Thursday, May 01, 2008

Reverend Wright? Just Go Away Already.

"Can't we all just get along?" ~ Rodney King

AARRRGGGGGHHHHH! I am so sick of this racist, separatist Jeremiah Wright crap, I can't find the words!

Well, I can find some.

Usually, I ignore all the incessant blather from fools like Wright but even I am offended by this jerk. Why are the networks and talk shows even wasting their airtime on this lunatic? Why am I up at 4:30 in the morning writing about the idiot?


Because he has offended me so much I can't sleep! We've all heard and read the racist, separatist comments from this creep. "United States of KKK America". "God Damn America". "Aids was created by white Government to kill blacks".

And on and on and on ad infinitum.

But last night, I heard some sound bites on the Laura Ingraham show from the wrong reverend Wright that I hadn't heard on other talk shows. This pathetic excuse for a human mocked the way white people talk, and the way white people sing, and even mocked President John F. Kennedy.

Do I even have to remind Reverend Wrong that it is his race, the black race, that spawned Ebonics?

Give me a break! If you want to sound stupid and uneducated, learn to speak in Ebonics.

And just like Ebonics, Reverend Jeremiah Wright has created antipathy between the races that mere racism couldn't manage on it's own.

However, he isn't the only one. He's just the most ridiculous. This time.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lewis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, to name a few. And what's the name of that stupid black racist separatist college professor idiot who said the white race needs to be exterminated? I seem to remember he teaches at some college in the south somewhere. It doesn't matter. Strip off the titles of Professor, Reverend, and Minister and they are all racist separatist idiots.

The only significant divide between races present in this country today is the divide perpetuated by these so-called civil rights activists.

And the only thing worse than a racist is one who purposely divides the races for monetary gain. Like the aforementioned "Reverends" and professors.

Listen. The dictionary defines racism as: 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination.

I disagree. That definition would imply that if one recognizes certain cultural differences in people of other races, that one is a racist. As I have explained in a previous post, that isn't racist. That is merely recognizing facts and not running from them for fear of being called a racist.

I believe racism is a manifestation of hatred for all people of another race simply because of their color or religion.

According to the dictionary's definition, I am a racist. But I am not a racist. I don't hate all black people. I hate some black people. I hate black thugs. Of course, I also hate white thugs. And Hispanic thugs. And Asian thugs. And Islamic thugs.

And I hate purveyors of racist separatism. Like the Wrong Reverend Jeremiah Wright. He needs to go back to where he came from.


He has served his purpose. That of exposing the hypocrisy, racism, and elitism of Barack Hussein Obama.

Now he needs to fade back into the woodwork from whence he came. And he needs to take all the other racist separatist you-know-what's with him.

And the sooner the better.


Anonymous said...

But isn't it fun watching Obama be "outraged" over these awful, awful words, especially when Wright has clearly shown that they aren't anything different than what he's taught for 20 years? So much for the "out of context" defense.

Seriously, I'm tired of it too. But I guess it helps prove that false teachers come in all colors.

Trader Rick said...

No, no, no. We still need this egomaniac to stick around and expose new stuff. BO and Billary aren't down and out yet...

Henry said...

I'd love to see a debate between Bill Cosby and the racist Rev. Wright.

BTW, the racist professor you are referring is no longer teaching. His name is Kamau Kambon, and now he's just a plain ol' racist.

Lone Ranger said...

He also said that blacks don't do well in school because they are right-brained, while whites are left-brained. The left of the brain controls things like logic, facts, language and comprehension, while the right side of the brain controls things like feeling, symbols and imagination. In other words, blacks are engineered for ebonics and hip hop, while whites are destined to become scientists, math teachers, etc. How is he doing the black community any good with remarks like that? This is straight out of eugenics and the Nazis master race.

Abouna said...

Does any one get the feeling that we are being herded toward a race war?

Listening to the tribe spewing from Wright, Sharpton, Jackson and all the rest is disgusting, but it gives me the feeling that they want a race war.

You can bet that if whites were to say all sorts of derogatory things against blacks, their would be rioting in the streets in short order. Kind of reminds you of the Islamists don't it? They make all kinds of hateful statements against Jews and Christians, but if we say anything about them they want us beheaded or stoned.

Pretty.Hip said...

You are tired of racist Wright? Well so am I. I am tired of racism in general... I have dealt with racism all 21 years of my life! When I was 2 months old, someone threw a brick into my mother's car which had the word "nigger" painted on it. You will never fully understand black people, as I will never fully understand white people. This is why I don't judge or criticize your race. I just pray that you will not judge or criticize mine. I don't agree with Wright, but I do know first hand that it is very difficult to be patriotic in a country full of people who look down on you. Both of my parents are military veterans, but if they were to say something negative about America, they would be accused of being unpatriotic, black separatists. This is not fair. Again, I urge you not to label people that you do not understand.

