Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Bigger Problem With Illegal Immigration

"Salus Populi Suprema Est Lex"
(The welfare of the people is the ultimate law.) ~ Cicero

On a previous post, I copied the results of a quiz that I took which supposedly matches us up with the Presidential candidate's ideology most closely resembling that of our own. I was disconcerted to find the quiz matched my ideology up more with John McCain that any of the others.

Even more disconcerting than that to me was the fact that none (NONE!) of the candidates agreed with me on the subject of illegal immigration.

For those readers who don't know, or have forgotten my solution to illegal immigration, here's a brief summary:

1. I believe we need to first secure the border. Build a fence or a wall, and if necessary, man it with armed guards as needed, air surveillance, radar, and whatever else is necessary to stop anyone from sneaking across the border. We need to implement this as soon as humanly possible.

Start yesterday.

2. Eliminate any incentives for illegals to remain here. That means prevent, by any means necessary, all businesses from hiring anyone who is in this country illegally. Punish the companies with fines or removal of tax benefits, etc, if they refuse to cooperate.

Eliminate welfare and medical benefits for illegals.

Remove the reason for being here and the illegals will leave by themselves. If they can't make money here, they won't stay here.

Start that yesterday, too.

That, of course, only applies to the illegals that are here to make money.

The most difficult solution of all, but one that needs to be accomplished:

3. Round up as many of the illegal aliens as we can find and deport them. Immediately and finally.

I know many say that is impossible, but, as has been pointed out in several e-mails circulating the net, if we can track down one cow in this whole country with mad cow disease, we should be able to find 12 million illegal aliens.

We all know of the serious strain illegal immigration puts on our nation's economy and if that was the only problem caused by allowing illegals to migrate here unchecked, that would be more than enough reason to get a handle on the problem.

I believe the more serious problem here is the threat to our National security.

Think about the millions of illegal aliens that pour across our borders, both northern and southern, each year that go unnoticed and untracked.

Not all are Mexicans.

They come from every country on Earth, many of the inhabitants of those countries are hostile to America, our American values, and our religious beliefs.

I am speaking specifically about terrorists.

Millions of illegal aliens, and it only takes a few to wreak major havoc on our country. It only took 19 to murder almost 3,000 innocents in one day. Think what could have happened if 19 more had participated.

Think what still can happen if we don't stop illegal entry into our country.

Millions of illegal aliens stroll nonchalantly across our borders and any one of them could be carrying a bomb or some other kind of weapon into our country with them. In fact, every one of them could be potentially dangerous to our National Security.

If the candidate for President you support doesn't take this threat seriously, and, if he/she supports any kind of "amnesty for illegal immigrants" policy, he/she probably doesn't, we could be in serious jeopardy.

If John McCain, or Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama is going to be our next President, it is imperative that we make sure they each hear our voices on this all important issue.

Start yesterday.


Mark said...

OK. Spell check isn't working today. If anyone finds an error in spelling, please let me know.

Edwin Drood said...

A great place to start looking for people to deport is the prison system.

Lone Ranger said...

Another disincentive would be to make it illegal for an illegal alien to sent money out of the country.

And landmines.

Toad734 said...

Although I agree that we need to start first with punishing companies who hire illegals, you know that will never happen on a Republicans watch.

I also agree that we need to do something about the border (as walls have worked so for the Israelis)

I don't recall any illegals getting any medical "benefits" or welfare. Sure if one gets shot, a hospital has to treat them but I have been to a doctor and vet and seen foreigners pay with cash. I don't think we are just handing out free shit to everyone who steps out of the Rio Grande.

That being said I have two issues:

You not once talk about why they have to come here such as NAFTA and the US subsidizing our corn crops putting Mexican farmers out of business and that we are also taking more than our fair share of Water out of the Rio Grande which makes things even worse for Mexican farmers.

You also don't take into consideration that many of them aren't here for our jobs, they start their own businesses.

Did your wife get raped by a Mexican or something?? I mean, how is your life worse since immigrants started moving out of the border states? In fact, I know for a fact that your taxes have gone down over the last 8 years so it isn't costing you anything. I'm just wondering, other than cheap yard work, good food, etc. how is your life worse.

Seriously, im not being a dick. I want to know how your life is now worse in 2008 than it was in 1985 before the Midwest and the East Coast had Mexicans.

Chris said...

It is ridiculous how many people don't want to secure our borders. Our current policies are endangering the wellbeing of the United States for generations to come. I think the first step is to eliminate the incentives of illegal immigrants to come. Unfortunately, some in Congress want to increase the incentive by providing subsidized college education to illegal immigrants. This will only encourage them to stay. I found a petition which is trying to stop this problem before it's too late, and, as we get more signatures, money is donated to help the Border Patrol protect America.
We must stand strong at this crucial point in America's history.

Mark said...

Toad, ordinarily I would have just rejected your comment but I let it stand this time because it demonstrates just how clueless you Libs really are.

First, punishing companies that hire illegals might not happen under a Republican administration, but it definetly wouldn't under a Democrat administration because the Democrats would grant them all citizenship with all the free medical care, education, and government handouts they can. And the true American citizens would foot the bill with higher taxes.

You can't recall any illegals getting free medical care or welfare? Have you been living under a rock?

