Monday, September 29, 2008

What Was In My Head When I Awoke

"I think I'll sail to Australia" ~ unknown

Actually, I woke up two days in a row with this song in my head. I had to post it to get it out.

Perhaps there is a message in this song. Maybe Someone is telling me to sail to Australia if Obama wins in November. If that's true, I hope He provides the expenses, too.

It's by Mandolin virtuoso Sam Bush. While looking it up, I also found the same song done by John Cowan, who is a better vocalist in my opinion, but that video is even worse quality than this one.

Sam Bush and John Cowan (Bass, lead vocals) were once in a band together with Pat Flynn (Guitar) and Bela Fleck (banjo) called the New Grass Revival. I was pleased to find several of that bands songs posted on Youtube. They were so musically ingenious and innovative I couldn't just post the one video and leave it at that without introducing my few readers to them, although they broke up in 1989. I saw them live several times when I lived in Kansas. They were perennial headliners at the Walnut Valley National Guitar Flatpicking Championship and Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, Kansas.


Father Gregori said...

I am back. Checkout my new blog at:

Gayle said...

Will Obama pay your expenses to Australia? LOL! Please don't hold your breath! :)

Mark said...

Gayle, I wasn't referring to the Democrat's God, I was referring to mine(and yours).

Mark said...

What do you think of The New Grass Revival?

Marshall Art said...

I. Love. Bluegrass!

I have, buried somewhere amongst my old cassettes, a copy of an album created by Timothy B. Schmidt, amongst others. It's an album of soul music done the way God intended it to be done: Bluegrass style! As much as I love that style of music, it is the only bluegrass I have. (I never bought much music ever--no particular reason, having sung in a band and all--I just never did)

There's another band I saw on PBS with the word "mountain" in their name. Their banjo player was missing digits. If you know the name of this band, I'd recognize it. They kick ass big time. Excellent fiddle player, mandolin, guitar and the banjo player is amazing considering his lack of fingers. After seeing them, I found some of their stuff on YouTube, but none of it was as kickin' as what I saw on the PBS presentation (I like to show such things to my daughter who is studying the violin. She vacilates between hating it and doing in reluctantly, but I think she secretly would like to excel--thanks to you, I showed her stuff by Celtic Woman and she dug it)

Oh yeah. Dug New Grass Revival.

Trader Rick said...

Personally I'm glad the grass has stopped growing. I'm conducting a little last mow every day.

Al-Ozarka said...

Chris Thile is in Bela's circle of friends!

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Thile and Edgar Meyer together a couple of years ago.

The music that comes out of that circle of friends is unlike anything else on earth!

Al-Ozarka said...

Actually, my other website is hosting an event October 25th featuring Brian and Jeanette Driscoll of Little Rock. They were both members of the band, Southwind, from Kansas.

I saw Brian win the solo competition of the Arkansas Acoustic Showdown during the 2002 Arkansas Acoustic Festival at the University of Central Arkansas. He's also the Technical Assistance Coordinator for the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and will be making a presentation for us after his show that night!