Sunday, May 27, 2007

No Habla Inglais? Adios, Muchacha!

"There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

No habla Inglais? Adios, muchacha! That's what we should say to the illegal aliens in this country. That, and whatever "get out" means in whatever language applies to the specific illegal alien.

Much has been said over the last couple of weeks about the new immigration bill to which President Bush, Ted Kennedy, John McClain, and others have supposedly agreed. The interesting thing is that this time, there are opposing groups in both parties. Perhaps this is the first and possibly only time the two parties have come to a bi-partisan consensus on something.

I am a Conservative registered Republican, but I completely disagree with President Bush on this one. I cannot understand why any intelligent man could actually think this ridiculous proposal would even begin to work to solve the immigration problem in America.

Personally, I call this an amnesty program. Others on both the left and right agree and disagree.

What a country!

And then, I had a thought:

Why don't we enforce the existing immigration laws?

Michael Chertoff, the head of our Homeland Security Department, says it is impossible to deport every illegal immigrant in America. For this reason, we should give them citizenship? And this is the Head of Homeland Security?

Ann Coulter had a good point. Using that kind of logic, rapist and murderers should receive amnesty.

Here is my solution to this seemingly tricky problem:

1. Finish building the fence. Legislation has already been passed and signed authorizing the United States to build a border fence to keep illegals out. To date, 2 miles have been built. Finish it.

2. Deport every illegal alien to their home countries. Yes, it is a daunting task, but it can be done. We have the resources. We need to use them.

3. Arrest the ones who are wanted for various crimes. Deny them bail, prosecute them, put them in jail, and throw away the key.

4. Keep them from coming back in. That would no doubt require hiring more border patrolmen. And supplying them with the necessary equipment to do their job. Like guns, security cameras, vehicles, and dogs.

5. Prosecute all companies that hire illegal aliens. Fine them. Arrest their executives. Whatever. But punish them.

See? Problem solved! And all in less than 15 minutes! Oh, I love it when things zip along!


Marie's Two Cents said...

Off topic but,

But you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend :-)

Dan Trabue said...

Your "solutions" are all dealing with symptoms. Don't you agree that it would be wise to deal with the root causes first or at least simultaneously?

I mean, sure, we can treat the smoker who has lung cancer. It'll cost millions of dollars and much effort, but we could treat the symptoms.

Better that he'd stop smoking first, though, right?

Francis Lynn said...

I'd be interested to hear what Dan's ideas of root causes are. I assume he means the poverty & cesspool that is Mexico - causing the hordes to come here for a better life.

Disingenuous. Regardless of the cause for the invasion, the leaders of this nation have the reponsibility to protect & secure our borders first & foremost.

We already are giving aid to Mexico through various programs. Nafta was to help the economy of Mexico. Mexico is not our responsibility - amazingly, the Mexican government is reponsible. However, Mexico is riddled with corruption, it gives scant attention to health services & other social services for its people.

I guess Dan wants a Marshall Plan for Mexico. It might be cheaper to just buy Mexico outright & put that 51st star on our flag.

The old blame America schtick again. It's our fault cuz we're not doing enough to help those poor folks down South. It's out fault because we have a booming economy & the poor Mexicans make $5 a day down there. It's always our fault.

Abouna said...

Mark: I agree with you 100% on this and I know that the majority of Americans agree, but our elected officials will ONLY answer to the deep pocket special interest groups who want open borders.

I had Gov. Huckebee on my short list of those I would vote for, but he just shot that down this morning when he told Chris Wallace, on Fox News, that he believes that the children of illegal immigrants SHOULD BE GIVEN lower In-State college Tuition, because we should not punish the children for the crime of their parents. So in other words, Huckebee believes that the American Tax payer should reward the children of illegal immigrant parents.

As long as our elected officials refuse to listen to WE THE PEOPLE, nothing will get done and we WILL lose our country.

Dan Trabue said...

"The old blame America schtick again. It's our fault cuz we're not doing enough to help those poor folks down South."

I'm not blaming America. I'm asking what can be done about the immigration problem? Before NAFTA it was at one level, AFTER NAFTA poverty south of the border and illegal immigration jumped.

Of course, Latin American policies hold some blame - perhaps the lion's share. BUT we can't legislate Latin American policies. We CAN legislate our policies.

Therefore IF we have a policy AND as a result of that policy, illegal immigration jumped, THEN we ought to at least reconsider the policy if not reverse it.

I ask again: Do you not think it wise to deal with causes rather than forever chasing after the symptoms?

And you know who to blame for NAFTA, don't you? Bill Clinton. This is a win-win policy for responsible Republicans!

