Thursday, May 05, 2011

More Questions

"Truth is generally the best vindication against slander." ~ Abraham Lincoln

Now that Obama has finally decided (funny how it always takes him so long to decide anything) not to release any photos of bin Laden's dead body, I have a few questions.

It is said he doesn't want to give terrorists a reason to get violent.

They have no reason to get violent now? Since when have they needed a reason?

What is Obama hiding?

Why the hasty burial at sea?

And don't try to tell me the urgency to dispose of Osama's body was out of respect for Muslim tradition. According to what I've heard, Muslims bury their dead within 24 hours after death, in the land of their birth.

The Arabian Sea is not the land of Osama's birth. If we are going to respect Islamic tradition, why respect part of the tradition and not all of it?

If they had simply buried him somewhere in Pakistan and not revealed where, the same flimsy excuse, that of preventing followers from building a shrine at his grave site could have still been provided.

1. I understand Osama was buried at sea about 6 hours after death. That means they had 18 more hours in which to...

A, make sure the world got a chance to confirm the kill, and

B, make a better decision on what to do with the body.

The one chance Obama has to make a better, more thought out decision on something and he suddenly gets decisive. Why?

The manner in which these events transpired raises even more questions.

With nothing to prove Osama is really dead, could it be the Obama administration is up to something nefarious?

Would a former Marine drill sergeant make a bad therapist?

Is it just a coincidence that Osama was supposedly killed while questions about Obama's long form birth certificate's legitimacy are being asked?

For the record, I personally believe Osama bin Laden is dead.

But, why the secrecy? Why suppress evidence of Osama's death while revealing so much about how our clandestine covert operations operate?

Which is more harmful to the security of the United States? Proof of Osama's death or revealing our methods to our enemies?

I don't like Obama. I don't trust Obama. I think he's hiding something.

I think some kind of relationship between Obama and Osama existed, and Obama doesn't want us to know.

But, he can make all these questions go away by simply releasing bona fide photos of Osama's deceased body.


Trader Rick said...

I see no reason to release anything to anybody. This deal is done.

Mike's America said...

It all plays into Obama's hands. The more we talk about Osama, the less we talk about high gas prices and the rest.

Just like the birth certificate, Obama is happy to have us all out here wondering what really happened. It keeps us from going after him on the bigger issues.

Jim said...

"I think some kind of relationship between Obama and Osama existed, and Obama doesn't want us to know."


Jim said...

Right on, Rick!

Trader Rick said...

Mike's America said...

"...The more we talk about... the birth certificate... It keeps us from going after him on the bigger issues."

THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A BIGGER ISSUE. It goes to his integrity and background and eligibility, and unyielding stubborness. Actually, it may be THE biggest issue. It is now a lose-lose issue for him.

And we can STILL pound him on everything else--his anti-Americanism as evidenced by his apology tour, his neofascist polcies re government control of Industry, his socialist economics, etc.etc.etc.

Mark said...

I'm just asking questions, Jim.

With Obama's history of lying, I don't believe anything about him is black and white. I believe he has politically expedient reasons for everything he does.

The now famous picture of the situation room gathering(which some are now saying is a staged shot) leads me to surmise Obama was apprehensive about something, judging from his posture in the photo.

And, since he is a pathological narcissist, it makes sense that he might be sitting there worried about how all this might negatively effect his re-election.

Which leads me to the subject of my next post. Why, now, has the story that bin Laden was armed been changed to bin Laden being unarmed? It doesn't make sense.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I agree with Mark. Release the photos is there is nothing to hide. Obama is the most untruthful president we ever had - he puts Clinton to shame! His whole goal is to fulfill the Cloward-Piven strategy of turning the U.S.A. into a socialist nation.

Jim said...

"With Obama's history of lying" Huh? What history would that be?

"leads me to surmise Obama was apprehensive about something"

You mean like, OBL might not be there? Like the Pakistanis might catch on to what was going on? Like some US personnel might get hurt or killed? Why would he be apprehensive? [snark].

"since he is a pathological narcissist"

Has been and still is a fully bullshit statement.

"Obama is the most untruthful president we ever had"

That's simply horse shit, Glenn.

Why would you ever think that 25 guys pulling off a secret mission in the dead of night in an unknown place and carrying out that mission would all have the details specific and correct from the moment their choppers lifted off?

And if you think that for some reason Obama is changing the story, why would you think that the team that carried it out would in some way not hold him accountable for making stuff up.

You people just don't think this crap through?

Trader Rick said...

The anonymous troll "jim' is reduced to arguments that are merely name-calling --"bullshit", "horseshit" and "crud". He's so brilliant, NOT!

"jim", you ignorant slut, nobody takes you seriously on this blog anymore. Sorry. You're a joke. A bad joke. Could you send us a libtard with just a little teeny bit of common sense or knowledge, please? As Dr. Constance Brennon would say, " Your frontal lobe has shrunken to the size of a raisin."

Jim said...

"nobody takes you seriously on this blog anymore."

That would make me sad if I took any of this made up crap seriously.

Never said "crud", Dick. Don't use that word.

And thanks again for making it all about ME. You make me feel so special.

Z said...

yes, something is rotten in, if it would only STAY IN DENMARK...but, alas, it's HERE