Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant

"I am a Christian." ~ Jerry Falwell

Reverend Jerry Falwell graduated to the Church Triumphant yesterday.

I liked Jerry Falwell. I used to watch him preach on TV from his Thomas Road Baptist Church pulpit. I often listened and appreciated him as he preached the truth of the Bible. Contrary to what you may read on Liberal web sites, and blogs, he didn't preach a message of hate or intolerance. He simply told the truth as he saw it, based on his interpretation of the Bible. He preached a message of love, repentance, and forgiveness.

He smiled as he spoke.

I remember one Television broadcast in which he played a videotape of himself bunging jumping. He looked as if he was having fun. It was also, to my mind, a moment which proved Falwell's humanity. In that one short video clip, he showed me humility and and a self deprecating sense of humor.

He made some controversial statements but they were only controversial because people generally don't like to hear the truth if it appears to condemn them.

I am not going to repeat them, or the hateful responses to them here. He deserves a better tribute than that.

He may have been mistaken at times, but the mistakes were not because of what he said, or in their intent, but in how he said it. Or more likely, in how his message was perceived.

Remember, Jesus Christ angered the unrepentant sinner, too. So did the apostle Paul, and every one of the early Christians. Those who were convicted of their sin by the early Christians often responded by putting them to death.

No doubt there are many these days who would have done the same to Falwell, if the law would have permitted.

Just peruse any Liberal web site or blog to read the celebration. They are figuratively dancing on his grave.

Nevertheless, I have no doubt that Reverend Falwell is in Heaven now, basking in the light of God's Glory, with God's words, "Well done, good and faithful servant." echoing forever in his ears.


Timothy said...

Hi Mark,
Very good tribute. Much better than I could do.

Yes, it's sad that the liberals of the world would dance on his grave... but let them... they will only dance for a short time, then they will weep for eternity (assuming there is no true repentance unto salvation).

Many blessings

mom2 said...

Amen to your comments. I have read some comments by those who think they know what they are talking about, that are so hateful and repulsive that I cringe to think how they will have to answer for their words.
Jerry's graduation to glory came a few days before the students at Liberty's graduation. May God bless his family, as Jerry is already receiving his blessings.

mudkitty said...

In my opinion he was a dangerous man, who not only divided this country, but set it back over 30 years. I can not lie.

Dan Trabue said...

"Just peruse any Liberal web site or blog to read the celebration. They are figuratively dancing on his grave."

You may be right, but I didn't find any in a quick search. Not at Daily Kos, not at my place, not at ER's place.

Certainly, many people who have been hurt by Falwell's vindictive words are probably not mourning too much and may even be celebrating a bit, but I haven't seen or heard of anyone dancing on his grave.

God rest his soul.

mudkitty said...

A little too honest maybe for this site...maybe not.

Abouna said...

Excellent Post Mark. Even though I am an Orthodox Catholic, I have had nothing but respect for Rev. Fallwell. He was a man after my own heart because he spoke the truth and didn't concern himself with political correctness. He was never afraid to call a spade a spade and tell it like it is.

May he dwell in the House of the Lord for ever.

mudkitty said...

Dancing on someone's grave, literally or otherwise, is not the same as acknowledging the harm Falwell has done to this country. To confuse the two is to be biased in the first place; as if you lay in wait for someone to acknowledge truth for what it is, but are afraid of it.

The man was a charlatan. Proclaim it from the rooftops. Tell the truth. There is no god with out truth.

Ms.Green said...

The media hated Falwell. They constantly took what he said out of context, misquoted him, and vilified him. I did not know him personally, but have been in his presence several times and he impressed me as being a man who loved the Lord, had a passion for lost souls, and came across as a very humble man. My pastor knew him personally and said he was a very fine, very sincere and loving man - not at all what the media portrayed him to be. Dangerous? How so? Vindictive? Not very becoming from someone who claims to be a Christian. People hurt by his words? What words? Scripture? Who are these people? Have they no self confidence? Are they so easily offended? Good grief. Charlatan? Hardly. He was a very intelligent, very sincere man of his faith. The reason he was hated by so many is because of that faith.

Mike's America said...

