Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Newest Senator From Minnesota

"Truth is often said in jest." ~ Proverb

Introducing the new Senator from the great state of Minnesota, Al Franken. This is the kind of upstanding values you Liberals voted for.

You must be very proud.

Warning: Extremely Offensive Explicit Language!

And so respectful to his parents, too!

OK. I know it is intended to be funny, but I would never, ever talk to my parents that way.

Not even as a joke.

If he's that disrespectful of his family and colleagues, why should we expect him to be respectful of our country?


Z said...

I'm trying to imagine just saying that WORD in front of my, I can't imagine it. I'm with you.
Kind of figures parents who think that's funny would create a monster like this guy.
This is SO SO LOW.
"All we need is love.." and a coarsening of American society brought on by creeps like this who think talking like that is normal, joke or not, and we've got the society some leftwingers seem to lust for. And they're getting it.

At least you didn't include his posing in diapers...that, I can't even LOOK at, and Dems voted for him for the United States Senator. MAN

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Franken is a total ass, always has been and always will be. I never liked him or thought him to be the least bit funny. But then that is the kind of lowlifes that liberals crawl after.

With that no brain ass wipe in the Senate, he will make a laughing stock out of the U.S.

I honestly do NOT believe that he actually won that election in Minnesota because there were too many absentee ballots that were not counted, which is another thing that sticks in my craw. It seems that far too many states have a habit of not counting absentee ballots.

Mark said...

Not only that, Bishop, but in many counties in Minnesota, there were more votes counted for Franken than there were registered voters.

Joe said...

Al Franken, man of class. All of it low.

Lone Ranger said...

I have friends and relatives in Minnesota and I'm embarrassed for them. First, a pro wrestler governor and now this. Next year, I fully expect them to start electing farm animals to the House. I hear there is already a family of badgers in the state legislature.

Jim said...

"there were more votes counted for Franken than there were registered voters."

Cite it, prove it, or shove it. Why didn't Coleman charge this in ANY of his lawsuits. Because it's BS.

Mark said...

Jim, 1.


3. "[M]ore than 25 precincts now have more ballots than voters who signed in to vote. By some estimates this double counting has yielded Mr. Franken an additional 80 to 100 votes." From: (That's the Wall Street Journal!)


Joe said...

"Cite it, prove it, or shove it."

I wonder what gives these people the idea that they get to tell other people what to do.

No doubt a "free speech" issue.

Lone Ranger said...

I have never met a liberal who wasn't angry and mean-spirited. Makes you wonder why they bother to be liberals.

Jim said...

Your citations include allegations and nothing more. Funny how every bipartisan election commission, judge, bipartisan appellate court and bipartisan state supreme court ruled unanimously in favor of Franken and no election fraud has been charged by any commission or jurisdiction.

Franken stole nothing.

Mark said...

So, Jim, when the Democrats insist Bush stole the election from Gore in 2000, they are telling the truth, but if the Republicans suggest there was voter fraud in Minnesota, they are making false allegations. Is that what you're saying?

In Minnesota, Coleman won the election, but the margin was too close which triggered an automatic recount. He still won, so Franken's team demanded they recount and recount and recount until the votes totaled more than Coleman's.

And do you know how they managed that, Jim? I'm guessing you don't, because you wouldn't bother to look into the details as long as the vote ended in your favor.

Here's what happened:

Franken demanded a recount of absentee ballots. That's ok, and a fair thing to ask. But then, what the Liberally biased counters did was, after the first recount, Franken and Coleman were still too close for their comfort, so they recounted the same ballots again, but didn't throw out the previous count. They simply added the new count to the results of the old count. That doubled the amount of votes Franken seemed to have. Then, just for good measure, they repeated the recount again, not throwing out the results from the first and second votes, but simply added them to the first two counts. Now Franken had triple the amount of votes he originally had.

They only counted votes in the counties that traditionally supported Democrat candidates, hence, Franken appeared to win.

It's like this: Say Franken had 10 votes in one county and Coleman had 9. The counters counted again, and added the 10 and the 9 to the previous vote. Now, the count is 20-18. recount the same ballots again, and then the count is 30-27..See? That's how he did it.