Monday, January 19, 2009

Too Big To Succeed

"The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none." ~ Thomas Carlyle

This weekend in Washington, DC, the media's love-fest with their Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, manifested itself in a giant celebratory act of contrition to the Great and Powerful One by people from all across the globe.

Not just Americans, either. Our enemies are rejoicing, as well. Countries like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba. And organizations such as al Qaida, Hezbollah, and Hamas. (I wonder, do Liberals see anything suspicious in that at all?) They all are simply ecstatic over the election of a man who they no doubt believe will acquiesce to their demands of capitulation.

The Obama faithful gathered on the mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial and the crowd stretched all the way to beyond the Washington Monument. They came from all walks of life. They came as Baptists, Catholics, Atheists, Muslims, Jews. They came as citizens and non-citizens alike. They came as blacks, whites, and every hue in between. Young and old, rich and poor. Famous and infamous. The powerful and the destitute. All came to prostrate themselves at the feet of The One who will heal all the world's ills.

On Rush Limbaugh's show today, Rush suggested that the media has made Obama "too big to fail". Although I usually agree with Limbaugh's opinions, this time I'll have to respectfully disagree.

I believe the Liberals and their willing cohorts in the media have created a president who is too big to succeed. They have created a hero who cannot meet their lofty expectations.

In short, They have created in Obama, a God who cannot meet expectations.

Even if he ended Global warming, (as if such a thing actually existed) it would not be enough. The people would shout, "It's too cold!"

Even if he brought peace to the world, it would somehow be too little, too late. The people would complain, "We are bored!"

Even if he ended all unemployment in America, still that would not be enough. The people would insist, "I didn't get the job I wanted!"

Even if he made every man, woman and child in the United States instant millionaires, (through redistribution of wealth) the people would cry, "We want more! You promised us more!"

The press and the Democrats have convinced the average American that Obama is bigger than life. He will solve all the worlds problems. He will bring everlasting joy and happiness to America. He will right all the wrongs perpetrated upon us by that scoundrel, George W Bush.

America will be loved by the world once again.

All hail Barack Hussein Obama!

All hail!

But he can't do those things. No mortal can. And --although I am sorry to be the one to break the news to Liberals-- Obama is merely mortal.

Yes, I know. Sad but true.

The media, in their zeal to get The Chosen One elected, have only set America up for one huge disappointment.

Right now, before Obama has had a chance to start making his promised changes to America, the Liberals and their willing accomplices in the media are gloating. They believe they have won a great victory.

Let them gloat.

Once Americans finally see what the man, Obama, is really able to accomplish, they will see him as nothing more than a man. And, possibly worse than that. A very fallible, mortal man who makes things much, much worse than they were before.

That is, of course, if he actually follows through with all his lofty promises.

More likely, he will do what his Democrat predecessors have done:

Absolutely nothing of significance.

Then, once the people have seen what their hero worship hath wrought, I will gloat.


tugboatcapn said...

I've said it before.

For the next couple of years, I am going to sit back and watch as Barack Obama becomes the most hated man in the whole World.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

"Then, once the people have seen what their hero worship hath wrought, I will gloat.".....

As will I my friend, but with tears in my eyes as I watch America slip silently into the cesspool of history.

Krystal said...

Even if he fails, the media with twist it. They'll say Bush screwed it all up. I mean, they've suceeded in pinning the subprime loan problem on him even though he went to Congress 17 times telling them there was going to be a problem.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Mark, I got that pic in an email last night from my oldest son who is in the Air Force. All he said was that he found it on the internet.

It was too late for me to use in yesterdays post, so I planned on using in my post today. I was surprised when I saw you had it also.

Trader Rick said...

Oh, yea of little faith! Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. All hail to Caesar, who IS God! Our Obama, who art in Washington, hallowed be thy name!!!


God save us all.

Gayle said...

LOL, Trader Rick! Indeed!

Well, we shall see what we shall see, won't we?

I'm going shopping. I'd rather beat my head against a brick wall than watch the coronation of Obama.

Erudite Redneck said...

Y'all're some sick, sick, sickos.

Mark said...

