Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thoughts From A Left Field Perspective

"I'm not sure I want popular opinion on my side -- I've noticed those with the most opinions often have the fewest facts." ~ Bethania McKenstry

I've been busy/lazy lately. I have a day off today, so I've decided to offer my thoughts on a couple of things that have recently dominated the news, while I have time.

First, the Harold Camping "end of the world" fiasco. Of course, we all knew this was ridiculous. As soon as he decided on the exact day and hour the world would end, people who actually read the Bible (let alone understand it)automatically knew it wouldn't happen on May 21, 2011 at 6:00 P.M. EST.

It was a self defeating prediction.

If God had originally planned to end it all on that particular date and time, He would have simply changed His plans, right?

Perhaps not. The way I see it, even if Camping had been correct, it doesn't mean he knew when it was going to happen. It would have only meant he guessed right. One second after the event, all the world would have known that Camping's prediction was merely a coincidence.

Nevertheless, we quoted the verse in Mark 13:32, "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.", but most of us left out the next verse, which reads, "Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come."

It is in that context that I submit Camping did us all a service if, as the Bible says, "we have ears to hear".

I don't know about my two readers, but I have a renewed faith as a result of the "end of the world" thing. It has made me more cognizant of my responsibility to live and share my faith. By heeding the warning to be ready, we make more of an effort to try to be Christlike.

Camping has reminded us, in a bizarre, backwards kind of way, that we should live our lives as if Jesus is coming today. because, He just might.

I wish I could put it more clearly, but hopefully, my two readers will get my point.

Now, the entrance of Herman Cain into the 2012 Presidential race:

In the end, he probably won't be nominated to be the Republican candidate, but from my perspective (which, as my two long time readers may attest, is from about four rows back in the bleacher seats waaaaay out in left field), Herman Cain would have the best chance of all of the Republican hopefuls of defeating Obama in 2012.

Mind you, I do not say he is the best candidate. That remains to be seen. But, barring some revelation of malfeasance or impropriety or some other negative, besides being labeled an "Uncle Tom", an "Oreo", or a "house nigger" or some other racially tinged insult (because you know, the Democrats will make those charges and more), he can defeat Obama.

At this point, I believe the defeat of Obama is more important than putting the best Republican in the oval office.

Let's save the country first, then worry about improving it.

Here is the reason I say Herman Cain can defeat Obama:

96% of black voters voted for Obama in 2008. I saw a poll a couple of months ago (which I can't seem to find now. Perhaps a reader can have more success locating it than I did), which indicated that 96% of black voters still intend to vote for Obama in 2012.

Now, 96% of the black vote in 2008 can be a coincidence. Other conclusions can possibly be drawn from those numbers. There could well be some other reasons that so many black voters voted for Obama other than race. Even a white Democrat traditionally gets somewhere over 80% of the black vote regardless of his stance on the issues.

But, two years later, even after it became clear to black voters that Obama will not pay their mortgage, or buy them gas for their cars as he promised, the staggering percentage of blacks who would still vote for Obama makes it as clear as an azure sky of deepest summer that blacks overwhelmingly support Obama simply because he is, like them, black.

So, obviously, it doesn't matter that Obama has consistently betrayed the black voters in America. It doesn't matter that he has failed to keep any of the promises he made to his black constituency. It doesn't matter that many of his policies have been harmful rather than helpful to black Americans.

They will vote according to race.

He could be as discriminatory against blacks as the Ku Klux Klan, but because he is black himself, an overwhelming majority of blacks would still vote for him.

It is estimated that blacks make up approximately 12 to 13% of the United States' population. In the 2008 election, blacks turned out to vote in record numbers. Those black voters swept Obama into office. Without the black vote, McCain would have probably won.

Enter Herman Cain. A black man.

If Cain is the Republican nominee facing off against Barack Hussein Obama in the 2012 election, black voters will suddenly face a choice they have never had to make before.

They will have to choose between two black men for president.

And therefore, a dilemma.

The way I see it, there are more than two choices for blacks under this scenario:

1. A Democrat black candidate.

2. A Republican black candidate.

3. To vote for a black man who offers empty promises of "hope and change" but has failed to deliver.

4. To vote for a black man who offers real common sense solutions to the problems facing all Americans, including black Americans, and not just "bumper sticker" slogans..

