Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Victories

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32

Conservatives and all other opponents of massive intrusive big Government can now claim victory in one arena.

We (I say we because I count myself among the Conservatives) have succeeded in causing the White house "snitch" line,, to be shut down and dismantled.

The battle is not over, incidentally. The Whitehouse has opened another snitch line, but it will fail as well.

I cannot claim sole responsibility for this achievement, although I was one of the first (I believe)to encourage opponents of Obamacare to e-mail the site and turn themselves in. I realized, and so did the others, that doing so could invite more unwanted intrusion into our lives, and for many people, it did.

But the goal is worth the risk, in my humble opinion.

My theory was that if we overwhelmed their system by reporting ourselves, we would eventually pressure the Whitehouse into realizing the folly of a Socialist run health care system.

See, a Socialist system might gain popularity in some third world country, where poverty and injustice are a way of life from birth to death, but Americans know, and have known, freedom and liberty.

Socialism is known in this country to be the antithesis of freedom and Liberty.

Americans are much too educated a people to be seduced by an alternative governmental system which we know to be a failure in every country in which it has been implemented.

We remember what happened when Socialism gained a foothold in other countries. It wasn't that long ago. We remember that life in those countries, although leaving much to be desired, was nevertheless better before Socialism.

That can only last so long, however, if the patriotic, freedom loving people of America continue to relinquish our educational institutions to the Socialists in our midst.

We must keep up the fight.

We must not allow Liberal, Socialist educators and activists to rewrite history.

We must remember the injustices, purges, and oppression of Socialist, Communist, and Marxist governmental systems that have adversely affected so many human beings throughout the world, and throughout it's history.

We must remember how we won the cold war.

We must remember why we won the cold war.

Little victories like this one can and will defeat Marxism, but only if we keep the pressure on Obama and his Marxist cohorts in the Legislature and in the media.

We must keep the pressure on and continue to win the little victories.

Little victories such as this add up to Freedom for all.


Joe said...

Along with others, you were instrumental in helping to overload the web site with stuff that demonstrated how Americans feel about government intrusion in their lives. Congratulations!

Pamela D. Hart said...

Mark you need to pat yourself on the back! I DO believe you began a movement that DID shut down that horrific site! What an atrocity to our freedom, our dignity and our intelligence!

Bravo, Mark! Bravo!

Let Freedom Ring!

Mark said...

Thank you, Pamela! (and Joe) I pat myself on the back often. If I don't, no one else will!

Z said...

I'm not sure we really DID win the Cold War..they promised they'd ruin us from within and, so far, they're right on track!! Depressing, I know...sorry!

Yes, little victories are so good...and we're seeing more and more...great post! And GOOD JOB on the overload! HURRAH!

Trader Rick said...

I ate a grouper sandwich last nite , it was pretty good. If Obama and his Marxists win, there will be no more Grouper...

Mark said...

Rick I don't know what you're talking about. Are you drunk?