Francis Lynn said...

btw Mark, it's No habla INGLÉS. I know this because I am awash in a sea of Spanish around here. It creeps into the brain even while sleepng. English is indeed a foreign language in this area. I'm getting tired of being asked, "You speaka the Spanish?" or "you speaka the Portuguese?" It's like the 7 year locust arriving with no end in sight. Where they all coming from? Mexico, Sud America & Portugual must be drained of people by now. Thank you Congress & President for the third world country I always dreamed of.

Talk nightmare - I lived it. Cable went out awhile ago & the only 3 channels I could pick up were Spanish. The whole weekend. TELEMUNDOOOOOOOO!!! But the girls were cute.

mudkitty said...

The TR quote would be true if you include all of the Americas.

mudkitty said...

I hate to tell you people, but Mexico is part of North America.

Seth said...

To this post, I can only say Bravo!

Dan, old friend, the "root causes" of which you speak lay in Mexico, not here in Norteamerica.

It is south of the border where all the poverty and governmental neglect occur. It is south of the border that most illegal aliens originate.

Despite its proximity to the U.S., Mexico is a foreign country run by a foreign government.

How are these people's problems our fault? Why should we assume responsibility for people who are victims of a foreign government's corruption when they aren't even in our country legally?

Why do you portside people feel that the United States owns the guilt for every evil done by all mankind, yet villify a President who makes war on the epitome of evil?

Trader Rick said...

Mark your plan is 100% right on! The only thing I would add, is put in place safeguards that would make it so dangerous and so unbearable to be caught as an illegal, that they would stop coming in of their own accord.

mudkitty said...

If the Bushies, or anyone else were to enforce current immigration laws, then Big Business/International capitalists would withdraw their support from republicans all together.

Never forget, Republicans are the party of Big Business.

Dan Trabue said...

I was asked:

"How are these people's problems our fault?"

Read again what I've said: Clinton started NAFTA. Poverty in Mexico and illegal immigration increased.

Therefore, if WE hadn't started that policy (which is harmful to the US in other ways, as well - including an assault on our National Sovreignty - read Chapter 11 of NAFTA), then we wouldn't have increased illegal immigration.

Conversely, presumably if we undid NAFTA, we could lessen the illegal immigration. Our policies have consequences, we must own the resposibility for OUR part of the problem. It's a matter of personal and national responsibility.

That used to be a conservative tenet.

mudkitty said...

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was supporting NAFTA.

mudkitty said... the Berlin Wall...walls don't work. There's always a ladder.

But yeah, since '94 the GOP has been in control of the house, and they had all 3 branches of of government for nearly 6 years...why didn't they just enforce existing laws?

Because Big Business wants cheap labor, and the Republican Party is the party of Big Business. And these business' are multi-national, btw - and owe no allegiance to any particular country or continent. This has always been true of republicans in my lifetime. Their grandstanding on Christianity, and so-called family values, has always been nothing more than lip service.

Marshall Art said...

We've been through this. Walls DO work. According to Charles Krauthammer in today's paper, they've been working in San Diego. In any case, any obstacle thwarting the free-flow of illegals is worth the scratch to put it up. It's harder to sneak in when there are hurdles to overcome. This should be obvious to even the most contrarian commenter.

And who cares about root causes? The problem is stopping the flow NOW, once and for all. As far as the effects of NAFTA, I haven't been following them. I would wager it has more to do with the shortcomings of Mexico's side of the equation. I'll let the bleeding hearts worry about the root causes while we seal off the borders, because the borders are more important.

Dan Trabue said...

Marshall amazingly said:

"And who cares about root causes?"

And here, folks, we have the difference between reasonable and irrational US citizens.

That has to be the most ridiculous statement ever, Marshall. And, knowing you to be an intelligent human being, I'm sure you'll want to reconsider that sentiment.

mudkitty said...

Dan - you're being generous.

Pamela Reece said...

Rock on Mark! Yeah, in American English that means... keep on preachin' the the truth! Oh wait perhaps I should know how to say in Espanol? Nah, that just wouldn't work. Work? Crap, I'm digging myself deeper and deeper here aren't I? How would I say that? Uh...doh! :-)

mudkitty said...

Actually, that would sound beautiful in Spanish, the native tongue of the Americas.

Marshall Art said...

"Actually, that would sound beautiful in Spanish, the native tongue of the Americas."

Actually, you're making stuff up again. According to the book "1491", the native tongue(s) of the Americas were never Spanish. See how easy it is to have a source for a comment. Try it. You won't sound so foolish.


My comment was in comparison to what I believe is our primary task, which is to stem the flow NOW. To dig for the root causes, which are without a doubt the concern of the country of origin of the invaders is the primary task of the countries of origin, not ours. By the time the root causes are addressed to satisfaction, there won't be anyone left in the countries of origin. So who cares about root causes, let's just stop them from coming in.