5. Vote for a third party candidate.

6. Vote for a write-in candidate, or

7. Don't vote at all.

Recent polls (that I did find) indicate blacks are disappointed in Obama. Some estimate that as many as 15-20% of those who voted for Obama in 2008 do not approve of the job he's done thus far.

This doesn't necessarily mean they won't vote for him again in 2012.

However, if that disappointment manifests itself in the polls on election day, many of the above choices will no doubt be made.

If black voters make any of the above choices besides the first and third choices, Herman Cain can win in 2012.

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ELAshley said...

I have to agree with you. On all points. It's sad, really, that blacks in America, for all their crying about white racism, have shown themselves to be just as racist-- albeit not to the extent of violence against whites, that whites displayed toward them --as those who would never vote for Obama simply because he's black... half black, actually.

Anyone who votes for a candidate strictly because the color of his skin matches the voter's own, has acted in a racist manner. But that doesn't necessarily make him a racist, per se.

It terms of the Black Vote in 2008, it was a clear statement of ignorance by an entire segment of society... a stunning event in and of itself. To vote for someone simply because he's black is, I'm sorry to say, ignorant.

But you had to know this would happen... Obama knew it would happen. Oprah knew it would happen. Hell! even Hillary knew it would happen! They all knew that all it would ever take for a black main to gain the Oval Office was for the first strong black candidate to win the democratic nomination. It was over for McCain the moment Obama was nominated.

With so many whites afflicted with "White Guilt" on top of a 96% black draw... top that with the MTV educated youth and hoors like Sarah Silverman "schleping the vote." Obama knew that all he had to do was hold on long enough to win the nomination, and he would be the next president. And it wouldn't matter if he was a natural born citizen or not. That's how far this nation has fallen into the toilet. This nation is ignorant of what makes this the greatest country on earth.

We knew it too, by the way, but we chose not to believe it. We chose to believe the fantasy that it was "McCain's turn." Never again, I say. It is NO ONE's turn ever again. If the Republican party can't figure that out it doesn't deserve to win another election. Natural Selection should DEFINITELY be the operating model in Republican primaries. The primaries exist for a reason... to weed out the weaklings. And McCain was never a strong candidate. The only reason he did as well as he did was because he had Palin on his ticket.

ELAshley said...

Now, Herman Cain? He can't win for one simple reason. Obama has spoiled it for any other black candidate, for some time to come.

Most blacks won't vote for him anyway, simply because he's Republican; it won't matter that he's black to the vast majority of black voters. And whites are too scared to put a black candidate up against Obama for that reason alone. Not because republicans are racist, but because republicans will not want to take a chance on putting up a candidate simply because he's black. That's what happened with the black vote in 2008.

Republicans want the best candidate possible, but they're not going to choose a candidate simply because of his skin color. And because of Obama, they will in all likelihood shy away from a black candidate. For the reasons I stated above and more. Let the candidates slug it out through the crucible of the republican primaries. If Herman Cain wins, then so be it. But I don't believe he can beat Obama.

Jim said...

"It [sic] terms of the Black Vote in 2008, it was a clear statement of ignorance by an entire segment of society"

Wow! What can one say to that?

"That's how far this nation has fallen into the toilet. This nation is ignorant of what makes this the greatest country on earth."

Which is it? Toilet or greatest?

Here are historical numbers for percent of blacks voting for democratic candidates:

Mondale 90%
Dukakis 90%
Clinton 83%, 84%
Gore 90%

Did a few more percentage points vote for Obama? Yeah. Go figure.

Blacks didn't vote for Obama because his is black. They voted for him because he is a democrat.

Lone Ranger said...

That kind of devotion is not loyalty, it is servitude.

Liberals hold blacks in chains of ideology, just as they used to hold them in chains of iron.

Always On Watch said...

Our Lord may indeed return at any moment. We don't know when that moment may be. But I do rest sure in my faith that He will return. We should be about the Father's business until Jesus returns.


I do wish that America could get past "the race thing," especially when it comes to electing our public servants. Skin color doesn't guarantee any particular ideology.

I like Herman Cain, but would prefer that Allen West were the GOP candidate. However, I'm fairly certain that West will not run for President in 2012. Perhaps in 2016?

One more thing about 2016....IMO, the GOP has decided among its upper echelons that Obama cannot be defeated in 2012. For that reason, I believe that the GOP will not "sacrifice" one of its "best" in 2012.

