Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We'll Fight For What Is Right...

"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom -- for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself." ~ From the Scottish Declaration of Independence, signed at Arbroath Abbey, April 6, 1320

I've mentioned before I once traced my family tree to 17th century North Carolina. I know my early ancestor immigrated to America from Scotland, but that is where my search ended, not because there are no more records of my family history, but because being of Scottish ancestry, I have retained the traits of a true Scotsman--I am thrifty.(translation: Cheap)Any further research requires a fee, so I couldn't (or wouldn't) dig any more.

But what I discovered furnished me with enough information that I was able to ascertain my family origin. I am likely descended from a sept of the Clan Gunn, one of the Highland Clans of Northern Scotland. Specifically the Clan Gunn's roots spread out from the town of Caithness, in the Scottish Highlands, to SW Sutherland. The word, "sept" basically means "extended family". Hence, my surname is one of many cousins to the Gunn's.

Here is the Gunn Clan tartan plaid:

And here is the Gunn Crest:

The Latin phrase translates to "Either Peace or War".

I've mentioned all this and more before, but since I learned how to post videos on here, I can now share a couple of my favorite Scottish folk songs. Here is one that makes mention of the history, customs, industry, and even common plants (thistle)and animals (Badger and Fox), of Scotland, and also promotes the Scots stubborn independence.

It's called "Dawning of the Day", by the famous Scottish folk duo, The Corries:

This one is a song penned by the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns,(known as "Rabbie" to Scots) and sung by Eddie Reader. The name is "Charlie is my Darling":

Most of Scotlands folk songs tell of a long history of fighting fierce battles for independence. Scots are a proud and stubborn people. They simply will not allow themselves to be enslaved, and will fight against overwhelming odds to that end. Their history is a beacon for freedom loving people everywhere.

I am proud to be a Scotsman.


mudkitty said...

Great...good guns...go for it.

Do you have your grandparents/parents papers? Or your parents papers? Clearly you may be an illegal. Scottish American? Or American?

Mark said...

Mudkitty, stop being stupid. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri of parents who were born in Iowa and Missouri.

My family has been Americans, papers or not, since the 1600's.

Clearly, I am very much legal. But you know that. Read the Constitution. Born in The United States makes one a United States citizen.

Now stop being argumentative and enjoy the music.

Cameron said...

Try FamilySearch for more free info.

Marshall Art said...

I love "Braveheart".

Marshall Art said...

Oh yeah. "Rob Roy", too.

Lone Ranger said...

I once tried to research my heritage, but stopped after three generations because I was afraid I'd prove Darwinism.

Apparently, my family came from Germany. I have no interest in Germany. They were peasants, who were just concerned with eking out a living under a long line of princes, lords and tribal chiefs.

I'm content being just an American. It seems I come from a line of heroes. My family fought in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. And then I went on to serve 24 years.

Amazingly, they all survived. When my grandpa got out of the Army, he became a lawman. Sheriff Fritz had the dubious distinction of shooting dead the only black man in town as that unlucky individual was robbing the bank. I imagine there were enough stories in my family to write a book, but warriors are frustratingly close-mouthed about their accomplishments.

And, the connection with my line deteriorated even further when I changed my name after I got into broadcasting.

I'm just happy with that history.

Abouna said...

It is people like you and other proud Scots to stand up for America, especially for what may be coming down the pike.

I'll stand with a Scotsman any day.