Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nothing's Cold as Ashes After the Fire is Gone

Just as I predicted, Cindy Sheehan’s flame is being extinguished, and what’s more, she is the one that’s wielding the fire extinguisher.

Sean Hannity said today, that she cannot get out of the spotlight. It happens often when someone who’s not used to media attention suddenly is thrust into the spotlight, they become addicted to it and then they cannot get out. In Ms. Sheehans case, I don’t believe she wants to get out. She has become a media whore. Her crusade is no longer about ending a war in the name of peace, but about getting more attention for herself.

I actually understand this phenonomen well. I started my blog because I only wanted to state my opinon on a variety of subjects, as a kind of catharsis, but as people became aware of it, and brilliant people, people who are professional writers and journalists etc, began commenting and engaging in discourse with me over my opinions, it encouraged me and now I think, probably stupidly, that I am more talented a writer than I am. Just as Cindy stupidly thinks her opinion matters more than it does.

In a Liberal blog, she posted this comment:

"i am watching cnn and it is 100 percent rita...even though it is a little wind and a little rain...it is bad, but there are other things going on in this country today...and in the world!!!!"

With that one short statement, she summed up her entire agenda. It’s all about Cindy.

And then the inevitable happened. It started out with one commentator, a resident of southeast Texas, objecting to her dismissing Hurricane Rita as "a little wind and a little rain", and ending his/her comment with these words:

"Shame on you, you're jealous of media coverage of other's suffering. You've become a caricature and I no longer support you. I'm ashamed I ever did."

(When I downloaded this photo, it was captioned "Grieving Cindy")

Then, others joined in. Most of them said they were against the war also and have, up to now, supported her, but like the first commentator, they are withdrawing their support. The last commentator in the thread, who seems to be a conservative, said this:

I can't believe the unmitigated gaul of you lady! You have the nerve to get up on your soapbox and accuse President Bush of being insensitive and uncaring about Americans and then you make a statement like that?
Every time you open your mouth you just keep on proving what a selfish and horrible person you are.
You call our own military (which your son was a member of) murders.
You refer to the terrorists who kidnap, torture, behead and bomb not only our troops and relief workers but innocent Iraqi civilians including children as "freedom fighters".
You refer to our brave MEN and WOMEN who made the conscious choice to join the military out of love of their country and who defend the rights that YOU take for granted as "children".
You point a finger at anyone who questions your sincerity and then point the same finger at President Bush and question his sincerity in helping the hurricane victims in the south.
You relish in the claims of the lunatic left that you have a "moral authority" because you lost a son in Iraq and then make snap judgments about those who lost sons in Iraq and still support the war! (So I guess you think the First Amendment only applies to you is that it?) Does that mean that those parents aren't "moral authorities"?
You stoop to an all time low when you start badmouthing your own family and belittling their love of Casey and even sacrifice your ex-husband in the media because he doesn't support your lust for attention.
And now you get arrested. And you have that big shit-eating grin on your face when it happened. I suppose you see yourself as a martyr. As the new Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr.
Well you're not! Those people actually stood for something other than media glory, unlike you.
You are a sad excuse for a human being, an American and most of all as a mother.
Casey is better off where he is now because he's free from you!

I would have been more respectful to her than that, but the sentiment is the same.


Just for the record, this post was originally going to be about the fact that I object to war, too.

The difference is, unlike Cindy Sheehan, I know sometimes war is a necessary evil.


Fitch said...

Mark, you were wrong about one thing in the previous debate. She IS as crazy as the company she keeps.

Mark said...

Naw, I don't think she's really crazy, but I do thing she's stuck on stupid.

Fitch said...

We'll have to agree to disagree there. I mean she is stuck on stupid, but I think she's as Loony Left as the rest of 'em.

Mike's America said...

Oh she's got a mental defect all right... Anyone that could be so completely cold hearted to a nine months pregnant war widow has to have a screw loose.

Sadly, there is a market for defeat America losers and their Michael Moore agitprop. So I'm not sure we will EVER see the end of this sorry, pathetic creature.

rich bachelor said...

And how sane are you, Mike, when you're grieving?
Hell, how sane are you, Mike, ever?
Yup, she strikes me as being nuts too, Mark. Damn shame that she's the voice the media chose to seize upon here, in a war that I, and a lot of others don't find necessary at all. They could have done far better, but went for the lowest common denominator, as usual.
They just want to move units, remember. That's their only agenda.

BRUISER said...

"No goal, no objective, not until we have those things and a compelling case is made, then I say, back out of it, because innocent people are going to die for nothing. That's why I'm against it."- Sean Hannity

So when you Neocons forget what you said ...again we will remind you and the crazies on the right that when towing the line for your party you might want to do some research into the rhetoric you spew....