God bless you all...

Mark said...

Hip. You say, "I urge you not to label people that you do not understand."

I say I understand Jeremiah Wright. He is a Seperatist racist, which should be obvious to anyone but the most naive.

You say you don't judge or criticize my race, yet you say this country is "full of people that look down on you". That is a generalization. It isnt full. It isn't even common anymore, but a few racist agitators, both black and white, make it appear that way.

I don't judge or criticize an entire race of people, and I would hope that neither do you. But the wrong Reverend Wright does, as surely as David Duke, and that is the point of my post. Get rid of Wright and Duke and their kind, and racism will go away completely eventually.

I don't criticize Wright because he's black. I criticize him because he is a racist seperatist divider. I would say the same about him if he were white.

You and I are on the same page. There should be no racism at all, but unfortunately, there is. If Rev. Wright and all those others I mentioned in the post would stop propogating racism in this country, perhaps the two races would already be getting along.

Don't you see? It isn't those of us who hate racism that are the problem, it's those like Wright who keep it on the front burner, constantly, continually, agitating for division between the races.

I treat every black man as my equal, and it appears as if you reciprocate in kind. God bless you, too.

Ms.Green said...

Racism and Christianity are incompatible. This tells me Wright is a false teacher/preacher/Christian.

Marshall Art said...

Indeed. It seems most racism today, or that is, racism that is out in front for all to see, is that which comes from people like Wright and Sharpton, et al. I fear we will never be rid of racism, or pathetic attitudes like it, as long as there are people like them and their white equivalents.

But I must say, that I don't think there is any secret to what blacks feel. This notion that one race cannot understand the suffering of another is untrue and in itself perpetuates the attitude. Of course I can understand. I don't have to have suffered from racism to know it sucks. I don't have to have had my ass kicked to know that a person getting his ass kicked is suffering harshly. Victims of racism are victims of a-holes. In this case, the a-hole, not a person of great intellect, latches upon the easiest thing to be an a-hole about, skin color. All I know, and all I need to know, is that one human being is crapping on another human being. Reasonable and rational people are always empathetic to such suffering. Reasonable and rational people always oppose such behavior by racists.

The thing is, we can see it in anyone who is engaging in it, and we don't put up with cheap rationalizations for it as we continually hear with regard to Wright's comments. Context? Nonsense. Context does not justify or legitimize lies and racist comments.

I haven't heard a ton about black theology. So far, it smacks of racism itself. It does not sound like the theology of Christ in the least bit when it focusses so much on "the black experience". How about the "human" experience and how it suffers when it does not adhere to the teacings of Christ?

OK. Rant over.

Edwin Drood said...

**One of my previous comments from**

I was born in the mid 70s I like many have had to listen to older people(of all color) try to teach terrible racist things. Now in 2008 we have a black man(despite the democrats) on the supreme court. a black woman as Sec. of State(despite the democrats). A black guy winning the Dem nomination. Hell I even work for a black guy. When I was in the military I served under 3 black officers. I am just a normal guy so I know my experience is not that unusual. Every day I see black people living in nicer houses than me and driving nicer cars than me, I am right at the average income for Americans so things can’t be that bad..

But still we have to listen to "race pimps" who permeate the Democratic party tell us to be ashamed. I say open your eyes and look around.

Al-Ozarka said...

"...but I do know first hand that it is very difficult to be patriotic in a country full of people who look down on you."

No you don't. That's a complete lie!

I live this country...and I don't look down on you. I suspect...if you'll come out from under your rock labled "pity", you'll find that there are plenty of people around you who do not share your race but accept you as you are...judging you by your character and your actions.

I didn't enslave you...or your ancestors.

Don't blame me, pal.

If you want blanket your country with blame, then attend a church like Obama's Trinity...listen and agree with a man like Obama's Pastor, Wright.

But you're wrong...and completely unfair.

Have you ever voted for a black-man for president in a primary before this year?

I have! Alan Keyes in 2000.

Spare us your pity-party, please!

Gayle said...

You're absolutely right about Jeremiah Wright, Mark, but I agree with Trader Rick's comment. Let Wright continue to beat up on Obama!

Wright is so foul-mouthed I don't see how he can logically call himself a man of God. Wright isn't about anything Godly. He's about making money and the more of it the better. Let us not forget he lives in a very expensive house in a very expensive WHITE neighborhood. What a hypocrite!

Trader Rick said...