Wednesday, April 10, 2013

America Is Doomed

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmund Burke

Unfortunately, Mr. Burke's quotation was a prediction that has come true. Good men have done nothing, or at least, not enough to change the inevitable. I have recently come to the conclusion that Conservatism is doomed. There will be no more Conservative Republican Presidents. Evil has triumphed.

Here are my reasons:

 1. Illegal aliens. The Democrats are within reach of legalizing illegal aliens. It is only a matter of time. There aren't enough Conservative voices out there to stop them. Polls show illegal aliens, if allowed to vote in the United States' elections, would vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Democrats have been pushing "immigration reform". This is a term meaning illegals attaining American citizenship without having to go through the legal process. Legalizing illegal aliens will create a block of Democrat voters that will make any and all Democrat candidates unbeatable.

 2. Voter fraud. Even without the illegal alien vote, Democrats have the majority of the votes in elections sewn up, as long as they can prevent any more states from instituting voter ID laws. In the last Presidential election, the only states with majority votes cast for the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, were the states that had voter ID laws. Every state that Obama carried did not have them. The reason Democrats are so opposed to voter ID laws is because those laws make it much more difficult to commit voter fraud. If an individual voter is allowed to vote multiple times for one candidate because they aren't required to prove who they are, and required to prove they already voted once, especially if hundreds, or even thousands are doing it, their candidate will win. Thus, Democratic candidates are assured victory.

 3. Public school indoctrination. Even if, somehow, Democrats fail to legalize illegal aliens, and even if all the states have voter ID laws (which won't happen), there are other guarantees that voters will vote Democrat candidates into office. Many of the current voters are baby boomers, or older. The voters who actually understand why Communism is anti-liberty are dying out.The government school system has been working diligently to create Democrats in numbers unparalleled. They use revisionist history and push socialism as a preferred system of government. Public schools have been teaching students what to think and not how to think for a couple of decades now. They are turning out low information and Democrat voters in astonishing numbers.

 4. The Media. The media are complicit in this re-education of America. If they report anything detrimental to Democrats at all they twist it and spin it to make it appear as if the Republicans are the bad guys. Any news that would harm the Democrat agenda is either under reported or ignored. The only way the Conservative message will be heard by the under informed voters (which is rapidly becoming the majority), is by accident. Political Facebook posts and posts on other social media such as twitter, etc, are the only way the truth is getting out there and getting any exposure to the public. Unfortunately, people who participate in such social media are free to "unfriend" or ignore messages that are unpleasant. If they'd rather read recipes and look at pictures of cats, they can do that and never have to think at all.

 I hate to say this, but it appears the only hope for this country now, is to let Socialism win. Once this country is totally Communist, these same low information Democratic voters will finally understand what oppression and loss of liberty and freedom really means. Once the realization of what the people have done to themselves sets in, the only ultimate solution is revolt.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I couldn't agree with you more. But you missed one of the reasons we are doomed, and that is the sanctioning of sexual immorality in general and homosexuality in particular.

Mark said...

I didn't miss that, Glenn. It, along with all other Liberal goals is inclusive. The Democrats are the ones behind that.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

The Demokrats are behind everything wrong with this country, and always have been. Which is why it is morally wrong for Christians to vote for any Demokrat.

Anonymous said...

Pretty damn depressing.

Joe said...

Democrats deny their history, emasculate their present and distroy their future and the future of others.

Always On Watch said...

Yeah, it's doom, all right. The perfect storm -- as the phrase goes.

As an educator of 40+ years, I have worked futilely to stem the tide of Point 3 made in the body of the blog post.

In fact, yesterday, I said the following elsewhere about the topic of the devolution of American education:

Over a period of several decades, I have fled from the public education system to private education to teaching groups of homeschoolers — all of these moves my attempt to hold the line on standards.

Now, I’m hanging on by my fingernails until the day I retire. The dumbing down has had a massive effect, and it’s getting more and more difficult to find parents who are supportive of holding the lines on standards.

Oh, sure, there are a few parents who understand the importance of holding the line; but most parents do not. A huge part of the problem now is that standards have badly slipped at the post-secondary level, so parents aren’t very concerned that their children be ready for college. Colleges are offering too much remedial work!

Specific example….I read the other day just how low a percentage of high school students are doing research papers — even in AP courses. Back in the days when I went to college, it was a given that students already knew the basics of research. So, parents think that I’m being too hard on their little darlings when I require them to do some real research.

Another example….There is no longer much emphasis on reading the classics of literature. “Boring” and “Too hard” — that’s what I hear all the time.

One more example….Parents no longer want their children to study policy debate at the high school level. “Too much work” and “Takes too much time,” they say. I note, however, that everybody has plenty of time for multiple team sports.

Minds are in a state of atrophy. Idiocracy rules the day!

Marshall Art said...

Regarding the comments of AOW, I think it was on Glenn Beck's radio show where he spoke of a common 5th or 6th grade test of some kind from the 1800's and how hard it was. This brought to mind another story of some Scandinavian high school students being shown a US high school test and how they had learned that stuff in middle school.

I'm not prepared to "let" socialism or leftist thought win anything without a fight. We have truth and reason on our side and there are enough people out there to whom reason can appeal if we step up efforts to be heard. I think it was Neil Simpson who posted a great idea involving retired conservatives signing up for philosophy and literature classes in order to counter the liberal crap with which the professors intend to indoctrinate our young. That's a great way to expose the kids to, not only the other side, but the BS ways the lib professor would respond.

As Maggie T would say, "This no time to go all wobbly."

Jim said...

1. Democrats have been pushing "immigration reform".

Republicans are also. They want to chip away at their unfavorables in the Latino communities.

This is a term meaning illegals attaining American citizenship without having to go through the legal process.

There is no elected official or policy person in this country who favors or has proposed any such thing. A dopey assertion.

2. In the last Presidential election, the only states with majority votes cast for the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, were the states that had voter ID laws. Every state that Obama carried did not have them.

This is totally false. It's delusional.

The following states were won by Romney and do not have voter ID laws: Wyoming, Nebraska, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

The following states were won by Obama and DO have voter ID laws: Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Hawaii and Massachucetts. He also won Pennsylvania which has the strictest voter ID law.

3. I won't spend much time defending the public school system, but the assertion that it is teaching children that communism or socialism is a preferable economic system is laughable. But I guess if children learn at religious schools or at home, they will probably believe that Jesus could have ridden a dinosaur on Palm Sunday.

4. Another crock. The "media" is so diverse today, it is absurd to paint it with one brush. The New York Post, The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News are mainstream media and will be living and breathing Benghazi until Hillary Clinton finishes her second term. Beck is a lunatic.

I hate to say this, but it appears the only hope for this country now, is to let Socialism win. Once this country is totally Communist....

Rolling eyes.