Wednesday, September 14, 2005

From the Donkey's Mouth

Or: Examples of the Lunatic Left.

My son was staying with friends most of the weekend and I had nothing whatsoever to do, so after I finished checking all the blogs on my blogroll (several times each), I hit the little “next blog” button at the upper right of the page, and discovered some real Liberal “diamonds in the rough”.( I left the misspellings in)

I found this gem at Democratic Underground:

“In the wake of the hurricane, most black and white Americans saw themselves as on the same side, despite the GOP and their PR flaks attempts to create a racial divide and portray the survivors as savage looters and snipers.”

The GOP attempts to create a racial divide ???? I didn’t know Democrat was spelled G.O.P! And, Duh! There was looting and sniping going on, but the only one's that were implying that ALL the survivors were doing that were the Liberals!

Rich Bachelor, a frequent commentor on my blog, made this ridiculous statement about the terrorists attacks on America on 9/11/2001:

“I knew in my bones on that day that the unthinkable but hardly impossible had happened: an unpopular president largely considered to be elected only by judicial coup had done played the only card he had: the Wag The Dog scenario. And he hadn't even been subtle enough to do it right. On that day, Americans killed Americans, this I feel for certain…”

This from Seven Crows:

“It occurred to me last night that Bush was like Nero - playing while a city died. And then this morning I see this picture of Bush playing a guitar yesterday after his visit to Naval Base Coronado. Could it get anymore obvious that this man cares about nothing but his own pleasure? and that the word decorum is not in his vocabulary. Bush Fiddles while New Orleans drowns”

And I suppose that this writer has spent every moment since the hurricane knee deep in brackish water recovering bodies. Or do you suppose he did some things pertaining to his own obligations? Hmmmm, what was it Jesus said about removing the plank from your own eye before worrying about the mote in your brother’s?

From Appledorf:

"Right-wing ideologues, having destroyed Iraq with their experiment in "democracy" and having destroyed New Orleans with their 'small government' experiment in hurricane preparedness, evacuation, and relief, are now poised to destroy the traumatized survivors of Katrina's children's chances experimenting with vouchers and other privatization idiocies.

Only an electoral hurricane in 2006 that sweeps every right-wing nut from the halls of Congress will save this nation from total devastation."

"I find it fascinating that right-wing ideologues believe that evolution is "just a theory", but a basic tenet of the 'culture of life' is that if you can not afford to pay your own way, you are not fit to survive."

And: "Rich people and corporations need as much money as they can possibly get, so they shouldn't pay any taxes. And public money, like the Social Security trust fund (with which there was NO problem before it was looted and replaced with IOU's), is meant to be collected from workers and given as subsidies to the rich."

One more: "In my neighborhood everybody knows that global capitalists and their BushCo puppets do not care who lives and dies."

What neighborhood is that? Fantasyland?

Oh, This is really a good one. First, this guy (he claims to be a best selling author and screen writer, but I never heard of him) at Darkush says:

“I would love a non-politicized view of what this means, considering that this is the third strong suggestion I've seen (and I haven't really been searching) that the consequences of Katrina should have been understood at the local, state, and Federal levels. Because lives are at stake here, please keep the conversation polite.”

Then, he says: “For both Liberals and Conservatives: if Clinton had been in office under similar conditions, how would you feel, knowing that this information was running around? Personally, I would have been DEEPLY disappointed, and feel that a vital ball had been dropped. That vital resources had been diverted for a questionable war, and that cronyism had weakened our national vision."

"There is no way in hell that, were the position reversed, Republicans would not SHRED Clinton for gross neglegence. On vacation? Jeeze, they implied that Clinton's sexual dalliances, which, in toto, could not possibly add up to more than 24 hours of his time, had distracted him from his duties. What in the hell would be made of THIS?”

Note: Seems to me that Mr. Steve Barnes has an odd idea of what a “non-politicized view” is.

There is just so much lunacy in this blog, you just have to go read it yourself, if you can get through it without vomiting, including the obligatory comparison to the Nazi’s:

“I don't know about you but this sounds an awful lot like Hitler's Germany.”

I realize that some of these comments don't seem crazy to many of my readers, but the things they say about conservatives certainly don't represent me, and I am conservative. I left out a lot of my own commentary because I feel the lunacy pretty well speak for itself.

Another thing I read said Halliburton has been awarded the contract to do the clean up after hurricane Katrina. I don’t know if this is accurate or not, But if it is…Well, I don’t have anything against Halliburton, but if the Bush Administration wants to cause even more dissension they couldn’t come up with a better plan.

Note to whoever awards contracts in the Bush administration: Give someone else the contract if for no other reason than to avoid giving the Democrats any more ammo.

And here's Laura Ingraham's contribution to this issue:

Lie Of The Day:
"[Gasoline prices] are ridiculous. I had to take out a loan to fill up my minivan. It's crazy," claimed Katie Couric.

Katie, you make $15 million dollars a year!


Lone Ranger said...

