Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching Up On The News

"I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts." ~ Will Rogers

Due to illness in the family, I've been too busy to post a new entry lately. I've either been straightening up the house, cooking the family meals, or spending my free time visiting a loved one in the hospital.

Everyone is fine, thank you. Thanks for your thoughts.

I've mentioned in the past that I'm not a news junkie. I will watch almost any other kind of television program before I'll watch news. So, readers will forgive me, I hope, for missing some stories about which other bloggers have already posted and moved on while I have been otherwise engaged in more important pursuits.

While I was thus engaged, I understand Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama (also known as Michelle) giddily announced that she is finally proud to be an American, a comment for which she has been widely criticized. Did she really mean she hadn't been proud to be an American up until that point?

I don't think so. I think it was an unfortunate, though Freudian slip. Maybe I am just giving Mrs. Obama the benefit of the doubt but, in my humble opinion, I see no reason to assume she is any less proud to be an American than any other whiny blame-America-first, bleeding heart Liberal sob sister Democrat.

She is at least as proud as any one of them.

Also, Apparently some of Obama's campaign workers displayed a flag on the wall of their Houston office. It was a flag of Cuba upon which a picture of Cuban mass murderer Che Guevera was superimposed. Does this mean Barack Hussein Obama is a disciple of Che and/or a supporter of anti-American Communist regimes?

I don't think so. Of course, one could argue that if they support both Che and Obama, there must be some significant similarities in the political ideology of the two. But, just because some of Obama's campaign workers are obvious fans of brutal fascist revolutionaries, it doesn't necessarily mean he himself supports anti-American governments above our own.

However, the most anti-American voting record in the Senate might.

By the way, anyone who believes Bill Cunningham isn't intentionally trying to imply Obama is an Islamic Jihadist sympathizer when he continually refers to him by all three names (Barack HUSSEIN Obama) is either stupid, ignorant, or willfully suspending ones own disbelief.

And finally, good news for Republicans. Perennial losing Presidential candidate Ralph Nader has announced his candidacy for President once again. This is good news for Republicans because Nader is a "consumer advocate", which in layman's terms, means he's a environMENTAList wacko. And environMENTAList wackos vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

He, along with Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney, who appears to have more respect for flowers and bugs than she does for Capitol Police authority, could actually siphon enough Democrat votes away from Hillary or Obama, that the Republican candidate could very well win the election by default.

It worked for the Republicans when George Wallace ran, and for the Democrats when Ross Perot ran.

Although, come to think of it, Nader didn't garner enough votes to make a difference in his previous attempts, did he?

Then again, the Democratic candidates then had more substance than the two running in this particular campaign. Some Democrats are less than enthusiastic about their choices this time around.

Third parties are often the spoilers.

The Democrats who vote for Nader or McKinney might even offset the percentage of Republican voters who will refuse to vote in protest over the Republicans selecting a Liberal as their candidate in the upcoming general election.


Dan Trabue said...

Lord knows that the Republicans need some sort of miracle to have a chance of not being embarrassed this time around, but I don't think Nader will deliver. PERHAPS, if Clinton is the Dem nominee, Nader will siphon off some votes, but probably not enough.

And if Obama is the nominee, well, Nader, McCain and Clinton combined just can't stop that steamroller.

Better hope for some really serious dirty tricks and cheating on the Republican side if you're hoping for anything less than a People-powered mandate tidal wave come election day if Obama's the candidate.

Mark said...

You may be rioght, Dan, but there is a lot of time still until the actual election. Plenty of time for the Republicans to throw some light on Obama's subversive anti-American Communistic agenda.

I believe the American people still relish their freedom, and once the truth about Obama is disseminated to the American public, his steamroller will run into an unmovable object.

At least I want to believe that.

Trader Rick said...

Mrs. O'Bama, shy little Irish lass that she is, said and meant exactly what she said. It was a scripted speech that she gave TWICE, Mark.
It's just that usually the Hate-America crowd are not so open about it. She outed herself. People who want America to be a Socialist State really are NOT proud of a free-enterprise Republic. As more of her husband's early influences and political affiliations come to light, this whole deal will become more clear.

For myself, I was never so proud of Hillary as when she backed O'Bama into a corner and forced him to repudiate Farakhan or whatever his name is...You could see him visibly squirming, knowing he had been had.

Mark said...

"She outed herself. People who want America to be a Socialist State really are NOT proud of a free-enterprise Republic."

Yes Rick. That's what I said. She is as proud of America as the rest of the Hate America crowd.

It's sarcasm. It means she hates America.

Edwin Drood said...

The only people who believe in Obama's hope lingo are the hopeless (AKA losers) Since Bush took office I increased my income 500% ,of course in that time I also graduated college and completed a tour in the military so I guess it didn't really have anything to do with who was President. The moral of my "modest" story is:

If you think the President will solve your problems or is the cause of your problems then you are probably a looser or as I like to call you “vote-donkey” an unintelligent creature who is good for nothing else but a vote. Oddly enough vote-donkeys always votes Democrat or Green

Gayle said...

We do not need either dirty tricks or cheating on the Republican side in order to beat Barack Obama. His past is starting to come out. Since you don't watch news programs, Mark, you probably missed it, but he has associated with Bill Ayers, and I'm pretty sure you know who he is. I have a post on that association and hope you stop by to read it.

Jim said...

He was at his house once?

Anonymous said...

It does not matter what Obama is, does, or says. If it is a choice between Obama and McCain, Obama will easily win. And the only reason is our "entertain me" society. Obama is far more charasmatic, and that is what the majority of Americans will vote for. Those of us who believe that values and platforms matter in an election, are sadly outnumbered.

Al-Ozarka said...

I am so wanting to vote for a third party candidate this year! But...I'll probably have to write someone in.

Cuz...I AIN'ta votin' for McCAin. Especially if Flip Romney is his running-mate.

To hell with the GOP.

Al-Ozarka said...

"And if Obama is the nominee, well, Nader, McCain and Clinton combined just can't stop that steamroller."

Simpleton. Dan, if you don't see the monumental cracks in your guy's armor, you're a bigger fool than I ever even thought.