't intelligent.