Friday, September 12, 2008

The Liberal Mindset

"A liberal: someone who thinks he knows more about your experience than you do." ~ James Baldwin

Just when you think the Liberals have sunk as low as they can go...

From Rush Limbaugh's radio show, an actual transcript:

CALLER: Excellent. I've got a couple observations here, and I want to throw in a (unintelligible) politics dittos to everybody out there. Anyways (sic), my first of two observations is, number one, I didn't notice Governor Palin wearing lipstick while campaigning with Senator McCain today. I don't know if that was my bad television or just my bad eyes. Number two, excuse me, I didn't really take what Senator Obama said yesterday and take it as a "lipstick-on-a-pig" pointed at Palin. Closer to the truth about the gamy governor, it would have been it would have to be the second comment he said, "You could wrap a fish in paper and it will still smell." That's my observation.

RUSH: What is your observation?

CALLER: That she is a smelly fish. Uh, everything she says and does, it's -- it's just... She can't put two sentences together about what's going to happen in the future of your Republican Party.

RUSH: You think that about Sarah Palin?

CALLER: Yes, I do.

RUSH: You want to say that again to the whole nation?

CALLER: I just did!

RUSH: I want you to say it again. I can't believe, of all the things that you might want to say about Sarah Palin, you would come up with that.

CALLER: You don't think that's true?

RUSH: There's no thinking about it, my man. I don't have to.

CALLER: (snickers)

RUSH: Sarah Palin can't put two words together, two thoughts together?

CALLER: I said two sentences together about what's going to happen with the GOP and why they should elect her and Mc-uh... McCain.

RUSH: What are you so scared about?

CALLER: Oh, I'm not scared, man. I'm enjoying this.

RUSH: What is all this? How come all you touchy-feely sensitive liberals have to come out with all these insults?

CALLER: No, I'm not a liberal. I'm an independent, actually.

RUSH: Well, it's the same thing. An independent is just somebody doesn't have the guts to identify themselves as a liberal. And then you call a radio show like mine trying to sound like a very smart guy, and you prove why you're an independent. You're brainless. To have those observations about Sarah Palin? Of all the observations, she can't put two sentences together? This is a woman who has yet to stutter one time, in any public appearance! (exasperated sigh) I'm ending the phone call, ladies and gentlemen. I run the risk of my own IQ lowering every time I talk to people like this.

There is nothing more needed to add to this except, let's just see if Governor Palin can't put two sentences together, shall we?

Well, I had to work so I missed this interview, but now that I've seen a clip of it, I'd have to say I like Sarah Palin even better than before. She is articulate, clean, and a nice looking woman. Oh, and evidently she can do much more than simply put two sentences together. Very impressive!

When will Liberals learn?


Gayle said...

Rush is right - the man is an idiot! I would have cut him off too!

Mark, the libs have been practically peeing their britches in fear ever since she was announced as McCain's pick for VP. They know she is one of us, a real down-home American with values and they just stand it. Every time they attack her it comes back to bite them in the butt, so I hope they keep it up. They will, because they aren't terribly bright.

If Obama was bright he would have an army of people calling all his liberal friends telling them to shut up! LOL!

Mark said...

"They know she is one of us, a real down-home American with values and they just stand it."

Gayle, I hope she is better than us.

We need a leader, not someone who just goes along with us.

I think she fits the bill.

Mark said...

"If Obama was bright he would have an army of people calling all his liberal friends telling them to shut up!"

Well, he has Keith Overbite - Countdown to no ratings, telling the President to shut up. Is that like meeting him halfway?

Lone Ranger said...

I am just amazed at liberal women's reaction to Palin. Regardless of her political leanings, why are they allowing this woman to be abused? Just as they averted their eyes to the abuse Hillary suffered with cheating Bill, they not only don't speak up about these attacks on Sarah, they actually JOIN in the misogyny.

So, a liberal feminist is walking down the street and sees a woman being assaulted. Thinking quickly, she picks up a piece of rusty pipe and runs to the rescue. With the pipe raised over her head, she asks the rapist, "Are you a Democrat or a Republican. The guy says, "Democrat." "Oh," says the feminist, "then let me hold her down for you."

Trader Rick said...

The liberals are ripping their masks off and what is revealed to the world is a putrid rotting zombie face...

Mark said...

Jim, (sigh) Once again I have rejected your comment because it is stupid. Not because I disagree with your opinion, which I do, but because all one has to do is open one's eyes and ears and pay attention to answer your question.

Did you even watch the video? Do you agree with Rush's caller that Sarah Palin is a stinky fish? Is that how you would describe Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferrarro?

If you read this transcript, and watched that video, or paid any attention to anybody other than the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground and Huffington Post, and you still make stupid comments like that, you are either deaf, dumb, and blind, or you are just stupid.

I vote for the former because you appear to have the ability to put two sentences together.

Mark said...

Jim, I rejected your comment because my wife was offended by your use of profanity, and she told me to reject it.

I would have rejected it myself because it was stupid. This is the real reason I don't publish your comments: There is, as I say, no point in talking sense to the senseless.

Lone Ranger said...

If any liberals got the interview from any left-wing source, including ABC, they didn't see the REAL interview.
They saw only what their mind-masters wanted them to see. Will they be outraged that their fellow lefties deceived them? Nope. Their outrage is selective and phony.

Mark said...

Jim isn't getting the message. He made two more stupid comments and I rejected them.

He says, "Or are you going to delete this one, too?"



Erudite Redneck said...

Off topic:

Just wondering. Do you really not know what Marxism is? Or is it that you don't care, and you think that calling someone a Marxist is, like, a nuclear bomb?


Don't forget: Jesus is a liberal. And a socialist. And a conservative. And a Democrat. And a Republican.

But he's not a liar, and he's not stupid.

Mark said...

Yes ER. Obama is a Marxist.

Mark said...

“To avoid being mistake for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.” – Barack Obama (directly from his autobiography ‘Dreams from My Father’)

Father Gregori said...

Liberals will never learn. But even if they do, they could never bring themselves to admit they were wrong.

Cameron said...

Jesus is a liberal. And a socialist. And a conservative. And a Democrat. And a Republican.

He was none of the above.

Erudite Redneck said...

Re, "He was none of the above."

He is all of the above, and more. What else could Son of Man mean?

Toad734 said...

"In what regards Charlie?"

The reason Rush got off the phone is probably the same reason the video you have provided is somehow missing.

Rush actually thinks Obama is an Arab, not black, but an Arab. That's not some mental giant we are dealing with.