Thursday, September 22, 2005


I don't own a video tape player/recorder. I own a cheap DVD player that I bought from Walmart for about $59.00 a couple of years ago. I've been lucky. So far, except for the fact that it will not open and close by remote control and that I can't fast forward it anymore, it still works good.

I don't own a lot of DVD's either. I have a few, but generally, when I want to view a film, I rent one. I have found that most movies, even the good ones, are only worth 2 -3 viewings, and then they just sit and gather dust.

The only DVD's I own are ones that I like so much that I will watch them over and over and that aint very durn many. And ones that I seem to get a hankerin' to see occassionally and are never on television. Some of those are:

"The Dream Team", with Michael Keaton, Peter Boyle, Christopher Lloyd, and Steven Furst.

"Her Alibi" with Tom Selleck and Paula Porizkova.

"Plan 9 from Outer Space" An Ed Wood classic.

Then I have my most favorite movies:

"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

"Cyrano de Bergerac" (the 1950 version with the Academy Award winning performance of Jose Ferrer)

I want to get "Evolution" with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore but I can't find it for sale anywhere. Except and I don't like buying things over the internet, but I probably eventually will.

I would own anything by the Cohen brothers, too, but just haven't got anymore of those yet.

I have "Super Size Me", the liberal propaganda film by that guy that ate nothing but McDonalds food for 30 days, getting a little fat in the process. And sick (the wussy)But I didn't buy it for myself. My 21 year old college student son back in Wichita sent it to me for Christmas. He said the last time he saw me I was fat and he thought it would inspire me to lose weight.

It inspired me to go out and get a Big Mac.

So it goes.

On a whim one day I bought a DVD of "Murders in The Rue Morgue" starring, of all people, Val Kilmer, and believe it or not, George C Scott. What can I say? I like Poe. It doesn't stick very close to the text and that has always been a difficult thing for me to adjust to in movies.

I don't like DVD collections of television series' as a rule but I really love my 2 disc, 8 episode edition of the "Andy Griffith Show". I especially like the ones featuring the Darling family, played by the real life bluegrass band, the Dillards, as the family and Denver Pyle as Mr. Darling. I saw the Dillards in concert once and they did a parody of the Darling family which was hilarious.

I'd like to see a collection of Andy Griffith shows featuring only those, with and without Ernest T. Bass (Howard Morris) and any episode where Barney isn't portrayed as an incompetent.

I've always kind of identified with poor ol' Barney. I never liked it when he was being a jackass. I liked to see him as a hero. Those episodes are rare.

That's it. I just thought I'd lighten up one day.


Lone Ranger said...

I have every "Lone Ranger" movie and TV episode ever released to DVD. I also have all 51 episodes of "The Avengers" with Dianna Rigg as Mrs. Peel. And a boxed set of WB cartoon classics, and a boxed set of "The Cisco Kid." I also have both the DVD and CD of "O Brother Where Art Thou." Despite the fact that I can't stand the sight of George Clooney -- Looney Clooney -- it's still one of my favorite movies. As you can see, my viewing habits haven't changed since I was 5. I'm thinking about getting a DVD recorder so I can make my own sets of my favorite TV shows.

Jaymeister said...

I have the entire Monty Python's Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers, as well as the NBC years of SCTV. For favourite films on DVD, you can't go wrong with Fargo, The Usual Suspects, The Manchurian Candidate (the original), Citizen Kane, Reservoir Dogs and, of course, Animal House. And the most underrated Christmas movie of all time, The Ref.

BRUISER said...

This explains everything Mark...You own a Chinese made DVD player from Mall*Wart and you like America???? Its sadder even now that you choose a Stephen Furst Film the "Dream Team" as one of your top choices can it get any worse? Ah yes it does you stoop to calling basic documented facts of a Corporation the size of McDonalds leftist tripe...when in all actuallity it seems to be the best film you own. Maybe try checking out a little more media before you call everything liberal Mr. McCarthy...I am really surprised your not a huge John Ford seem plenty myopic for that fare.

Jaymeister said...

Come on, Bruiser. Don't insult Stephen Furst. Leave Flounder alone!

BTW, I forgot to mention my Rocky & Bullwinkle collection on VHS.

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves you, Bruiser!

Mark said...

Bruiser, actually that explains very little about me. My favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut, who is one of the most vocal leftist in this country. And actually, I hate Walmart. The other stores prices are just so ridicuosly high that they force me to shop there, or go broke. I am going to have a t shirt made that says, "Mall-Wart. Supplier of cheap plastic crap to the world." And that guy that made "Supersize Me" is a raving leftist, amd a wuss. Did you ever see that movie? The guy actually gets sick from eating Cheeseburgers!

Jay you have a great collection! Outside of "Resevoir Dogs", I'm a big fan of all those films as well, including Rocky and Bullwinkle. And I almost hate to admit it, but I am a big "Animaniacs" fan.

Mark said...

Oh, by the way, Bruiser, you are "Stuck on Stupid"

Toad734 said...

I think I have 2 Fargo's; want to buy one?

Francis Lynn said...

"The Cisco Kid"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Oh Pancho" "Oh Cisco" Koo!!!

Rocky!! Bullwinkle!! Moose & Squirrel!! Koo!!


mlwhitt said...

O' Brother is the best movie ever made next to Office Space in my book.

BRUISER said...

Wow your starting to use Bushisms they are funny are they not?

"Stuck on stupid for five years and counting. I am George Bush and I approved this mess."- Osama Bin Bush

FrenziedFeline said...

Actually, I try not to mix my politics and entertainment. If I did, I'd never go to the movies! Some of my favorites were made with/by some very left-type nut jobs.

I just figure that I wouldn't care what the "artists" said or thought if they were NOT famous, and they haven't done anything to make them experts on politics, except getting paid to pretend for a living, so why would I care now that they ARE famous?

Oh, and Bruiser, just to clarify--it's "it's," it's "you're," and a comma now and then wouldn't hurt either.

BRUISER said...

Everyones a critic.

McCarthyism is just so 50's....