Saturday, February 09, 2008

Government By The People

"No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent." ~ Abraham Lincoln

In October, 2005, President Bush appointed Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court of the United States. The outcry of dissent from Conservative Republicans was deafening. The party faithful was not so faithful to the President on this one. Eventually, bowing to the pressure from Conservative Republicans, Harriet Miers took the initiative away from Bush by withdrawing her nomination.

In February 2006 President Bush approved the sale of ports to the United Arab Emigrates. Again, Conservative Republicans let their disapproval be known. The sale was never consummated. Conservatives, by voicing their opinion, cancelled the transaction.

Now, Conservative Republicans are again faced with an unpleasant choice. We may have to vote for Senator John McCain for President in the general election. We can not vote at all, thereby handing the election over to the Democrats. Or we can vote for the Democratic Candidate.

None of those choices are appetizing as far as I'm concerned.

Many are decrying this dipleasing turn of events, and suggesting the Republican party is, for all practical purposes, finished.

But we still have voices, and we still can, by using them, influence Presidential policies, as we have in the past.

Having John McCain as President of the United States is not the end of the world. It is somewhat frightening in many ways, but it will not destroy American Conservatism, especially not if we make ourselves be heard.

We can make a difference.

Remember, ours is a government by the people, as much as of and for the people. A President McCain must abide by the Constitution in all matters of policy. If he doesn't, there are millions of people across this nation that can and will voice their displeasure.

This is an example of what Liberals refer to as "Checks and Balances". Usually they use the term to support legislation by the courts, which is unconstitutional. But in this case, the term applies to public opinion, when a President gets out of line or oversteps his bounds.

We can make McCain change his Liberal leaning policies. If we sound off loud and often enough, we the people can dictate policy.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I appeal to all Conservatives who are threatening to either not vote at all or vote for the Democratic candidate instead of for McCain.

Don't throw away your vote! The alternative is much worse.

There is a greater of two evils and it is any Democratic Presidential candidate. Let's all unite behind our Presidential candidate and get a Republican elected. We can make this work to our benefit.

Trust in God and Conservatism.


The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

AMEN BROTHER. Well said. Though we may not like the GOP coice, we are still the voice and owners of this nation.

Even McCain stopped and took a second look after we blasted the Amnesty bill.

Democrats never listen because they believe that they and THEY only know what is best and we ,"good citizens, " must be like lambs to the slaughter and abide by whatever they force on us.

We can unite and fight which is our responsibility as Americans to make Washington listen to the people.

Once we VOTE in November and prevent Hillary/Obama from the White House and the Socialization of America and the surrender to the Islamos, THEN we unite to fight for Conservative values, ideas and the very principles that made our nation strong and one people under God!

Well said my friend!

Dan Trabue said...

If the squeaky wheel can make McCain change his course, why can't the squeaky wheel make Obama change his course (or Clinton, God forbid)?

Timothy said...

Well, at least trust in God. :)

Hi Mark,
Good points all. I probably will vote for McCain, as I said on another blog. But he is going to have to convince others to vote for him. I'm not doing his work for him at all.

I really don't appreciate party leaders saying we need to unite behind him. He should do that. He needs to lead if he wants the entire party behind him.
He should takes steps to unite the part, etc. The bum!

But I guess I will vote for the bum. As the people in Arkansas use to tell me about Bill Clinton "Yes, he is an S.O.B., but he's OUR S.O.B!"
Or something like that...

Gayle said...

I agree, it's an unpleasant choice! Still, the alternative is far worse, Marie. I just left a blogger's post where he is calling those of us who have decided to vote hippies, among other things! I didn't comment because I couldn't surpress my anger!

For some insane reason, many far-right Republicans think it would be better to give this election away to the Democrats. It's total insanity!

Gayle said...

Agreed all down the line, Mark! McCain isn't my ideal president either, but he sure beats either Hillary or Obama, and he won't be pulling our troops out of Iraq faster than you can say "Jack jumped over a candlestick"!

