Monday, June 01, 2009

Eulogy For A Monster

"The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones" ~ William Shakespeare

Mr. George Tiller, of Wichita, Kansas, is dead. He was ruthlessly gunned down in the lobby of his church by a man who may, or may not be, an opponent of abortion.

Interestingly enough(at least, to me), I was raised in Wichita, and my first apartment after leaving my parent's home was directly across the street from Mr. Tiller's Schlachthaus. I didn't know what horrors took place within it's walls at the time, and even if I had known, I wouldn't have cared. At that time, I was not opposed to abortion, but study of the Bible changed my mind. It took God to change my heart.

For those readers who have been languishing somewhere beyond the earth's gravitational pull for the last several years, George Tiller was a provider of abortions.

Even late term and partial birth abortions.

No pre-born baby was too viable to escape his scalpel.

I do not call him a doctor. Doctors are sworn to preserve life.

I do not rejoice in the death of this man.

I will miss him, as I miss Dennis Rader, aka BTK, another infamous Wichitan. Both were serial killers.

Make no mistake. The man who shot Mr. Tiller down is guilty of murder. He took another man's life. There is no justification for what that man did. He is a murderer, plain and simple.

He is just as guilty of murder as Mr. Tiller and Dennis Rader.

He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He should be executed for his crime, and probably will be.

For he did not only kill George Tiller. He grievously wounded the pro-life movement in America as well.

Unlike Mr. Tiller, the man who murdered him will have to endure the humiliation of a murder trial and consequential punishment. Barring an insanity plea, he will be convicted. There were more than two eye witnesses to the crime. That is all that the law requires for a conviction.

Motive is not necessary to obtain a conviction in a case such as this.

Besides, the Liberally pro-abortion biased media has no doubt already convicted him. And, in this case, that is justified.

Murder, even the murder of a modern day Josef Mengele, is still murder.

Nevertheless, let me make one thing perfectly clear:

Those misguided souls who think that the slaughter of innocents will be abated somewhat now that the chief Mengele is gone are wrong. There are others waiting to fill his shoes.

And, since he will now be considered a martyr for the proponents of our nations own holocaust, I predict the number of late term and partial birth abortions will increase.

May God have mercy on us all.


Daffy76 said...

You must be reading a lot of Shakespeare these days!

This is one of those situations where two wrongs make about 3000 more wrongs.

The person who committed this crime is not a pro-life supporter, even if he says he is. He has, in one fell swoop, both proven that he is not pro-life (through the taking of a life) and done substantial damage to the pro-life cause, because pro-choice advocates refuse to factor in crazy people when they are arguing about the protests. The fact that we are even having this conversation is infuriating.

Mark said...

I like Shakespeare, Daffy. It is proof that I, too, can be elitist.

I awoke this morning with this thought:

Perhaps the murder of Tiller is God's way of removing him from the earth, after repeated efforts to change his murderous heart. After all, God doesn't often kill His enemies with a giant invisible hand. Like Gideon, and so many others, He uses His people to do His work for Him.

But then I thought, "No. If that were true, He would have taken Tiller out long before he murdered thousands of innocent lives."

eyes wide open said...

At least two dynamics are at work in this situation- for those who believe in spiritual realities. All of humanity is under a degree of the grace of God. I do not believe in the "total depravity" theory of most Calvinists. I only believe in total depravity when God has removed all measure of grace from the individual which leads to the depraved mind Romans 1. Of course, when God hands us over to a depraved mind we loose our conscience.

The dynamics between the two men involved here, as I see it, are as follows:

This doctor, first, loving money and the adoration of abortionists ignored his conscience. Soon he became calloused. God, who is rich in mercy, no doubt, sustained this man's life allowing time to either repent or dig his own grave leaving him without excuse before the righteous Judge. God eventually removed His grace completely leaving this doctor without a conscience and completely at the mercy and subject to the whims of God, Satan, and or nature.