I regularly surf these blogs and the things they say are so incredibly stupid that I don't even know were to begin. I feel like a person about to climb Mt. Everest in bare feet. So I just move on (maybe that's why it's called secure in the knowledge that nothing I say would change these people's mind anyway.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Haha...I'll put up a post maybe later today on Democratic Underground. They have lots of gems.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

The Democrat Undergroud is a hoot. I take a look at it once in awhile for a laugh and to remind me just how crazy these leftist nuts are. Oh by the way have you noticed that the only people her are noticing the COLOR of the Katrina victims are the very ones who are claiming racism? So then WHO is the racist. Sounds like the claimant rether than those the claim is leveled toward!

Ken Taylor

Erudite Redneck said...

I'm pretty sure, but am not certain, that Rich Bachelor wrote that in the "9/11 present tense" --that is, what he thought that day, many fevered brows imagined many conspiracies. Considering the lingering bitterness over the (s)election, I'm sure lots of people imagined lots of internal evil. We -- meaning certain evil doers at the highest levels (or lowest, I guess) of politics, are probably capable of such. It is not unlike Tug's admittedly imaginative conspiracy scenario he wrote about the other day over at his place.


Erudite Redneck said...

Oh, and I just skimmed all the rest of these quotes and links. Lunacy is lunacy and signifies nothing but lunacy, left or right.


rich bachelor said...

True enough, Press. And as to the misspellings you left in the above to show the further idiocy in lefties, you might just want to find other kettles to call names, Mark. Bickle up there has several bad ones and its grammar is atrocious. I've had plenty to say about before about your own typing style, so I probably don't need to repeat it.
And I still feel that way, to finally answer your question of the other day. That anthrax thing right after pretty much confirmed it for me. I've mentioned in my own blog and several others' why I think that it's not only likely, but also hardly without historical precedent.
Consider yourself lucky that you don't feel this way. Imagine how terrifying it would be if you did.

Mark said...

Bachelor, the only reason I left the misspellings in was because the only really bad misspellings came from a guy that claims he is a best selling author. I find that ironic, don't you? As for Bickle, do I need to remind you that there is no spellcheck in comments? As to my own misspellings and poor grammar and punctuation, same thing. No spellcheck in comments and besides that, all the letters on my keyboard are worn off so sometimes I hit the wrong keys.

Misspelling isn't the point at all. Lunacy is, and it's no wonder you don't see yourself as lunatic since your own latest posting describes your apparent regular use of LSD, which causes insanity.

Sometimes we don't see the forest for the trees, eh?

Mark said...

Oh, and Rich? you said, "And I still feel that way, to finally answer your question of the other day."

I have no idea what you're talking about. What question? What other day?

Erudite Redneck said...

Mark, you are the master of the cheap shot and the non sequitur.

Class, let's all go find something Mark wrote in one context and use it in another in an attempt to discredit him and appear better than him, shall we? He's done it to me, too. Holy crap. Just how holier than us are you?

Sorry. Not much hacks me off like what you just did with the LSD remark. It's the last bastion of someone who has run out of arguments. If I were Rich, I would never darken your narrow door again.

Oh, and I'd say the left-libs noticed the race of the Katrina victims because they are the ones who acknowledge that race and poverty in this country are betwined precisely BECAUSE righties like to pretend that the vaunted free markt is color blind. Which is bull. Adam Smith's "invisible hand" is white and wears a Rolex, or wants to, which is worse, in some ways.


Anonymous said...

Even if the Dems had been in charge of awarding contracts to companies to clean up, they wouldn't have had any more to choose from. There aren't that many out there that do that kind of thing. That would have been a hoot for a Dem administration forced to give the contract to Halliburton because there isn't anyone else.

Poison Pero said...

Hey Press, what's up?

I thought I was the master of the cheap shot?........That's not fair of you to give my title away.

I hope I'm still the "rightest of the righty right wingers".......Please don't give this one away.

tugboatcapn said...

Well, we can all argue about spelling, and grammer, and illegal drug use, and titles, and forests and trees until the cows come home, but the fact remains (no matter how much the Libs want to deny this) that Haliburton is the only corporation in the world that does what they do, and Clinton awarded them no-bid contracts as well.
You can hate them all you want, but to quote the great and learned philosopher Walter Cronkite:

"That's ...the way it is..."

Goat said...

If nothing else, they are a good for a laugh and another election stick to hit them with, they really don't get it.

Mark said...

ER, Rich started the personal attacks, by attacking me and another commenter here. All I did was point out that the statement he made in his blog was ridiculous, and he responded with a personal attack. And he did admit to regular drug use on his blog, and use of LSD does make one insane. I have done it my self when I was young and stupid and I have seen firsthand the effects of regular usage. By the way, regular use of LSD makes one paranoid, too, which could explain why he came up with such a ridiculious conspiracy theory in the first place.

Erudite Redneck said...

OK. I was a little harsh on you. I'm sorry. Just got caught up in the bickering.

Pero, relax: You are King of the Rightest of the Righty Right Wingers. :-)


tugboatcapn said...

Although, Pero, you better watch your back.

