Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Funny Video

I love anything that's politically incorrect, except that horrible TV show of that name, which of course, was not politically incorrect at all.

Ladies, please understand. This is sarcastic comedy.


Z said...

Very funny...am not offended at all.... I know how many smart women there are and so do YOU! :-)
"We have educated ourselves into imbecility" Malcolm Muggeridge. I just read that in a book yesterday and I must agree in many cases. DOn't you?
(thanks for the link, Mark!)

Joe said...

So...what's the catch? Isn't the film exactly right on?

I can't imagine where anybody could find fault with it!

Mark said...

Joe, you old male chauvinists, you.

Mike's America said...

We have many fine women bloggers who defy the stereotype suggested in that spoof.

However, polls show that women are more inclined to buy the lies that Democrats spread more easily than men so I would say there is some truth (emphasis on SOME) in the skit.

Lone Ranger said...

What a cruel irony that Republican fought for women's suffrage and then women turned around and vote consistently for democrats.