The doctor's murderer at the same time fostered hate. Hatred is a disease like cancer. Jesus compared hate to murder which is a sin. Knowing God as little as I do, knowing that He is rich in mercy and that His mercies are new every day, I know that God checked this hatred regularly. Soon, as sin is deceptive, and as God began to withdraw His grace, this man became susceptible to the deceitfulness of sin. Hate being a cancer began to consume him leaving him under the deception that this hatred is righteous. When God removes His grace we become subject to the demonic or whatever else would have us. Our unrepentant sin WILL become an open door for the demonic. Finally after having opened himself up to the demonic deception and influence, and as his "hate lust" gives birth to more sin, he begins to plot this "righteous" murder.

One man's depravity + another man's depravity = a win for the devil.

The summary is applicable to us all. Do not live in sin! Repent and respond to the grace of God. Do NOT ignore Jesus' overtures because God will not contend with us always- one day He will give us our way and we will be without excuse. This "doctor" ignored his conscience and was given over to the schemes of...... The doctor's murder ignored his conscience and fostered hate and was given over to the deception of....... We are all at God's mercy and in desperate need of His grace.

Joe said...

Any liberal who jumps on this to demonstrate how "hypocritical" conservatives are is just plain ignorant.

This murderer deserves the full measure of justice for his dastardly act.

No thinking human being would condone this kind of a response to an abortionist, as henious as abortion is.

We must, however, work like mad to get Roe Vs Wade overturned ASAP.

Murders of abortionists must be stopped. So must be abortion on demand.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I have to agree that Tiller's death was wrong, especially in a church.

But there are times when even the righteous can be pushed to violence. When all sorts of immoral, unethical and unnatural behavior is forced upon a population and they no longer have any recourse either through our courts or through the ballot box, some people just snap and take the only action left to them, even if that action leads to the death of the purveyor of evil. Then it is in God's hands to decide the right or wrong.

eyes wide open said...

God will never give us more than we can handle and the wrath of man never brings forth the righteousness of God.

Jim said...

Did it ever occur to any of you that church member Dr. Tiller was called upon by God to help families in terrible situations and terrible times?

Read thisand thisand thisand thisand thisand this.

eyes wide open said...

What... and in so doing violating the clear teachings of Scripture? So God tells one man not to do this and another to do the opposite? God declares one thing righteous for one man and unrighteous for another?

For those of us who choose to believe the Bible we take it at face value. When it says such and such, whether we like it or not and often not, if we believe that the Scriptures are God breathed we commit ourselves to obedience no matter what. Or at least we should.

To Believe, in the New Testament is usually translated in the Greek language with the word "Pistua"- to believe. This word for believe is interesting. In order for it to be true belief all three parts of the Greek word must be employed. The first part is revelation. There is a revelation of some kind imparted. Second is commitment. We must commit ourselves to the revelation and it's requirements. Then finally trust. After we commit ourselves to the revelation then we trust in it no matter what. No matter what the situation looks like we commit and trust because we can trust God to be kind, merciful, just, gentle, loving, benevolent, and faithful to those who fear Him. With the combination of these three critical elements true belief is born. Without one or all it is NOT true belief!
Just a side note here as most "Christians" I know do not really believe they just give some degree of mental ascent to the teaching without living it.

Mark said...

Liberal Jim, you ask If it ever occurred to me that Mr. Tiller was called upon by God to help families in terrible situations and terrible times.


Yes. For about a second.

But then, I realized that God wouldn't want us to murder innocent little babies that have done nothing to deserve being butchered, other than be an inconvenience to their parents.

God wants us to take responsibility for ourselves (individually) in every situation and every time, whether they are terrible or wonderful.

Life, in case you haven't noticed, Jim, aint easy. It is full of terrible situations and terrible times. It is how we deal with each crisis in our lives that molds our integrity, or lack of it.

One who believes abortion is a good thing has no integrity.

Edwin Drood said...

Jim's question has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever read on the internet.

Trader Rick said...

If ever a murder could be justified, this is one.
Ask the hundreds of babies who will never grow up what they think. Oops we can't.

