Sunday, July 05, 2009

How Low Can You Go?

"Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can't last" ~ Greg Evans
In their usual unbiased way, AOL linked readers who were interested in reading a unbiased story about Sarah Palin's resignation to columnist Melinda Henneberger, editor in chief of some apparently Liberally biased, obscure, insignificant, little web site called "Politics Daily" and her hateful screed against Palin, instead of an unbiased honest reporting of the facts.

The facts are:

Sarah Palin has announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska. She no doubt has her reasons, but she didn't specify the main reason that prompted her decision to resign. She did mention several possibilities, but no one specific reason emerged.

Now, This "columnist" takes advantage of the opportunity to pile further garbage on Palin, instead of posting a respectful portrayal of a Governor who was probably the most effective and popular Governor of any state to come along in decades.

In her first paragraph, Henneberger writes:

"Another week, another on-camera breakdown by a Republican governor: In a rambling, borderline bughouse decoupage of sports metaphors and intimations that the forces of darkness were running her out of public life, Sarah Palin announced Friday that she had decided to step down as Alaska's governor, and would be leaving office on July 26".

Not only did "Politics Daily" run this insulting article, but they included the most unflattering photo of Palin they could find. Which, probably to their consternation, isn't really very unflattering.
This is what the Libs consider unflattering.

The article is not only disgusting and deplorable, it doesn't even approach any semblance of intellectual honesty.

"Another on-camera breakdown?" Apparently Ms. Henneberger was watching a different speech than the one I saw. While I was listening to Governor Palin's speech I was thinking, "She sounds much more natural and relaxed than she did in any of the great speeches she made while running for the office of Vice-President". Obviously, the speeches she made at the time were written for her, and while she delivered them well, her resignation speech was heart felt, and it appeared to me, she was delivering it off-the-cuff, without notes or teleprompters.

But "breakdown"? I don't see that. I don't see that at all.

Perhaps she was listening to Democrat Governor Elliot Spitzer's speech instead of Palin's.

Someone get Ms Henneberger the right transcript, please.

"Borderline bughouse"? Again, who's speech was she watching? Never have I heard Sarah Palin speak more calmly and intelligently.

"Intimiations that the forces of darkness were running her out of public office?" Hardly. Unless Ms Henneberger is referring to the shameless way the Media swarmed upon the State of Alaska as soon as McCain announced his choice for a Vice Presidential running mate, looking to dig up dirt--any dirt---any dirt at all--on Palin in their efforts to destroy and denigrate her candidacy.

And, do you know what's really funny about that?

They couldn't find anything. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Sarah Palin is the most incorruptible, most ethical politician, possibly in the history of the world. During the Liberally biased news media's search for improprieties and evidence of corruption, fifteen frivolous, and baseless investigations were launched with the sole purpose of impugning her dignity and her competence.


All fifteen were dismissed.

All of them.


Funny how the media didn't mention that fact.

Even now, that Palin has tendered her resignation, more allegations of corruption and malfeasence have emerged, which the FBI has refuted.


But, the absolutely most shameful attacks weren't on Palin, personally. They were visited upon her children.

First, they suggested Palin's baby wasn't hers, but instead was her daughter's. Then, they hounded and pursued Palin's daughter and her daughter's boyfriend, until, under the pressure of a shameless and unrelenting press, the two broke up.

More recently, a Democrat blogger shamelessly altered a photo of Palin's Down syndrome affected baby, prompting an outcry of righteous indignation from many people, including many Democrats. Sarah, though egregiously insulted, nevertheless handled the entire sordid incident with grace and aplomb.

And Barack Hussein Obama said "children are off limits". Apparently, that admonition only applies when it comes to Democrats. Republican's children are fair game.

OK. Since the Liberals have set the bar, the first time I hear of anything that can be even remotely construed as dirt on Sasha and Malia, I am going to attack mercilessly.

"Running her out of office"? OK. If one thinks she's running rather than simply resigning for a myriad of sound, sensible reasons, which she artfully articulated in her speech, go ahead. You have the right to your opinion. You also have the right to be wrong.

