Friday, August 07, 2009

The Health Care Reform Bill

"Holy Cow!" ~ Phil Rizzuto

Here it is! The actual bill that will be voted on when Congress reconvenes in September. Read it yourself. I don't have time. It's 1036 pages!

I find it interesting to note, on this, the US Congress' official website, that only 12% of the website's registered users are in favor of this legislation. You can see the results of their own poll on the right sidebar of the site.

I tried to vote, too, but for some reason, my registration was rejected. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I tried to vote first, then register.

By the way, for those of you who oppose the health care bill, here is a suggestion:

Since the Whitehouse wants us to report e-mails and things that are "fishy", I decided to comply with their request and send the link to the health care reform bill to them.

I think that's pretty fishy.

Here is the text of the missive I e-mailed to

Dear Sir or Madam,

I found this on the internet, and complying with your request to report things that are "fishy", I thought I'd better report it to you:

While I'm at it, I'd better report myself.

I will stand for Liberty and reject your soft tyranny. Every time!



(only I didn't spell my last name like that. I included my real last name)

It's just a suggestion, mind you, but I think if all those who oppose the bill do the same, it would overwhelm those who would try to follow up on the reports.

Be your own best judge.


LL said...

Well written, well considered.

I've written to my representatives but have not yet ratted myself off. That gives me something to do today.

By the way, are you familiar with United States Code § 552a, "United States agencies, including the Executive Office of the President shall, 'maintain no record describing how any individual exercises rights guaranteed by the First Amendment unless expressly authorized by statute or by the individual about whom the record is maintained or unless pertinent to and within the scope of an authorized law enforcement activity'.”

I think the informer line violates that statute - but since Congress is part of the new ObamaNation, who is there to hold him accountable for anything?

Joe said...

I have already reported myself, but I think I'll do it again, this time with the link to the health care bill.

Jim said...

"I find it interesting to note, on this, the US Congress' official website"

Umm, this is NOT the US Congress' official website. This site is a project of the Participatory Politics Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation. I hadn't seen it but came to it with a link from your blog so that might be one reason why the votes are overwhelmingly against "the bill".

By the way, this is STILL NOT the bill. It is what has come out of one or two committees in the House. It doesn't include what two other House committees have done nor what the Senate Committees have done yet. So it isn't complete.

That said, I read the summary. I can't find anything objectionable about it.

What exactly do you find objectionable? Here is the 4-page summary. Please point out page and paragraph of what you don't like. Then let's discuss.

Lone Ranger said...

Here's what I find objectionable. Where does the Constitution authorize the government to run health care?

Trader Rick said...

Even if Jim was a conservative, he'd still be annoying, eh?

Mark said...

I stand corrected Jim. I googled to find the bill. I assumed it was the official Congress web site because it had the entire bill.

I don't see any evidence that the site is a Conservative or a Liberal site, though.

Mark said...

Jim, whether it is a conservative site or a Liberal one, it makes no difference. Every poll taken, From Rasmussen, Zogby, NPR, AOL, Facebook, Wall Street Journal/NBC News, The Washington Post, Gallup, and Pew (to name a few) has shown overwhelming opposition to Obama's plan.

It might interest you to note that NPR is probably the most Liberal organization outside of the Communist Party of America, and even their listeners are opposed to the bill.

Anyway, the one glaring problem with the legislation is that it, as LR said, is unconstitutional.

You may be ready to surrender your liberties to Obama's tyranny because of your undying devotion to your Messiah, but I will never, never, give up my freedom.

And, I will continue this fight until Obama gets booted out of office for his treason.

Jim said...

You say that the bill is unconstitutional, but you don't site what it is about it that is unconstitutional. What part? Why?

"You may be ready to surrender your liberties to Obama's tyranny because of your undying devotion to your Messiah, but I will never, never, give up my freedom."

Mark, why do you continue with senseless drivel like this? I know of no liberties that Obama is asking me to surrender. And the Messiah CRAP is no more than that. I've told you before that Obama wasn't my first choice and there are a some things about his policies that I don't like.

However, I don't dislike him because he is a Negro.

Jim said...

As an exercise, I just going to guess what you think is unconstitutional about the health care bill (that doesn't exist yet).

Unconstitutional to have a healthcare system run by the government. We have Medicare, VA, and the single payer health care system that all government employees are on. Any body ever challenge the constitutionality of these, much less win a challenge?

The government can't force people to insure themselves. Well, the government has "forced" people to insure themselves since the 1930s with Social Security and since the 1960s with Medicare. If you work, you pay to insure yourselves. Anybody ever get these things overturned by the Supreme Court?

The government can't regulate private companies. Of course it can:

Section 8. The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

What else? Really, what provisions of the bill do you object to? Let's get specific here.

Jim said...

And at the risk of overload here, I believe the reason people "don't like" the bill is the only thing they are really hearing about "what's in it" is the lying crap that the health companies and their minions are floating out to the public. things like euthanasia and insurance companies unable to write new policies. And the latest piece of crap that Palin is posting on the web. All they are hearing is the false scare tactics of opponents of health insurance reform.

I believe that when there is a bill and people actually see what's in it and what's not, there will be great support for it. We know that a majority of people support health care reform.

AND 72% of Americans support a public option.

This tells me that it is not reform or publicly-administered health plans people are against. They are against the things that don't actually exist in the plan, you know, the lies that reform opponents and the health care industry spew.

commoncents said...

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Lone Ranger said...
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Lone Ranger said...