You think so, ER? What's sicker than worshipping a mere man, who is unproven, untested, unqualified, and unpatriotic, as if he's some kind of immortal God, before he even does anything to deserve the adoration?

And just having a darker shade of skin doesn't count as a qualification.

Jim said...

What's sicker than worshipping a mere man, who is unproven, untested, unqualified, and unpatriotic, as if he's some kind of immortal God, before he even does anything to deserve the adoration?

Supporting Obama is not "worshiping" him. Obama is not unqualified and your suggestion that he is unpatriotic is laughable. I smell Obama degangement syndrome.

And just having a darker shade of skin doesn't count as a qualification. A straw man. Nobody has suggested it does.

You people are sickos!

Marshall Art said...

I think Krystal hits on it. "It's all Bush's fault" is a refrain that will be sung upon every failure of Obama's first two years. You darn well know that the bozos at MSNBC will do all they can to deflect blame away from Barry and his policies. And we already know that so many of those who voted for him have done so on the most superficial of reasons, his skin color included. It's so sad. I, too, think it would be grand for a minority or a woman to ascend to the presidency. But I insist on doing what Dr. MLK Jr. hoped for---judging on character only.

Mark said...

Oh please, Jim. I don't have to respond to your idiocy. The massive crowd of adoring Obama worshippers speak for themselves.

As to his race never being suggested as an issue--well, that's a subject for another post, but spend a little time really listening to your favorite Lberally biased news commentators. It's seems, from listening to them, that the only thing that qualifies Obama to be President is that he's black. I came to that conclusion after listening to hours of ignaugaration coverage on NPR.

NPR interviewed Obama "supporters" (worshippers) all over the country, and recorded their replies. To a person, every last one of them cited his only qualification as being black.

I didn't say it. His "supporters" (Worshippers) did

Mark said...

Obama's lack of qualifications has been gone over ad nauseum on this blog as well as thousands of others.

And Marxism may be patriotic but not in this couuntry.

Always On Watch said...

Right now we're getting a little taste of how the media cover one of BHO's little mistakes. Specifically, he glitched when taking the oath of office. I won't go into any theories as to why that glitch occurred.

My point is this: the media, at least on the networks I've been hopping around to, are not playing back the big moment of BHO's taking of the oath.

Instead, the media are playing an edited version of the moment. How considerate of them, huh?

Jenny said...

To Always on Watch: John Roberts read the oath wrong, so Obama waited for him to correct it and then they both stumbled over it. No big deal.
I generally agree with Mark, but on this I think you're wrong. Initially I thought Obama has been built up too big that no one could ever live up to the expectations, but after more thought I think he's been built up to the point that he can do no wrong. John Stewart pointed out how his inaugural speech sounded an awful lot like Bush, but when Obama says the same things as Bush Obama is cheered.

Mark said...

Well, Jenny. First I appreciate that you usually agree with me. It means you are intelligent, LOL!

Second, you need to stop watching John Stuart. Listening to his asinine commentary will adversely effect your rational thought processes.

I suppose one could conceivably say Obama has been built up to the point where he can do no wrong. But only in the eyes of the Mainstream media, (Gawd, I hate that term! Surely there's a better way to describe them) I can see the potential for him to do plenty wrong. And, if he fails to follow through with any of his promises, he will be seen as a failure by those who have believed the hype.

By the way, He's already broken one campaign promise. He promised Planned Parenthood the first thing he would do as President is work to pass the Freedomn of Choice act. He hasn't yet even addressed that issue. Guess he's fallible after all, ya think?

Jim said...

Always, the networks you are watching must be in your colon. The networks have played it over and over again.

Jenny, you are right about Roberts.

Mark said...

Jim, History has been made today!

I agree with you! Partly.

Yes, Both Obama and Justice Robeets flubbed the oath. And, Yes, it wasn't a big deal. two mere humans making a mistake.

However (and this is a big hoowever), by flubbing the oath, Obama proved to the world that his adoring fans in the media are wrong about Obama: He isn't God, after all.

Mark said...

It spounded to me like Obama was over-anxious to get on with it. He started repeating after Roberts before the Chief Justice finished the first line. And then Justice Roberts started the next line before Obama had reapeted the first entirely.

No big deal. Mistakes happen even to the best of men.