Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An Interesting Conversation

"How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Last night I met a lady who has an interesting job and interesting experiences to share as a result. Both her and her husband work for the United States State department, indirectly for Condoleeza Rice.

We had a short but interesting conversation.

Now, many of you are aware that I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Condy, so I couldn't resist the urge to ask how well she knew Secretary Rice. She said she has only met her in person once, but that she was a very sweet, friendly, down to earth, yet classy lady.

She went on to say that she and her husband have met often with President Bush and first lady Laura. She told me that President Bush and Laura are very good people with friendly, real personalities. She likes them. She also said she has numerous photos that she took herself of her own kids sitting on Laura's lap.

She also has met former President Bush and says he is also very nice and friendly.

Then she mentioned meeting Hillary Clinton.

She says, She "was not impressed" by Hillary. Hillary, according to my customer, is very rude, condescending, elitist, and interestingly enough, "always late". Apparently, punctuality is a very important trait to the lady.

By the way, she also mentioned, in the course of her job, she and her husband are often sent overseas to work in American embassies. She said they have spent time in Iraq since the war begun.

She says, people have no idea how well everything is going over there. The American presence there has been positively effective in many ways. She said (surprise!) that the news media rarely reports the positive news from Iraq, preferring to accent the negatives.

Gee. What a surprise! Who knew?


Mary said...

Since 1992, we've had the opportunity to see Hillary in action.

What the woman you met had to say about Hillary certainly confirms my impressions.

The same goes for Condi, the President and Mrs. Bush, and Bush 41.

I'm not surprised by her experiences in Iraq either.

Your conversation with this woman highlights just how slanted the media are, and how invested they are in slamming Bush, his administration, and everything it does.

The lib media are propagandists, pure and simple.

Timothy said...

Hi Mark,
Interesting piece. Although, as Mary pointed out, it confirms my impressions as well.

BTW, in 1992, I got to meet George W. when he was campaigning for his father. He was truly down to earth and a good guy. But, I've heard the same thing about Bill Clinton too when you meet him. My uncle helped get him elected in Arkansas for his first term... but then my uncle learned a very important lesson with Bill... watch what he does, don't listen to what he says.

With Hillary, I don't get the impression she has mastered the art of the bluff...

Lone Ranger said...

I had exactly the same experience -- except for the going to Iraq part.

Henry said...

Reaffirms what I have heard.

My mother met Clinton shortly after 9/11 while working on the Here is New York project (I can dig up the photos, if asked). While she said he was a charmer, she said you could tell he was a snake (and she voted for him!).

Yeah, the Clintons are pretty much scum.

Abouna said...

No matter what evidence one might have concerning the Clintons and their underhanded dealings, some people will never be convinced.

I cannot stand any of the Dems, but by the same token, I do not like any of the so-called front runners on the Republican side either. Don't be fooled by Rudy, America's Mayor is a snake in the grass to. See the posting on my Blog.

I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that this country doesn't have too many more elections left. Be it Hillary, Obama, Rudy or McCain, we ARE being sold out.

The jury is still out on Mitt.

D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

"Hillary, Obama, Rudy or McCain, we ARE being sold out.

The jury is still out on Mitt."

None of these will be nominated. This campaign going on right now is nothing more than a campaign to get noticed for the Vice-Presidential bid.

The Dems will ultimately nominate ALGORE.

The Republicans have not seen thier nominee on the campaign trail, either.

Maybe Thompson...maybe someone else.

mudkitty said...

Surprise, surprise, this lady is a rabid partisan republican who actually works for the republicans. Imagine that she would say such things about Hillary!

Marky - you can, and have, done better than that.