When you allow idiots like mudkitty to slime Falwell you invite me to post a strong rebuke:

She says "I can not lie" but I doubt this moonbat knows the difference between truth and a lie. She, like so many of her ilk live in a world of shades of gray where the only thing that is EVER wrong are right wing Christians.

Falwell gave Christians the ability to be heard and it is the mudkitty's of this world who would deny us those same rights.

Falwell is to be praised for all the good works he did for others. None more so than his championing of the rights of Christians to express their views in the political process.

Shame on you mudkitty.

Abouna said...

mudkitty: You claim tha Falwell did a lot of harm to this country. I have looked high and low and the only harm I find was the harm that those of you, on the liberal side, have done not only to this country but to the world as well with your immoral gay rights, abortion and all of the other immorality you have forced on the world. And when I say you, I mean all of the liberals. It is the liberals that have have been instumental in heaping loads of punishment upon this country. Falwell tried to warn people like you, but you have eyes and refuse to see and ears but refuse to hear.

What is happening today in America, with all of the violent storms, floods and fires is just the tip of the ice berg. You aint seen nothing yet. Disblieve if you want, but God will not be mocked. And if this nation, that WAS founded on Judeo/Christian principles, does not repent and turn back to following God's laws, I can guarentee, you will NOT want to be around to see what is in store for us. All I can say is may God have mercy on us all.

Marshall Art said...

Very nice tribute. Same basic sentiments I feel. I've no doubt that he heard that greeting.

But I, too, have to respond to the Mudkat.


You think Jerry divided the nation. You are so wrong. What Jerry did was to bring together the various factions of the faith community against the real dividers who were driving a wedge between our culture and it's Judeo-Christian foudation. What was so divisive was the discomfort of enjoying a lifestyle that was for so long considered sinful or decadent being reminded of that fact.

Trader Rick said...

The moonbat comments right here just prove your point, Mark. They deny it as they do it. One can't but wonder what horrific tragedy in their lives has blinded them to the truth, and caused such vile hatred to infect their very being. It's scary...It is scary.

Dan Trabue said...

I've withheld comment out of respect for the dead, but seeing as you all feel it perfectly okay to use this as an opportunity for enemy bashing, allow me to make at least a couple of clarifying reposts - not in the least to bash Falwell or you all here, but to at least provide some balance.

To speak to the truth that Falwell's comments were divisive and often rude and demonizing is not to bash Falwell nor is it to dance on his grave, as mudkitty pointed out. It's simply speaking a truth. Mark and others have allowed that Falwell often said things not in the best of ways and often had to back away from some of his comments.

Just because you are unaware of the hurt that this man has caused doesn't mean that the hurt didn't happen.

Lord bless his soul for the good he did - assisting those addicted and providing homes for pregnant women among them. Certainly he touched many people in positive ways.

But it is just as true that people have been turned away from the church by the sort of vitriol that Falwell would sometimes speak. I know personally people who have been in counseling and left the church because of that sort of religion.

Now is not the time to dwell on such, seems to me, but can't you all honor his memory without choosing to engage in the same sort of ugliness that you disparage in others? The name-calling, the demonization of Others, why was that necessary?

Just honor his memory and be done with it and then people would be less likely to chime in with negative comments.

mom2 said...

Oh come on!Dan. Going from site to site with your intentional constant bashing of all conservative thought is what we have come to expect from you and mudkitty. I tend to skim over your comments because they are all the same. Take mudkitty over to your site and keep her. You make a good pair.

Dan Trabue said...

mom2 said:
"Going from site to site with your intentional constant bashing of all conservative thought"

And I repeat:

The name-calling, the demonization of Others, why is that necessary?...

Just honor his memory and be done with it and then people would be less likely to chime in with negative comments.

Corie said...

Very nice tribute, Mark.
I especially like and agree with you when you said, "He made some controversial statements but they were only controversial because people generally don't like to hear the truth if it appears to condemn them."
Wow! Dan is still trolling around...I laughed him off a couple years ago, lol! Poor Dan...

Mark said...

In many ways I would tend to agree with you, Dan. This would not, under ordinary circumstances, seem be the right venue to argue ideology.

