Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Swimming Against The Tide

"Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." ~ Mark Twain

The Congress is now in recess for the month of August, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Now, they can't say, with any credibility, they don't have time to read the health care bill. Now, they have no excuse for being ignorant.

There are two things our lawmakers can do during this time to be better prepared to vote on the national Health care legislation:

1. Hold Town Hall meetings to better understand their constituent's concerns.

2. Read the bill!

The voice of the people is being heard, and evidently, ignored.

Did you hear the black woman with the Muslim headgear say, "Health care is a right, given to us by the United Nations"?

Really? I didn't know the United Nations was God! Did you?

One would think, with between 65% and 75% of Americans vehemently opposing this legislation, that it would be a no-brainer for those lawmakers who intend to vote for the bill.

Apparently, they have no intention of being re-elected.

It would seem to be clear from the poll numbers, if they vote for the bill, they will not be in office after the next Congressional elections.


Cameron said...

All of those people have been brainwashed by the conservative media who have been working against President Obama since the beginning.


Mark said...

Thanks, Cameron, you took the words right out of Jim's mouth!

Lone Ranger said...

I've never seen anything like this in my life. Obama could have just been the best thing to happen to this country in decades. Americans are finally waking up to how precious and fragile our freedoms are. True Americans are getting off their couches and showing up to protest. Faux Americans are still supporting Obama and the far left.

Jim said...

This isn't the "voice of the people" and these are not "protests". These are the Faux (Fox) Americans. These are organized mobs given instructions straight out of the Nazi handbook by Dick Armey and the health care industry bent on killing democracy and health care reform. Nothing less.

christian soldier said...

Enjoyed reading and viewing your posts...

Lone Ranger said...

See what I mean? Leave it to Jim to always validate what I say.

Always On Watch said...

Apparently, they have no intention of being re-elected.

Lord, I hope so!

I'd like to see the sorry lot voted out of office even if they DON'T vote for healthcare reform. After all, look what they've already voted in!

Cameron said...

Did I really just read a Democrat question someone's patriotism? Really Jim, your opposition are Nazi's? Really?

Mark said...

Jim, you paraphrased what the second dumbest man in the White house, Robert Gibbs, said. And it isn't any more true now than it was then. These are real Americans concerned about the way the Government is grabbing power.

You think Lobbyists are behind this? You really think someone paid these people to protest? Who paid them? Name some names, or shut up.

You really think there is no honest dissension against your holy messiah?

You really are a brain-washed drone, aren't you?

Cameron said...

A fun video about those lying liars who oppose the health care bills out there.

It's particularly interesting considering the calls of nazi-ism here and what the White House is asking us to do.

Mark said...

Something just occurred to me:

Obama ran partly on a platform of "Uniting Americans".

From the amount of opposition to his policies, and from the viciousness of the leftists attacks on real patriotic Americans, it would appear that not only is Obama not uniting Americans, he is possibly the most polarizing President this country has ever seen.

Joe said...

Jimbo, old buddy, you are either deliberately misrepresenting who these people are (that is: lieing), or you are greatly misinformed.

I went to one of those meetings, and was not paid to be there, was not pressured to be there, was not ever even asked to be there.

I went for the same reason the overwhelming majority of those people were there, because I am a citizen of my district and have a right to be heard, a right you seem to think only people who agree with you should have.

The number of people who spoke out against the health care bill was about twice the number who spoke for it, and Bill Nelson looked shell shocked, having not anticipated the real feelings of his constituents.

Jim said...

"Did I really just read a Democrat question someone's patriotism? Really Jim, your opposition are Nazi's? Really?"

Nice try Cameron. I did nothing of the sort, and you know it.

I said they used Nazi tactics. I'm perfectly fine if people want to show up because they have questions or want to debate. But these people are not there to do that. They are there as a mob to disrupt the meeting so that the representatives can't debate with their constituents or answer their questions.

"Name some names, or shut up."

Fine. Read this memo from Bob MacGuffie at RightPrinciples.com. Check out the memo that spells out the exact tactics being disseminated and used by the mobs. Good old Bob is associated with Dick Armey's Freedom Works and Tea Party Patriots.

Joebo, as I said above, I'm fine with you going to ask questions. Did you allow the congressman to speak? Did you disrupt the meeting? Did you shout down the representative?

If not, then more power to you. If you did any of the above, you used Nazi tactics to block the democratic process.

Cameron said...

“I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” -Hillary Clinton

Those Clintons sure are Nazi's. Sorry, "use Nazi tactics".

Krystal said...

The U.S. covers 22% of the U.N. $1.8 billion dollar operating costs. That's $396,176,176 a year. That does not include extra humanitary aid. Just in case anyone was wondering...

Cameron, you so rock!!!

Funny, when people opposed Bush, no one on the left accused THEM of being paid or being plants.

I've discovered that, when talking politics with a leftist, I'm an insightful independant and knowledgable voter when I oppose something a Republican want (ie, Bush), but I'm an illinformed talking-head zombie when I oppose something a Democrat wants.

May I point out that the woman with the headgear saying the "U.N. made it a right" has an accent and is an immigrant. Did she come here to make her life better or did she come here for a handout?

I don't recall ever hearing that the U.N. declared national healthcare a "right". However, if they have and I missed it, I'd like to play the balancing scale ... let's see ...

Misogyny, flogging, death penalty FOR BEING RAPED in Muslim countries vs national health care in the U.S.

Yeah ... I think the U.N. would be wise to stay out of this one.

Jim said...

Cameron, I realize you are putting your hands over your ears and yelling la la la la la, but I'll say it once more.

Nobody, least of all me, objects to people disagreeing or debating. Mobs don't debate. Mobs disrupt. Mobs want to stop the debate. Mobs want to silence those who wish to ask and answer questions. Mobs don't care whats right. They only care about what they are told.

So you can call the Clintons Nazis, but it's just bullshit. You can compare Code Pink to your mobs. I don't think it's an apt comparison, but I don't really like Code Pink's tactics either.
La la la la la.

Cameron said...


I understand what you're saying. But calling people Nazi's is not the way to have an honest debate.

These people are tired of having things rammed through Congress with little to no debate. They're tired of not being listened to by their representatives. Phone calls, letters, and "rational debate" have not worked. They are expressing their great displeasure in this fashion because it's the only language Congress seems to understand.