Unhappy Republicans threw away the House and Senate in 06 and now are getting ready to do the same thing with the Presidency. It's nuts!

Abouna said...

Mark, Have you forgotten all of the federal laws which have been passed by congress and signed into law by various past presidents which are in direct violation of the Constitution, yet despite the out cry of Conservatives, these laws have been upheld by the Supreme Court?

And every day, Congress and our politicians from both parties dream up ever more un-constitutional laws, usurping powers that do not belong to them.

We stopped being a government by, for and of the people a long time ago, because people refused to take action. They were lulled into a false sense of security when they were constantly told that if you don't like the laws or the people in power, you can vote them out at the next election.

Well, election after election, we have ended up with the same deceivers and liars over and over again, sure they had different names, but the new boss was always the same as the old boss. We cannot win by the power of the ballot, this has been shown over and over again.

With McCain and his arrogant attitude, what makes you think for one minute that he WILL listen to the voice of the people once he is elected. I ask you, what makes you think it will make any difference for him to be tough on the war on terror yet grant amnesty to every illegal that has entered the country. Every president before him has vowed to secure the border, yet despite the uproar from the conservatives, they refused to do it. How can we be sure that McCain will? Because he says he will? I have lived long enough to know that every politician will say whatever they have to to get elected, but once they are in, they figure screw the people and they listen to those who are pulling the strings to set up the One World Government.

I'm afraid that short of an all out Revolution, America is already lost.

Jim said...

"A President McCain must abide by the Constitution in all matters of policy."

What makes McCain different from Bush? Bush musn't and doesn't abide by the Constitution. Since the Democrats have failed to impeach him over it, that leaves the precedent for McCain or Clinton for that matter to do pretty much anything they want.

Signing statements? No problem. Fourth amendment? What fourth amendment? Habeas corpus? We don't need no stinkin' habeas corpus. Freedom of Information Act? Not on my watch.


Dan Trabue said...

Trust in God and Conservatism.

Wow, Mark. I must pray that you only say this tongue-in-cheek.

Let's not confuse or conflate any political movement or theory with God, please.

Trader Rick said...

It's a shame that conservatives don't have a viable party of their own. Until or unless that day comes, they'll have to work within the framework of one of the two Liberal parties or sit on their hands like spoiled brats invited to the party but too mad to come. For myself, I choose the Ultra-Liberal Republican Party over the Socialist-Progressive Democrat Party and thus will vote for McCain (GAK!)

Mark said...

Abouna, The beginning of my post cited two examples of the people overruling the President. I neglected the most recent example.

That of the President's approving McCain/Kennedy's amnesty for illegal aliens bill. The people overruled that travesty as well.

I suppose there is some truth to what you say, however. Probably, the system works only when the noise is loud enough. When we sit on our hands and say nothing, rights are taken away.

Edwin Drood said...

I see this as conservatives strength. We cant be told what to think. Remember when Clinton was running for Pres it came out that he regularly cheated on his wife. The Media decided that personal values are irrelevant, all the dems went along.
Then he starte having sex with the staff in his office, Dems all deciced that was none of our business, they all went along.

Then he started randomly bombing Iraq and sending troops all over the world and the dems just went along (I personally wish they could remember why they supported Clinton then and Cant support Bush now).

We conservatives don't just go along.

Lone Ranger said...

The conservative movement has been far too closely aligned with the Republican party because they have had no other home. It's time for conservatives to band together to form their own party to fight Democrat evil, just as men of faith and integrity banded together to form the Republican Party -- to fight Democrat evil.

ELAshley said...

"Having John McCain as President of the United States... will not destroy American Conservatism"

Hate to disagree with you here, even partially, but the danger of a McCain presidency lies not so much in his "occasional" compromise of conservative principles, so much as a McCain win will cement in the minds of the Republican party that they do not need the religious and/or conservative right. Christians are becoming more and more marginalized in every facet of American public life as it is, without the Republican party seeing a McCain win in spite of honest opposition from the religious and/or conservative right.

