Thursday, January 29, 2009


"Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix." ~ Christina Baldwin

I've updated my blogroll recently. I've deleted some and added others. The reasons I've made these updates vary almost as much as the different styles of the sites listed.

Since blogger started the "followers" feature (at the left, on the sidebar), some bloggers have added themselves as followers of my blog. I was flattered that they count themselves among my regular readers, but I've found some who say they follow, don't. At least, there is no indication they do. This is perplexing to me, to say the least. Why click on "follow this blog" if you have no intention of ever returning?

In the beginning, I added everyone who became a follower to my blogroll (except those followers who were already on it), and made a conscientious effort to read their blogs as regularly as I could, which is difficult, as I have a life outside the blogospere, and not as much time as I need to visit every one's blogs on a daily basis.

Which, incidentally, is another reason I deleted some of them. Too many to read regularly.

The first casualty was a blogger who clicked the "follower" button one time, and when I went to his blog, and informed him that I saw he became a follower of my blog, he in turn informed me he only did it so he could return later if he needed for a reference for one of his future post. In other words, he had no intention of actually following. I was just a possible "idea creator" for him, I assume, in case he ran out of ideas of his own.

And, he has never commented on my blog, either.

Anyway, after waiting for some sign that he actually reads my entries, and finding none, I deleted him from my blogroll. He is, however, still listed as a follower. So what? It looks good.

Then, there are a couple, still listed as followers, that seem to have no reason at all for following. One site consists of nothing but bad insults. Weird.

Another has a blogsite entitled, "Impeach Obama", a sentiment I can get behind, but the subject matter leaves little room for variety. He has a total of two posts since November, and neither of them is very insightful nor interesting. Consequently, he is not on my blogroll.

One blogger stopped visiting after we had a disagreement concerning the Republican primaries. Many of my regular readers may remember when I chastised the self named "Reagan Conservatives" for supporting very un-Reagan like near-Liberal candidates for President such as Rudy Guiliani and John McCain, etc. I blamed them, along with the majority of Republicans, for handing the selection of candidate for President to Liberal John McCain by default, instead of my choice, true Conservative Duncan Hunter.

Apparently, my criticism insulted her. She said, and I quote, "OK, Mark. I'm done with you." I lost her at that time as a visitor, though I continued visiting her blog for several weeks afterwards. And still do, on occasion.

Besides that, her blog often goes off into what I feel are un-interesting diversions such as who won "American Idol" or "Dancing with the Stars", and other similar yawners. I care absolutely nothing for these television shows, but that is my burden to bear, and I don't blame her choice of subjects for deleting her blog. I blame the fact that she abandoned me because she couldn't stand a little constructive criticism.

I said the same about Mike's America at the time, also, but as far as I know, he didn't hold it against me. Hence, he is still on my blogroll.

Another one lost his place in my blogroll after calling me a whiner, simply because I was being honestly humble about my parenting ability. I don't think any father is perfectly satisfied with the way he parents at all times. I was just honest enough to admit that I make mistakes. And, I wasn't whining, nor do I ever.

For the record, the particular blogger referred to is not even a husband, much less a father. He isn't a very good writer either. He uses way too many mixed metaphors for my taste and his punctuation and sentence structure is maddening. Not that mine is much better, but at least I understand what I write.

Others are simply blogs I don't get to very often and bloggers who rarely post anything. A couple were deleted because after I left comments at their places several times, I never received any response at all. I can only assume they don't appreciate my patronage. So, they are deleted now.

I need to delete some others, too, but I have a soft spot for the rest of them. They are old buddies. Can't seem to bring myself to dispatch them to the recycle bin.

As for additions, I am quite happy with the new blogger buddies I have accumulated. I have added everyone on my followers list except the aforementioned "Daily Insult", "Impeach Obama", and one blog that doesn't fit into the type of blogs I regularly read. I have no animosity for the lady who calls herself "Haft's Happenings", but it's more of a personal web blog, and I prefer blogs that deal with current events and politics. No offense intended, Haft.

There's Pamela D Hart, a refreshingly insightful blogger, and Miss T C Shore, a remarkably intelligent young lady who renews my faith in the younger generation. Kris, Krystal, and Kirsten all have interesting blogs.

Then, there's a few I'd known about from other blog comment sections but only recently began reading their blogs. These include DD2(Debonair Dude), and Always on Watch. Rounding out the rest are Conservative and Elephant Man, two who mysteriously became followers who I checked out and since, have thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Finally, the most recent blogroll addition is not really a blog, but a website that can best be described as the Conservative alternative to the Liberal humor site, "The Onion", a really funny satire site called "The Endive" . This one came to me in a different fashion. The administrator of the site sent me an unsolicited e-mail inviting me to check his site out and let him know if I like it or not.

I like it. Check it out.


Trader Rick said...

With what's happening in Washington these days, we must bitterly cling to our guns more tightly than ever. Is it time to head for the mountains with our survival gear yet?

Keep up the good work, Mark

Timothy said...

I think we are thinking along the same line. I deleted several last week that I never visit as well. Some just get old when it's the same point over and over again, or something I don't really care about.

But it happens.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Mike, I checked out The Endive and found it to be a refreshing hoot.

I don't know what the problem is with my blog, but I have been experiencing similar problems when I go to other sites. Sometimes none of comments get posted, other times I have to "back" click 5 or 6 times to get back to my blog after posting a comment else where. Do you suppose that the liberal gremlins are messing around?

Mark said...

It's Mark, Father, but that's alright. I'm getting old, too.