Saturday, September 27, 2008

Absolutely Right

"For they are yet ear-kissing arguments." ~ William Shakespeare

Most Conservatives and Republicans are saying McCain won last night's debate handily. I didn't see it that way. I watched the debate, and to be fair, I thought Nobama acquitted himself very well. I was expecting him to stutter and stammer all the way through since he didn't have a teleprompter to read.

His handlers strategy of not letting him participate in town hall meetings while prepping him for the major debates seems to have worked well.

It was almost as if Nobama knew the questions in advance.

I am wondering, however, if the Nobama campaign was given "crib notes" on what the questions would be beforehand. I wouldn't put it past the Liberal Media. I don't put anything past Liberals.

Regardless, I don't think many undecideds became decided, and I don't think either candidate managed to convince many voters to switch votes.

But, here is something that kind of jumped out me, and apparently jumped out at McCain's campaign people as well:

In fact, Nobama said McCain is absolutely right eight times!

How can one say someone is absolutely right, and then refute them? Either he is absolutely right, or he is only partly right.


Also in fact, I think McCain isn't always absolutely right. He is wrong on the myth of Climate Change. He is, or was wrong on illegal immigration. Who knows how he feels now? He hasn't said. He is wrong about not drilling in ANWR.

Also, while McCain rightfully challenged Nobama on his opposition to the war, he should have questioned Nobama on his record more, particularly his record on the Born Alive Infant Protection (BAIP) act. Of those two issues, Nobama's stance on the BAIP is the most egregious.

My question is:

If McCain is absolutely right on so many issues, why is Nobama even running for President?


Timothy said...

I didn't see the debate, but that commercial really does make a point. From what I read, it sounded like a draw, except that McCain came off a bit more secure in his positions. I typically don't watch debates since my mind is made up by the characters of the men involved, and their positions.

Lone Ranger said...

That ad came out the MINUTE the debate was over. McCain has one sharp rapid response team. It reminds me of the Kennedy-Nixon debate, when the camera kept showing Nixon nodding his head when Kennedy spoke. That debate (and Kennedy's underhanded and illegal theft of votes) put JFK over the top. I plan to watch only one more debate and that will be between Palin and that other guy.

Gayle said...

Your question is a good one, Mark. Why is Obama even running if McCain is right? LOL!

Go check out the Drudge report. They are currently doing a poll and so far McCain is way ahead of Obama in who people think won the debate. I don't think that Obama had crib notes on the debate. As I said to your last comment on my post, I believe he has a great memory, which doesn't make him presidential material, but could be a reason that George Sorros is using him as a puppet for far left policies. I'm sure Sorros is behind him.

Obama had weeks to prepare for this debate because he refused to debate McCain in the town hall meetings. There are only so many questions that could have been asked and I believe there was plenty of time to go over all the possibilities.

I also know without a doubt that I could be wrong and it won't be the first time. :)

Ms.Green said...

Why is Obama running? Because his Black Liberation Theology falls right in line with Marxist leaning liberal Democrats who want to redistribute the wealth and garner more government control over our lives.

Marshall Art said...

Obama didn't do the stuttering I expected, but he did step on McCain's words, making comments and faces and such. Not a sign of a guy confident in himself. One can always respond to the previous comments no matter what the moderator calls for next. One needn't open one's mouth when the other person has the floor. As to a winner? Neither stood out.

Trader Rick said...

Yeah, what she said!

Anonymous said...

really simple, actually. it depends on what mccain said. if mccain said, "we've lost too many americans in iraq, but we should continue losing americans until i figure out what 'victory' means and declare it", obama's response could logically be, "john is absolutely right, we HAVE lost too many americans in iraq, but that doesn't mean we should keep sending more americans to stay in iraq longer until john figures out what 'victory' means and declares it."

Mark said...

Anon, you are absolutely wrong. If McCain said anything so ridiculous, it would be stupid for Obama to say ""john is absolutely right, we HAVE lost too many americans in iraq, but that doesn't mean we should keep sending more americans to stay in iraq longer until john figures out what 'victory' means and declares it."

Oh wait, What am I saying? Apparently since Obama repeatedly said McCain is absolutely right and then attempted to refute him, he IS stupid.

He might say McCain is partly right, or somewhat right, or not exactly wrong, but in no circumstance, if Obama wants to refute him, should he say "You are absolutely right".

Absolute accuracy is accurate absolutely.