I don't personally like CAFTA or NAFTA because we are losing American jobs to the cheaper labor market in the other member countries.

And I personally don't care if Mexicans are getting their share of water. If Mexicans are having trouble, maybe they should ask their Socialist Government for hand outs. Funny how you Libs want to emulate a system of government here that has been a failure everywhere it's been tried.

Also, you show your utter ignorance of the subject when you confine your comments to Mexican immigrants without making the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. There is a monumental difference. One is legal and welcome here. The other is breaking our laws and violating our national sovreignty and very much unwelcome.

Lastly, perhaps you should read the post again. My whole point is that illegal immigration is not a problem on the basis of the damage it does to our economy alone, but because of the possibilty of terrorists sneaking across our borders and committing acts of terrorism here in our cities.

I made a point of saying that not all illegals are Mexicans.

I have nothing against Mexicans who are in this country legally. I have a problem with anyone who is here ILLEGALLY.

Why can't you understand this simple concept?

And although it's none of your business, my ex-wife was a black man. I want that black man in jail because he, like illegal aliens, broke the law.


Abouna said...

Touche Mark on response to Toad.

I don't think that ever will be any sort of meaningful securing of the borders by either party. After listening to McCain's spiel before the C-Pac convention, I have come away feeling that he still plans to grant amnesty to all illegals if and when he secures the border.

Unless the American people are willing to take up arms, we will be pushed into a North American Union and then a One World Government. That is what our elected officials want and to hell with us.

Mark said...

I'm not publishing your latest comment, Toad, but I will answer you.

As I said, none of the candidates agree with me on immigration.

Huckabee wants to give illegals scholarships. How does that discourage them from entering illegally?

The Clintons (both of them) are pathological liars, so anything either of them say is probably a lie.

The problem is one of National security, therefore there is no justification for allowing illegal aliens to enter this country without going through the proper channels, and if it's difficult for them....Good!

Maybe it will discourage the ones who really only want to destroy America.

Cameron said...

There has to be some sense of order, doesn't there? There's a bottleneck at the border because we have no sensible way for southern immigrants to get here legally. So they come illegally.

The point ignored by most people is that illegal immigration harms the immigrant.

Besides the coyotes that prey upon them at the border, they then have to deal with employers here who use them for cheap labor without the same restrictions as using citizen labor.

So the first steps are to fix the porous border, fix the legal immigration requirements, and give employers an easy tool to verify SS numbers.

I think, accomplishing that, there will be nearly no reason to round up and deport the 12 million illegal immigrants that are currently here. If they cannot work, they will not stay. The bottleneck at the border will flow quicker, reducing the incentive to come illegally.

If the porous border is fixed, then I think most people would be very amenable to finding a compassionate, intelligent way to handle the 12 million.

Abouna said...

In Cameron's comment, he said: "If the porous border is fixed, then I think most people would be very amenable to finding a compassionate, intelligent way to handle the 12 million."

The only thing that the majority of Conservative Americans will accept is first, secure the borders and second, NO AMNESTY of any kind for the 12 or more million illegals already here, we want them sent back, and it can be done. One of the biggest reasons why we are demanding this, is because when President Reagan granted amnesty to several million illegals, we were promised that it would be the last time any amnesty would be granted to illegals. WE WERE LIED TO! Then Bill Clinton not only granted amnesty to millions more and never secured the borders, but he managed to get many in California (perhaps hundreds) to vote illegally for his re-election. Now we have McCain who wants to grant amnesty to illegals. So, when will this farce ever end?

mudkitty said...

The biggest problem with illegal immigration is making immigrants illegal.

Cameron said...


A lot depends on your definition of amnesty. I think I favor some sort of timetable for current illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship, along with various requirements tacked on. After that timetable is up, then any and all illegal immigrants should be immediately deported.

But this can happen only after the border has been fixed, and legal immigration has been fixed. Those two things have to be addressed before anything else can happen. Otherwise, we risk a repeat of every single past attempt at "solving" illegal immigration.

Marshall Art said...

Illegal immigrants made themselves illegal by their invasion without going through legal immigration procedures. If you're suggesting open borders, just shoot yourself now and save yourself some time. We have a right to secure our borders, and the government has the obligation to insure it gets done.

I recently heard of a western town, I wanna say Tulsa OK, but I'm not sure if that's the place. Anyway, they took extreme measures to fix their problem with illegals by aggressively arresting those they came across. They arrested something like 1000 illegals, some of the criminal type, and got tough with local businesses. To make a long story short, eventually something like 10,000 illegals left of their own volition. So the moral is, if you do nothing, nothing happens. If you take action and enforce the laws, they will leave.

Finally, for Edwin Drood:

Are you also an unfinished work?

Marshall Art said...

One other point about immigration. Some point to our immigration policies and procedures and lament how few are able to enter through legal channels. I don't know what the government looks at to decide how many should be let in each year. But for those who take the side of illegals, perhaps they could learn the details and lobby to have the annual limit raised to let more in. But there has to be a limit of some kind if for no other reason than to ward off chaos. It's a privilege to live in this country and we who are citizens need to remember that as much as immigrants do. Advocating open borders or easy to get citizenship for current illegals disregards that.