Mikes Delusional America ....good to see you and Mark keeping this Debate in the news its a grand decision on your part when Karl Rove is busy getting brought up on Treason charges.

ps- Say hello to Bill Frists Insider trading friends as well. Keep up the "hard" work.

William said...

Many of my family members have been in wars. My grandfather fought in Normandy. My uncle fought in Vietnam, and two of my cousins fought in Desert Storm. I need not share anymore.

That said, who really likes war? I don't. But when decisions are made for us to fight for freedom (or in the case of Iraq, the lack thereof), what are we to do?

Should we become irate at our government while verbally demoralizing our soldiers? Absolutely not!

I honestly feel remorse for Cindy Sheehan's pain. But she has stripped away my compassion with her protests making other soldiers' sacrifices become deaths which have died in vain. And for the record, that disgusts me....

Lores Rizkalla said...

cindy is a sad soul, used by the left. and, yes, she has become addicted. it is pathetic. it's as though we're watching her withdrawal symptoms now that her 15 minutes is over.

by the way, mark, you ARE a great writer!!!

BRUISER said...

Verbally demoralizing our soldiers is what the Rightwing does best ...

McCain even thinks so...

So how is that body armor coming for our soldiers ??? Oh you Republicans must have forgot about protecting those without a feeding tube or those yet to be born...

ps- I heard Cheney had to make Bush acting President while Cheney went in for surgery.

BRUISER said...

Lores Rizkalla- Sheep are sad souls used by the right. Churches are sad places used by the right. Mentally handicapped people Bush killed as Governor are sad souls used by the right.
Sai Pan is a sad country used by the rights Tom Delay for forced abortions. Our Army is in a sad state of affairs when used by the right as a rent an army for their friends the Saudi Arabian government ....remember Saudi Arabia the ones who attacked us on 9/11?

jgaoehals14962 said...

All these charges of things you've heard? Come on, try using some actual facts in your arguments, instead of left-wing innuendo. I'm not even sure which of your innuendos to ask you to spell out. All of them sound like the typical over emotional left wing rants...

How about this one Churches are sad places used by the right.

How so? Yes, the more conservative a church is theologically, the more they tend to be on the right wing. But have you ever noticed how many liberal churches host liberal politicians and actually get away with breaking the law? So the left wing actually uses churches too. Hhm?
God bless

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


I saw that post the other day as well on Daily Kos and could not find it substantiated anywhere. Then it occurred to me, since the quote wasn't referenced to anything, that this is possibly being said by a poster using the name "Cindy Sheehan" to leave a commentary. Anyone else know anything I am missing here? There are 150 comments over there right now and I have other things to do than go sifting through all that verbal litter.

Oh, yes, and Bruiser? Jesus does love you! (^_^)

Don't know about our military though since you seem to regard them as professional victims.

Francis Lynn said...

Sheehan = garbage. Nuf said

Erudite Redneck said...

Pastor Timothy, just don't try to reason with Bruiser. Can't be done.

Francis Lynn. Do you truly have no shame? She is a loon. She's become a joke. She's even a con artist in a way.

But she's a human being, a mother whose son is dead and gone -- and she's "garbage"? You've stumbled onto the reverse of Bruiser's page!

No human life is garbage. Unless your middle name is Pinochet, or Pol Pot, or ...


Pamela Reece said...

Excellent post! I found myself posting about the difference between being pro-war and pro-military. They are 2 different things. Cindy Sheehan, and the likes thereof, will have to face their maker.

Every life is valuable and every hope is worth dreaming. The thing is, Cindy Sheehan is what Cindy Sheehan believes is actually a nightmare for all.

Jaymeister said...

Not everybody who opposes this current war is a looney. As I said in a comment in a previous post, it is unfortunate that the face of of the opposition has been represented by some of the groups at this rally in Washington. I'm not a pacifist. I believe that there are some instances where taking up arms is absolutely necessary. But I don't believe that the current action in Iraq was justified in that way. The majority of those opposd to this war are of the same mindset. Yes, many of those who marched on Washington this past weekend were more extreme. But for every peace-at-all-costs looney, there are ten bozos from the my-country-right-or-wrong camp.

h said...

"Grieving Cindy." It make me sick that the memory of a true hero like Casey Sheehan is being shaped by this media hound and her s___ -eating grin. Yes, Cindy, your son is dead. I honor his service. You do not.

Erudite Redneck said...

BTW, Mike's America, I hadn't seen "agitprop" used since the '80s! Fine word! Excellent use of it! Michael Moore is a loon, as well.


Mark said...