Dan Trabue said...

"So who cares about root causes, let's just stop them from coming in."

So, who cares about where that cancer came from. Let's just spend a million dollars on chemo now.

So, who cares about why the river is poisoned. Let's just put up signs warning folk now.

mudkitty said...

The majority of people in the Americas speak Spanish.

Marshall Art said...

"So, who cares about where that cancer came from. Let's just spend a million dollars on chemo now."

Exactly. The first order of business is caring for those dying of it NOW. Then we'll look to the cause. Of course at this stage of the game, we've got both handled.

"So, who cares about why the river is poisoned. Let's just put up signs warning folk now."

Exactly. The first order of business is to make sure no one drinks from or swims in the poisoned river. Then, we'll find out how it got that way. Congratulations Dan. I do believe you've got a handle on what we're saying about the illegal alien problem. Your two examples illustrate it perfectly. Bless you.

Marshall Art said...

Muddy said,

"The majority of people in the Americas speak Spanish."

Yeah, now. But it wasn't the original language of any of 'em. In any case, no one's talking about "the Americas" and you damn well know it, so cut the kitty litter.

mudkitty said...

Well, the indigenous had many, many different languages, you big silly, and I guarantee you that English wasn't one of them, so what's your point?

Afraid of a little language are you, Marshall?

Dan Trabue said...

Marshall backtracked, saying:

"The first order of business is caring for those dying of it NOW. Then we'll look to the cause."

Ahh, but you're saying something different, now.

What you said earlier about looking for root causes was, "who cares about root causes?" and:

"To dig for the root causes, which are without a doubt the concern of the country of origin of the invaders is the primary task of the countries of origin, not ours."

It may be wise to take some steps to deal with an emergency situation as you also begin looking for root causes. BUT look for root causes we must. To dismiss them as not worthy of research is foolishness.

Marshall Art said...


I did NOT backtrack, I'm perfectly consistent. I don't care about root causes because the primary concern is sealing the borders. I'm talking priorities here. That would be the borders. And until they are secured, I don't care about root causes. Glad I could clarify that point for you.


My point is that the discussion concerns our borders. That would be specifically, the borders of the United States of America, which is commonly referred to as "America". You know without a doubt that's what is meant by the word, yet you insist on bringing up irrelevant crap about "the Americas" as if it has anything whatsoever to do with sealing our borders. There could be a specific language for each individual south of our borders and it wouldn't matter in the least to this discussion. That's my point.

Oh, and if each of those individuals with their own unique language immigrated legally to our fair nation, I expect them all to learn English and speak it in an intelligible manner.

mudkitty said...

Marshall, try being more precise with your terminology.

Marshall Art said...


Try not purposely attempting to "muddy" the discussion with blatant crap about "the Americas".

mudkitty said...

What? You can't grasp the concept, or the reality?

Marshall Art said...

What I can't grasp is why you feel compelled to throw in that irrelevant stuff about South and Central America. You know what is meant by the use of the term "America" in these discussions. You're just being a pain in the ass and you're not fooling anyone. So, don't do it. You've got nothing to add, don't post. Simple as that. If it's for fun, be funny. What part of this concept don't YOU get?

mudkitty said...

Because America covers a lot of ground. Or did you fail geography too?

Marshall Art said...

"Because America covers a lot of ground. Or did you fail geography too?"

"You know, you cover a lot of ground yourself. You'd better beat it, lady. I hear their gonna tear you down and put up an office building where your standing. You can leave in a taxi. If you can't get a taxi, you can leave in a huff. If that's too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff. You know you haven't stopped talking since I got here. You must've been vaccinated with a phonograph needle." --100 points for the source of the above. 100 points for the movie in which it was said.

"You know what is meant by the use of the term "America" in these discussions. You're just being a pain in the ass..." or you're a complete idiot. Personally I'm going with pain in the ass because you damn well know the meaning of the expression in this discussion. Cut the crap.

Mark said...

Art, that's Groucho Marx, and I believe it's from his movie, "Animal Crackers" although it could be from "Duck Soup". I have a DVD collection of 5 of the Marx brothers best movies, but I haven't watched them for a while.

Marshall Art said...


That's 100 pts for naming Groucho, Mark and...I'm checking with the judges...YES they'll give you 50 for DUCK SOUP!!!

And what you've won is my rendition of "America the Beautiful" which I'll sing as I shower in the morning. I cover the Ray Charles version. As you know "America, the Beautiful" is a song about America. Let's ask Mudkitty if she can tell us to which America the song refers.