On the other hand, Falwell's life was defined by his activism in trying to call attention to the breakdown of morality in this country. One could make the case that continuing the discussion is a fitting tribute to the man.

Mark said...

Corie, thanks for stopping by. Dan is pretty much a regular here, and offers good fodder for discussion, and at times, a good old fasioned donnybrook. As long as he remains reasonably respectful, he is always welcome here.

He can be rude at times, but so far, he has generally made those kind of comments on other people's blogs. (yes, Dan, I've seen what you say about me on other blogs) LOL

Henry said...

"You may be right, but I didn't find any in a quick search. Not at Daily Kos, not at my place, not at ER's place."

Here Dan, I'll make it easy for you.

Timothy said...

BTW, I do agree with Dan... but just a wee bit. Falwell's comments were often divisive. But then again, so were the words of Christ and Paul, and Peter and James. The truth of the gospel does divide... it separates the light from the darkness... so whenever truth is proclaimed, there will be those who claim that it hurt them. Well, that maybe true. When you tell a sinner that he is a sinner, that is going to be painful. But it is also necessary. It's like surgery. It's going to hurt. But if the cancer is removed, yea! We'll take that pain. So too if the sinner repents and believes, so be it and praise the Lord. Another sinner has turned from their wickedness.

I know Falwell said some things that sparked controversy, but none of those thing were outside the truth of the gospel...

Mark said...

Not on ER's site? Not on Daily Kos? Are you kidding? I went to DU and Daily Kos and found thousands of comments celebrating. Then I went to ER's and he said, "Why did Falwell have a heart attack? He read the sermon on the mount and died from fright." (paraphrased)

You didn't see that? Or was that a case of slective eyesight?

Goat said...

Yep, the open, friendly moonbats have spoken again and proove our words with theirs with their open hatred of a good and kindly gentleman that sought comfort in Christ and spread His word. I was never a fan of Falwell but always held him in very high respect. My ex was a MM member and after many rounds of theologic discussion she divorced a good and loyal man she had cheated on,me. I am an unaffiliated Christian wondering the desert somewhere between Judea and Rome. The only guide I need is Christ and His Word. I can read the Bible as well as any preacher and Matt. ch.6 tells me to do my works before God, not man, and to go into my closet to pray. I can take on Christopher Hitchens as well as the Watchtower.
Jerry Falwell, RIP, and may the Lord Bless you and Thank You for spreading the Good News of Christ, you will be missed!

mudkitty said...

Falwell was a business man who made a fortune off the gullible. He was a charlatan. He left his business to his family. If it was a church, why is his family inheriting it?

You guys really don't get it do you?

mudkitty said...

Mark - you came up with one example. And that was probably from a republican troll. But no, you're not going to see any liberal bullsttng about being sorry to see him go.

Liberals don't rejoice in someone's death, but we don't fake piety either.

Marshall Art said...


Here's some of your own medicine. Look it up! You'll have no trouble finding lib venom over the death of this man. And by the by, what problem do you have with a preacher being a business man as well?

BB-Idaho said...

John Donne observed 'any man's death diminishes me..' Since most blogs are opinion focused, it will be interesting when John Murtha or
Ted Kennedy passes away.....

Mike's America said...

I don't know why you folks even bother with that idiot Mudslinger.

She's got less intellectual integrity than Dan Trabue and is equally annoying.

The only good use for comments from someone of such limited intellectual gifts is as a poster child for homeschooling. Obviously she's a product of public schools.

mudkitty said...

Marshall, to speak ill of the dead was Falwell's specialty.

And there's never any shortage of venom on rightwing sites either.

As for Mikey, he'll eat anything, notice he wrote "why bother with mudslinger" (meaning mudkitty, me) but his whole post is about me. He does it on other rightwing sites too.

Rightwingers contradict yourselves in word, and in deed.

Marshall Art said...

"Marshall, to speak ill of the dead was Falwell's specialty."

Really? Any proof supporting this accusation? I know you'll tell me to look it up myself, but give me an example if you think you can.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Falwell was a flawed man who did a lot of good and deserved a lot better than what rabid Kos kiddies had to say about him.

As Timothy said, good tribute.

mudkitty said...

Yeah, when Falwell said Aids was God's punishment for gays...and that's just for starters.