My personal opinion is that she resigned to protect her children from the continual harassment and lies emanating from the hateful, Liberally biased, state-run media dogs.

Imagine. There were 15 investigations launched against Palin herself in a concerted effort to undermine her character and her candidacy. Imagine what lengths the press would be willing to go to attack her children.

I believe Palin could have handled those personal attacks on herself, but she draws the line when they come after her children. As any good parent would.

Any person, male or female, who is a parent, can sympathize with Sarah Palin.

No child should have to undergo so many hateful, egregious attacks on their parent or themselves.

It's shameless.

Or, perhaps Ms Henneberg actually hit on the real reason for Sarah's resignation, when she sarcastically opined, "she seemed to be saying that she was being forced out for being too effective"

While considering my response to this poison pen article, I tried to think of the reasons the Liberals hate Sarah Palin so much. She certainly hasn't done or said anything that inspires such undeserved rancor and hysteria. So why do they have such objections to her mere presence on this earth?

I believe Ms. Henneberg was correct for once:

She's too effective. Liberals hate that.


LL said...

Are you sure Sasha and Malia were fathered by Barack Hussein Obama?

Jim said...

Let's see the birth certificates!

Krystal said...

Jim, there AREN'T any birth certificates. In fact, I'm wondering if they're even U.S. citizens...

Great post. :)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I find that I am better able to maintain my sanity if I don't read or listen to anything written or said by liberals. Liberals are so low that they have to climb a ladder to kiss the hind end of an ant.

Trader Rick said...

Liberals are going to hell. Not my Judgement.

Edwin Drood said...

You can always tell who the honest and moral politicians are, they’re the ones being attacked the most by the Democrat party and the shills in the media.

Mark said...

That, Edwin, is the whole point of my post. I could have just said that and got my point across.

Cameron said...

Regardless of her political persuasion, what politicians, media, and the public did and continues to do to Governor Palin and her family is reprehensible.

Z said...

what a fantastic bunch of writing..thanks. (saw your comment at Always' and liked it and had to come by to see your blog..terrific)

Here's what REALLY gets the libs about Sarah: SHE SHOWS SHE LOVES AMERICA. SHE IS AMERICA. SHE EXUDES pioneering spirit. THEY HATE HER, they're scared to DEATH of are Rove and Huckabee, according to their words yesterday. we know who's part of the GOP MACHINE and who's putting AMERICA FIRST, right?

Joe said...

MSM will NEVER acknowledge that all 15 were dropped. They will continue to reference the accusations, even though they proved baseless.

That is because MSM has dropped any pretense of truth.

Mark said...

Z, thank you and welcome. It's about time you visited. I have been reading your comments, and occasionally, your blog for months.

And I appreciate your input.

Z said...

Mark, THANK you for your note at geeeZ, too. I, also, TRY to keep my blogroll short (and I don't FOLLOW as I don't want ANOTHER LIST!you know?)
But I blogrolled you...I thank you for the very kind words and for the honor of your 'rolling me.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Mark: I’m pretty easy going. I turn the other check when I’m slandered, and trust me, I’ve been slandered A LOT in my life. But let me tell you THIS, if anyone, ANYONE EVER went after my kids....LOOK THE HELL OUT! And yes, I wrote hell. Probably the 1st time. I’m quite the Lioness when it comes to my kids. If Sarah bowed out due to the stress and attacks on her children then I’m behind her ALL THE WAY!

Mark said...

Pamela, I am behind Sarah Palin 100% regardless of why she resigned. I am, unashamedly, a Sarah Palin fan.

Jim said...

"attacks on her children"

What the HECK are you talking about? Since when have her children been "attacked"?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

saw your comment at Always' and liked it and had to come by to see your blog


Mark was the first visitor I had, within moments of my very first post on my blog.

So his blog will always hold a special place for me.

Mark said...

That's what they all say, Smithy, then they never call. :)