The 10th Amendment to the Constitution says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

The part that is unconstitutional is that the constitution doesn't delegate control of health care to the federal government. Therefore, the health care bill is ALL unconstitutional -- EVERY part of it. The very concept of the government running health care is unconstitutional.

I blame the public schools for no longer teaching civics.

Mark said...

Jim, "However, I don't dislike him because he is a Negro."

Jim with that statement you imply that we Conservatives are racists.

You are getting dangerously close to being banned from this blog. I am not a racist, as you well know, and I resent the implication that I am.

If Alan Keyes were President, I'd have no problem with the President, and he is more "negro" than Obama.

I don't like Obama because he is a Marxist and his health care plan is just one more example of that, not to mention the unleashing of his Chicago Mafia style thugs on elderly protesters at Towen Hall meetings, etc.

Joe said...

Jimbo: The health care bill is unconstitutional because the Constitution explicitly says that what is not enumerated therein is left up to the individual states, not the federal government.

Even if some double-helixed spin could be put on the Constitution to somehow find government run, universal or single payer health care, it would STILL be a very bad idea, becaus the government does not know how to run anything outside of its six enumerated responsibilities, and it doesn't even know how to do THEM very well.

Joe said...

BTW, Jimbo, both Social Security and Medicare are run so awfully that they should be challenged and overturned.

I suppose the government cannot reneg on its "contract" with those currently receiving benefits, but it sure should phase out of those businesses as current "contracts" expire.

It would take a generation to get the job done, but it would sure lighten the tax load on people and do wonders for the economy long-run.

'Course re-election on that platform would be iffy, at best, and after all, that's what really counts.

Always On Watch said...

Today I noticed on MSNBC that the Dems are frantically working to excuse the White House's attempt to get Americans to snitch on their fellow Americans who don't agree with BHO's plans to overturn and make over healthcare in America.

Lately, the BHO administration seems to be doing a lot of crisis management on a couple of issues. I also detect that the Dems are shocked, then downright vile, when they see their constituents not rolling over into sheeple mode.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Mark: I see you have a house peacock now. You're in the ranks with Z who has Ducky. I'll bet you're just thrilled.

I love that you reported the gov's own site as "fishy"; I got to ROFL! I so needed that today!

I can always rely on you for good info and at times a good pick me up! Thank you, thank you!

Z said...

Well, whew! I'm glad that Mark XXXXX wasn't KISSES (smile)!

GOOD JOB, Mark....I understand thousands sent "I'm FISHY" emails to the WH. They ain't seen NOTHIN' yet! :-)

I still don't quite understand why the WHOLE SYSTEM needs overhauling when about 30 million LEGAL Americans don't have healthcare, and I hear that number's high.
FIX THAT, let's help them!
The BIGGEST LIE (and yes, I'm just calling it like I see it from now on, I kept the gloves on because he was our president, but if he can LIE to us, we can CALL it that) is that "YOU can KEEP your private insurance!"

RIGHT..except the BILL SAYS "No more private insurance plans can be written" after a certain date!

AND, who the HECK is going to pay for Blue Shield when they don't understand the plan's limits and go for that instead? Blue Shield will GO BROKE...doctors are going to be leaving the field in DROVES, and THIS is going to be Obama's healthScare legacy. He can HAVE it. @)$&()@*$#&

Jim said...

So far, this is the only thing you've come up with that you don't like about the health care reform bill:

"The 10th Amendment to the Constitution says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."" And JoeBo said basically the same thing.

But as I've pointed out previously, the power to provide for the general welfare is specifically stated in Section 8 of Article I of the Contstitution-The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States. So appently LR and JoeBo are not reading the REAL Constitution.

And then there is our friend Z who says, "RIGHT..except the BILL SAYS "No more private insurance plans can be written" after a certain date!"

Except this is patently untrue. We've shown that it is untrue, and Z cannot possible cite the ENTIRE paragraph that would support his claim.

So what are you really objecting to in the bill? Specifically, with page and section noted. None of you have offered anything so far.

"Jim with that statement you imply that we Conservatives are racists."

I imply no such thing. You may infer it, but you are incorrect. I know many conservatives whom I don't believe are racist. In fact, I would venture to say that the majority of true conservatives are NOT racist.

I'm trying to figure out why people including some of the people here, have this irrational loathing of President Obama. It is claimed that he is a Marxist. Yet while liberal, his agenda is often described as "center left." There is no evidence that he is a Marxist. Just because he has read books written by people of different political philosophies doesn't make him an adherent to those philosophies.

You all conflate a single payer system with government controlled health care. They are not the same thing. Medicare is a single payer system. People have what ever doctor they choose and get the treatment the doctor prescribes for them. Medicare pays. A single payer health care system is Marxist? Canada is under Marxism? England is under Marxism, all the other single payer countries are under Marxism even with democratically elected governments? Makes no sense!

Someone here says that Social Security and Medicare are "terribly run" government operations. This is false on it face. Both systems are among the most efficient in the US. Both run on around 3% overhead. Name a private insurance company that can match that.

So you all come up with no rational reason for the epithets of Marxist, socialist, TREASON, terrorist. It's simply irrational and appears to be born out of some kind of fear of "the other".

Obama is President. He's not king, czar, God or anything else. Yet you irrationally ascribe to him some mythical power to take total control of the US, throw you into FEMA death camps and euthanize your parents. What power does he have, what military or police organization will allow him to do any of these things if he were so inclined. Who is going to allow him to neutralize an election that would vote him out? If these things are AT ALL possible, how could America be the greatest country in the world? Really! How?

It's totally irrational. So I have to ask myself: Why do they hate and fear him so?

Jim said...

Bueller? Bueller?