Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Obama A Student Of History?

"History teaches that war begins when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap." ~ Ronald Reagan

Obama is doing it again. What is he doing? You might well ask.

He is sitting down with a world leader, this time, Russian President Vladimir Putin, trying to broker a deal with Russia, a mutual agreement to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weaponry by both countries.

This has been tried before. When the Soviet Union agreed to reduce nuclear weapons back in the 60's, they lied to America. They didn't reduce. Now, Obama apparently thinks this time, they will be honest.

Well, maybe they will be. After all, this is no longer the Soviet Union of the 50's.

But that's not the point.

The point is, these continual negotiations with other countries to ostensibly make the world safer, do nothing to convince terrorists of the United States' willingness to defend ourselves against our enemies.

This overeager willingness to negotiate peace by lessening our effectiveness is seen as a sign of weakness to the rest of the world.

Is Obama simply naive, as Sean Hannity believes, or is he intentionally trying to leave us open to future attacks on America?

This will no doubt show the rest of the world that he has not learned from history.

What it shows to me is, he is willing to sacrifice Americans so that he can make overtures to our enemies in the Muslim world.

I think he has learned from history, which, if I am right, makes him that much more subversive than even our most conspiracy minded pundits have considered.

Here is what Obama knows:

Terrorists do not respond positively to negotiations. They interpret a willingness to talk peace as weakness. They will exploit weakness every chance they get. They will attack at the slightest hint of vulnerability.

This is undoubtedly what Obama and the terrorists know. History has proven it to be true. If he truly doesn't know this, he is too naive to be a world leader, and especially President of the United States.

But I don't think he's naive.

The longer he remains President, and the more he demonstrates to the world his weakness, the more I believe he may be a closeted Muslim intent on bring the United States to destruction.


Anonymous said...

That last paragraph has been my belief all along and he seems to make it more evident all the time. mom2

Mark said...

I agree, Mom. Eventually, even his supporters will have to admit he's a Muslim.