Of course, it matters who is sitting in the Oval Office. However, we can focus on electing a conservative Congress, which can do much to stop a liberal President in his tracks. Yes, the President does hold veto power even if a conservative Congress cranks out small-government bills; but a 2/3 majority of both Houses can make overturn Presidential veto.

Mark said...

"Blacks didn't vote for Obama because his is black. They voted for him because he is a democrat."

That could be posited if the number of blacks who voted in 2008 weren't significantly higher than voted for other Democrats, as you so helpfully pointed out.

As I said, there could be many factors suggested as to why 96% of them voted for Obama in 2008, but the fact that 96% of them say they would still vote for Obama after it has become clear that he lied to them, suggests strongly that they voted for him based solely on his color.

Mark said...

And, Jim. Many have gone on record admitting they voted for him because he was black.

Mark said...

Eric, "Now, Herman Cain? He can't win for one simple reason. Obama has spoiled it for any other black candidate, for some time to come."

I don't agree with that at all.

Herman Cain won't win the nomination because he's not in the GOP good ol' boy club. It is, as you know, the RNC's decision in the long run to decide who their candidate will be, and Cain is not the type of candidate they want.

He's too Conservative. They want a middle-of-the roader, like G. W. Bush and John McCain were. The last good Conservative Republicans have nominated was Reagan.

Look for Romney the RINO, or someone equally as milquetoast, to win the nomination(as distasteful as that will be).

Mark said...

AOW, I like Allen West, too, but he's not running. It is extremely doubtful that either he or Cain would win the Republican nomination, but if either of them were the nominee, either of them could unseat Obama for the reasons I stated.

Another point I didn't bring up is the fact that neither of them has enough experience to be President, according to Republican standards. although lack of experience certainly didn't hinder Obama's chances.

Mark said...

The Republican's best chance for victory in 2012, IMHO, is if those 15-20% of disappointed Black voters stay home, because, as Jim pointed out, they are unlikely to vote for a Republican regardless of who's running.

Trader Rick said...

THE ANONYMOUS TROLL "JIM" got it right this time: Blacks voted for O'Bama because he was a democrat; being black just made it sweeter. The few blacks who might have voted republican DID vote for him because of race. This is a mindless electorate, as LR stated, in servitude to the democrat party. Just another sad result of our Republic turning to pure democracy--" The masses are asses".

Jim said...

"the fact that 96% of them say they would still vote for Obama after it has become clear that he lied to them, suggests strongly that they voted for him based solely on his color."

It is not "clear" that he lied to anybody. Nonetheless, the alternative to Obama is a Republican. I'm surprised it's only 96%.

Jim said...

"Many have gone on record admitting they voted for him because he was black."

Many is one caller to Rush?

Trader Rick said...

The anonymous troll "jim" said...

"It is not "clear" that he lied to anybody."

Actually, NOTHING is clear to you,"jim", you ignorant slut.

Lone Ranger said...

Time to put on my Karnak turban and make a prediction. Democrats will use every racist slur they routinely use to smear conservative blacks who flee the liberal plantation. And, when Cain doesn't win the nomination, they will turn on a dime and say this is proof that Republicans are racist. Hey, liberals are a lot of things, but nobody has ever called them rational.

Mark said...

Yeah, Jim. You keep telling yourself that the only black person in the entire country that voted for Obama because he's black managed to get a call through to Rush.

It is amazing how you continue to delude yourself. I bet you believe in Unicorns, too.

Mark said...

Sorry I don't have the many blacks on tape that admitted to me personally they voted for him because he's black.

Mark said...

Here's another black man (President of the national black chamber of commerce) who admits he voted for Obama because he's black. Now, he says it was the biggest mistake he ever made. The part to which I refer comes at about the 5 minute mark:


Z said...

Mark, I agree about Camping, of course....I figured that since he said HE knew the day, that would be the day we could all relax and know things wouldn't end that day :-)

As for Cain....I have a black girlfriend who says she agrees with every conservative thing I say but "I can't vote Republican because it would be going against my family's longterm record of voting Dem"

I swear....I was stunned.

Let's face it, there are Americans who still think FDR was a marvelous president .... until that thinking changes, here we are voting for entitlements.
He with the GOLD will rule, and Republicans are smart enough to know we don't have the GOLD anymore to PROMISE anybody.