We will have to try him and execute the "doctor"'s killer. But he is one of the sacrificial rough men that we sometimes need to protect us. We don't want them in our neighborhood, but they pop up every once in a while to do the dirty work we can't.

If I was on his jury, it would surely be hung...

The governors of some southern and western states use to have the power to declare murderous public enemies like Bonnie and Clyde "Outlaws"-- then they could be shot on sight by any citizen with impunity, no questions asked, to protect the citizenry from further mayhem. Food for thought... --Rick

Jim said...

Back at you, E.D.

eyes wide open said...

If the Calvinists are correct this man was created for destruction. His role, influence, and doom were all predestined by providence to play a part in the great scheme of things. Kind of unfair huh?

The Armenians would say that the entirety of this man's life, influence, accomplishments, and doom were entirely his to choose as God has given this world over to free will and only interferes into the affairs of man when invited by prayer.

I do not know why I bring this up except I constantly think along such lines and try to find the purpose in these things. One thing I do know, however, ultimately, the children aborted are far better off with Jesus than in a broken, godless, drug filled life where many are likely going to become the prey of some pervert. They are now being hugged and kissed like none of us can imagine.

Bless You Lord Jesus and thank You for Your love- in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Bless You Lord.

Marshall Art said...

Though I join with those who don't condone the murder of scumbags who make their living killing babies, I have no doubt that the perpetrator felt justified in doing so. Obviously, this "doctor" won't be performing any more abortions any time soon. The perpeptrator HAS saved at least a few babies, but his actions were without a doubt, misguided.

Jim chooses to highlight some extreme situations. Perhaps he'd like to concede all the cosmetic abortions in order to preserve the ability to abort in those extreme and likely, extremely rare situations. This is not the type of compromise the left is willing to discuss. They want it as widespread and accessible as it is and then to provide for more.

eyes wide open said...

Rush Limbaugh said, "government is liberalism's religion and abortion is their sacrament". On top of that any of us who know any thing about genuine spirituality knows that true religion, whether good or evil, requires a blood sacrifice to be empowered.

Rush is not perfect but sometimes he sure does amaze.

Jim said...

"Jim chooses to highlight some extreme situations."

Please feel free to DOCUMENT actual situations that are not extreme. And I mean document. Don't just chirp O'Reilly's "headache" BS.

Gayle said...

Jim can say "back at you" to me too. I also think his question is the dumbest one I've ever read on the internet and probably anywhere else. Jim either knows nothing about full term abortions which Tiller also performed, or doesn't care. God would never condone the killing of innocent babies, full term or otherwise and by now I'm sure Tiller has found that out.

You're absolutely right in this post, Mark. Tiller's murder will only make him a martyr and the libs will be saying how violent we are because one man went off the deep end and murdered him. It only hurts the pro-life movement.

Cameron said...


What do you mean by extreme?

According to most polls, a strong majority of Americans beleive abortions should only occur in the cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.

Statistically, about 1-2% of the abortions done in this country are because of those reasons.

Jim said...

"What do you mean by extreme?"

I'm referring to late term abortions, and why patients with their doctors decided to have them.

Mark said...

Liberal Jim, there is never a reason for any abortion, and even less of a reason for a late term abortion.

Except in the extremely rare instance of saving the physical life of the mother. And medical science has advanced to the point now, where that scenario is virtually non-existent.

Any other reason besides saving the physical life of the mother is punishing the innocent baby for whatever crime or indiscretion caused the pregnancy on the first place. It is not the babies fault the mother is pregnant. Why punish the baby?

Cameron said...


Here is an interview with a woman who went to Tiller for an abortion when she was 14 years old.

Here is an interview with Dr. Paul McHugh, who, as part of an investigation of Dr. Tiller, reviewed Tiller's files. He concluded that the reasons given by Tiller for the late term abortions he performed were less than compelling, to say the least.

I also followed a link you provided earlier which dealt with a fetus with very serious health problems who doctors predicted would live a short life and would need numerous surgeries.

My question is would you be opposed to killing a baby with all of those problems after it was born?