I'ma comin'!!

Mark said...

"Pero, relax: You are King of the Rightest of the Righty Right Wingers."

I don't know about that, ER, you been over to Mike's America lately?

tugboatcapn said...

Mike is GREAT.
One of my favorite blogs.
I don't really want to work that hard, but I am really glad that he does...
I would gladly defer to him for the title of "King of the Rightiest of the Righty Right Wingers", were I in the running for such a title.

I'm afraid that my title would be "Kookiest of the Kooky Kook Right Wing Kooks..."

Although I try really hard not to fall too far off the deep end(believe it or not...)

By the way, I was recently labeled a "Right Wing Kook" by someone of great importance to me in my personal life, Hence my recent embracing of the term.

I know that this person reads our blogs, but never comments.

Mary said...

The lunacy on the Left is always entertaining. The gems that Mark cited from Internet posters/ posers aren't that different from what comes from the Dem leadership.

I think I've said this before here. As an observer, the exchanges on Mark's blog may get a little nasty, but it's nothing compared to what I've encountered on some discussion boards.

These personal attacks are minor compared to what I've had thrown my way just for expressing my views.

I think it's nice that any bickering is followed by apologies.

And on the Katie Couric comment--

I'm glad I didn't hear it. I would have gagged on my Cocoa Puffs.

Mike's America said...

I really fear for the sanity of some of the lefties you quote.

Their delusion and Bush hate is reaching a pathologic level.

To say that "this sounds an awful lot like Hitler's Germany" is astounding.

I wonder if the person who wrote that has ever visited one of German concentration camps. Anyone who has understands what evil is and Bush is not evil.

No wonder we can't reach a broader consensus to oppose REAL evil in the world with loonies like that running around loose.

Also, I notice that the Democratic Party disaster profiteers are out in force trying to get their hands on the billions of federal dollars flowing into Louisiana and Mississippi.

$100 million contract to a company headed by the current LA Democrat state Chairman is just the first slab of pork to roll their way.

Now, Jesse "Shakedown" Jackson is revealing why he was so quick in cutting short his trip to bolster Venezuelan dictator Chavez.

He wants a piece of that pie too:

And I imagine that Republicans will just roll over and hand it to him hoping it will shut him up... It won't.

tugboatcapn said...

Jessie will NEVER shut up.
He is selling a product (Racism), and as long as he can continue to generate a market for his product, he will continue to sell, sell sell!!
It won't matter what Republicans do, or do not do.

As to the money headed to the Katrina rebuilding, I think that NOW is the time for a Federal Takeover.

NONE of the local officials who helped to create this tragedy should EVER get their hands on a DIME of that money.
But they will.
That's just the way our system works...

rich bachelor said...

That wasn't a personal attack, but never mind. The LSD use being described is noted in the blog as having happened ten years ago, and insanity isn't really the outcome of most hallucinogen use.
The answer to a question referred to above is on my comments, over at my place, for the Sept. 11th post.
Worse yet, you used my words as an example of the idiocy of people you don't agree with in America, and I responded pretty damn civilly considering. I decide to note one thing about language, since you brought it up, and you squeal like a kicked puppy.
I could sit around all the time bringing up the asinine and yes, insane things I see written by you and the many others of your ilk, but why? Why would I spend so much of my time and energy on something so pointless? I've got a life, ya' freak, and maybe you need to consider what it is you are calling yourself when you describe yourself as humble and uneducated: it means that there is, at least, an oppurtunity on your part to learn, at very least by comparison.
Now calling you a "freak", that is an example of a personal attack.

Mark said...

Rich, you can call me whatever you want. The insane statement that Bush orchestrated the attacks on the WTC plus your admitted use of hallucinogens gives you absolutely no credibility. Anything you say from this point on can be dismissed as coming from an unbalanced mind.

I experimented with drugs when I was younger, too, but I was smart enough to realize that they do indeed cause insanity. I've seen it happen firsthand. One of the effects of the drugs is, under their influence, users think they are still normal and everyone else are freaks.

Karl Rove said...

Laura Ingraham is a Slutbag. Like that lesbian chick Michelle Malkin...

Just thought I would out everyone ..why stop at the CIA?

Erudite Redneck said...

Mark, this is just nuts:

"The insane statement that Bush orchestrated the attacks on the WTC plus your admitted use of hallucinogens gives you absolutely no credibility. Anything you say from this point on can be dismissed as coming from an unbalanced mind."

Rich's mind is not unbalanced just because you hate what he says. You're more'n a little out of round yourself, dude, apparently WITHOUT occasional use of hallucinagins (sp?).

Mark said...

No, ER, he is unbalanced cause he still says Bush committed genocide against his own people even after Bin Laden admitted he did it.

tugboatcapn said...

ER, Don't you think that Bachelor's Conspiracy Theory was just a little bit Kookier than mine was?

tugboatcapn said...

Nobody mentioned it, so I will.

The President was playing an absolutely beautiful, custom made Fender Acoustic guitar in that picture.

However, you would think that the President of the United States would be able to afford a Taylor...