No, his presidency would not "kill" American conservatism, but it may-- at the very least --change the definition of conservatism in the gestalt mind of the RNC/Republican party. At the worst it might drive American conservatism underground.

Then again, who knows? McCain might turn out to be a great president. His penchant for creating bad legislation with Liberal democrats, however, is not buying him a whole lot of confidence from conservatives like me.

I like the sound of the Lone Ranger's call to form a new Conservative Party. I can see such a party guaranteeing democrats a lengthy stay in the White House...initially, but it would certainly put the Republican party on notice that "Principle" trumps politics. Lone Ranger says it best... "Others have opinions, I have convictions." Amen.

I'll say it like this, "If you don't stand for something, you'll stand for nothing."

That's where the Republican party is now, and that's not a comforting prospect for conservatives who want to believe in a party that claims to share their values; which, increasingly, it doesn't.

And Rush was right! I heard this the other day. LR kindly posted the transcript.

Finally, I must take issue with [the Liberal lie the Conservative truth]'s first comment wherein was said: "[First] we VOTE in November and prevent Hillary/Obama from the White House and the Socialization of America and the surrender to the Islamos, THEN we unite to fight for Conservative values, ideas and the very principles that made our nation strong and one people under God!"

No. FIRST we unite to fight for Conservative values THEN we vote. FIRST we let the Republican party and the RNC KNOW we will not be ignored, and that includes John McCain. Let him know we expect him to uphold the values and principles of the people he seeks to represent and THEN we vote. Hold his feet to the fire, FIRST. Otherwise he may feel free to continue crafting bad legislation with Liberals.

Sorry to sound so dogmatic and intractable on this, but too much is at stake in this election. I know we say this about every election, but it has never been truer than this go around. The direction and fate of this nation is literally at stake.

ELAshley said...

One final thought. As Abouna has said, this nation has long since ceased from being what our founders envisioned and established. They would not recognize our America-- modern technology notwithstanding. We have only the span our individual lives, living in America, for our personal frames of reference. The rest we get from history books... assuming we read. Most of us just believe what MiniTrue* tells us.

The 16th amendment gave us the greatest usurpation of power by the government in the entire history of this nation.

The 17th amendment stripped senators of virtually any obligation to work for the best interests of the states they are elected to represent.

McCain/Feingold stripped American citizens from their constitutional right of free speech under the 1st amendment.

Christianity is increasingly badgered and frog-marched out of the public square.

Teachers unions literally control everything our children are taught, much of which is utter nonsense.

And Margaret Sanger's eugenics vision is alive and well nearly a century later. Last figures I saw said 2 out of every 10 black babies conceived in America are aborted. Where's the outrage?

How can anyone be outraged if they don't know what's going on? There is far too much ignorance in America for America to last much longer.

*Please tell me you don't need to follow an asterisk to have MiniTrue explained to you!

Dan Trabue said...

It's time for conservatives to band together to form their own party to fight Democrat evil

On this, I fully agree. Go for it.

Trader Rick said...

Be careful what you wish for, dan...

Dan Trabue said...

"Be careful what you wish for..."

Always good advice. Thanks, Trader.

I wish that we had a good four party system - Republican, Dem, Green and Libertarian or some other version of "conservative." I wish we had some way of implementing such an arrangement in a meaningful way. For instant, an IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) system.

By having this sort of system in place, we could get a better sense of where people's true values lie - what direction they'd truly like to see our country go in if we weren't locked into a two party system.

Check it out. It's something that the more "liberal" and the more "conservative" types could unite behind, were we so inclined.

In the meantime, I fully support your starting a Conservative party, you could see how much support for such an idea.

Toad734 said...

Not so fast, I remember Bill Maher and the liberals bitching about those things, not Tom Delay.