Marshall Art said...

"Yeah, when Falwell said Aids was God's punishment for gays...and that's just for starters."

Who's to say it wasn't? Because it now affects others as well? That wouldn't negate the possibility. But it's hardly speaking ill of the dead. Is it speaking ill of a sinner to call him a sinner? Try again.

Marshall Art said...

Just as I thought, Muddy.

mudkitty said...

You're point? That you hate gays too, and you agree with Falwell that aids is god's punishment to gays? Is that your point Marshall?

Just as I thought.

You can have your gods, and you know what you can do with them.

Marshall Art said...

How touchy. Have some catnip and calm down.

My point is that just as you have assumed I hate "gays" (I do hate how they've bastardized so many perfectly good words, like gay, queer, fairy, etc, and then demand I not use words like "faggot" in any manner that I choose. More special privileges, I guess.), you've thrown out an unsupported accusation of Falwell speaking ill of the dead. Back it up if you think you can, or have the courage to say that you're wrong. I won't think less of you than I already do for you having made the lame accusation.

But I don't hate homosexuals, you poor soul. I feel sorry for them. They're in a tough position having feelings for which they generally feel guilty, and are told by bad people that it's perfectly OK for them to get comfortable with those feelings and engage in behavior that will seriously harm them physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'd hate to be in their shoes, no matter how fashionable they may be. It's tough enough with the wicked urges and desires with which I DO struggle, much less have to deal with all that stuff.

May God lead them, and you, to truth ASAP.

mudkitty said...

Feeling sorry for gays? Why in the world would you feel sorry for gays?

"Feeling sorry for" is rightwing code for..."you're going to hell."

Marshall Art said...

"Feeling sorry for..." is code for COMPASSION! Why are you asking me why I feel sorry for them when I just got through explaining that very point? I feel sorry for them for believing their lifestyle is a good thing when in fact it's harmful to them. THEM, not me. It's harmful to THEM. And yet they are told by others who are misled that they're no different than heteros and everything is just wonderful. I feel sorry for them for buying into the lie, that personally I don't feel they really believe deep down.

mudkitty said...

Marshall, you are what my Pappy used to refer to as "loud, confident, and wrong." You are patronizing, condescending, and arrogant when you speak of gays, (and for gays - what's that about?) with regards to what gays want, or don't want, or what they should, or shouldn't want. Who the hell are you? Are you an expert in gayness?

In this country we have religious freedom, and gays are free to not have to practice your religion, Marshall. Therefor they are not BOUND by your religion. This is the United States of America, and in the United States of America, people are free to be gay or not. And gay people are not all monolithic, as you would have it.

Marshall Art said...


You're what my old man used to call...well, never mind that. You are simply once again making stuff up, and this time about me again.

I am not patronizing, condescending or arrogant toward gays. I'm honest and compassionate and I attempt to tell it like it is. Those who patronize deal with the nonsense about what THEY say and claim. I'm not blind. I know a snow job when I see one. Those who cast themselves as leaders of the homo community are no different than the Jesse Jacksons of the world. They'll say anything. Who the hell am I? I'm someone who reads, listens, and cares about what is said and done for and to the culture over issues like this. Who are you to tell me I can't voice my opinion about this or anything else. You seem to have no problem flappin' YOUR gums, and you do it with no support for your position whatsoever.

As far as religion, this post is about a man of God and you have made unsubstantiated claims regarding him and his faith. I am of the same beliefs as the man generally speaking. I wasn't a big follower of his ministry. But I am a student of Scripture and I have studied enough to know that the homo take on Biblical teaching is so flawed as to be heresy and lies that I will not sit back while they try to put forth their misinformation. I'm not going to risk some true seeker of salvation getting the wrong idea about Biblical teaching. So if in the context of a religious discussion I make a case for what I believe is true, that doesn't mean I'm looking to force anyone to do or believe anything. But I do cop to correcting blatant lies and misinformation.

So yeah. People are indeed free to do or be what they want in this country. I neither have to like it, nor do I have to mute my opinions upone it, especially if their actions are harmful to themselves or others. Don't like it? Bite it. In this country, I am free to express myself, and I do it within the context of the founders' intent to boot.