ER, I'm sure you didn't intend this to look this way but this is what you said yourself:

"No human life is garbage. Unless your middle name is Pinochet, or Pol Pot, or ...



Erudite Redneck said...

Yikes. Dang punctuation anyway! :-)


BRUISER said...

So the media put the face of Cindy Sheehan on the Anti-war movement is this a fault? No, I do not see it this way. For every one Crazy Ann Coulter we give you One Pissed Off Mom whose flesh and blood died in the war against Iraq's heinous villians. I see your right-wing ideologues boast about Iraq and 9/11 and their ties that just don't exist...hell even SUADI ARABIA had alot more connections and had taken collections even for their terrorist activities & I have seen the footage which quickly stopped playing a month after 9/11 occured. Who would have imagined that Terrorist-Telethons could occur without us knowing right under our collective noses. And about Iraq.>>> Did you ever see Iraq before the TV coverage during Gulf WO of a news station of your choice? It looks like third world Egypt on a day when the Marlboro Factory is at high capacity . I know, I 've been there days after a terrorist shooting on the same train I was on. Scary things happen, but having a government sell you so full of fear is egreagious to say the least. So why so friendly with Suadi Arabia? I'm just asking as a concerned American....who enjoys freedoms their country doesn't have. And why should I be booed about having GOPer's making more laws against American than For Americans? Why would Karl Rove say anything about Valerie Plame in the first place...isn't there more important and "hard" pressing work at hand on behalf the American people those who voted for him and those against? I am not going to lie and think that we are all in the same boat here because your boat might be larger than some of those less fortunate? I mean are we not all fortunate to be Americans? And shouldn't we expect better of each other than a culture of Fear?

Okay so I wandered off the beaten path quite abit there sorry anyways. If I put pastor in front Of my name and told all my followers who won't vote for Bush to leave my congregation and never return would that make me a better christian? Or should I remain an Outspoken Opponent of the Palaces of Saudi Arabia and the war against those in mudhuts in Iraq? So before all of you think I am Anti-War ...I am not I want Osama gone like I would hope we all do. I certainly do not think we faltered one bit going into Afghanistan but why did we proceed with more diplomatic immunities ...I mean diplomacy towards SAUDI ARABIA than we gave Iraq our steward in the middle east Saddam Hussein? do you want my picture of Rumsy and Mr. Hussein shaking hands its classic. They deserve each other.

For those of you who think that banning science from the classroom will get our collective grandchildren's ass' out of our international debts with world banks please show me your theories.

If you think banning gays is more pressing than closing our borders than I find that just incompetent.

If you think opposing abortions on these shores and okay'ing them for profit on the shores of Sai Pan for the likes of the GAP is well worth the quality over American Made apparel than by all means shop you concious and moral elitism away.

So go ahead ban me from your websites ...delete me from your comment sections ...I will still ask these questions and believe in an America where media and blogs and journo's go to War against a woman who lost her child, a son, a father, and an American and think that is just another in a long line of vicious and demeaning behavior on the "fringe" Right.

.....I just saw a speech by Gov. Schwarrzeneggargarrrrrr and he says that teacher's Unions are activist groups???!?!!?!?!? Dude these people teach your constituents Children .... Give them some respect. --

Did you really read this far?

Poison Pero said...

Bruiser, you are a funny fellow.....I really can't figure you out.
Press, we completely agree on this one......YEAH!!!!!

And I do feel sorry for Cindy's loss, even though I doubt she care's that I feel for her.
That said: http://members.cox.net/jayc1832/Lib%20Rips/Cindy.asx

Thx to Ron for that little gem.

Mark said...

I am thinking I'd like to try whatever Bruiser's smoking one time. But only once.

I want to return to sanity when I'm done.

BRUISER said...

So thats the box you have chosen to fit my statements in instead of answering any of the questions I've posed? Whether you find them rediculous or not I don't really care afterall your party takes FOXnews as gospel so in that regard... You still can't answer or respond to any of the questions I have posed. Thank you for at least reading the post and dismissing it and its content as only the far right can.

Erudite Redneck said...

Hey, Brusier, on many issues, you and I are on the same side. I just can't stand your trash talking. Stop it. You are tanking your own damn causes!


BRUISER said...

You see what exactly as trash talking? Asking for an Independent commission to look into Katrina ...is that trash talking or the fact that Roger Ailes' runs a news orginization for the neocon agenda?

Erudite Redneck said...

All you do is rant. And it gets old.


Etchen said...

I think she started out as an grieving mopther trying with the best of intentions to do what she could to prevent others from ever having to go through the hell that she has in losing a child, but I think that she has now turned into a media crazed woman who's emotions win over any rational thought process.