Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tired Of Being Outraged

"I'm sick and tired of waking up sick and tired" ~ Waylon Jennings

As I expressed previously in comments, I am tired of being outraged, and yet, there is little to be positive about lately.

Yesterday, here in Virginia, local and state elections were held. I voted Republican for the most part. I had some information on a couple of independents that are actually more Conservative than the Republicans they ran against, so I voted for them. I believe most of the candidates won, although the one I was most hoping to win didn't. Chris Yakabouski, Republican, ran for State Senate on a platform that promised to prevent special benefits for illegal aliens. The number of illegal aliens in Virginia is a serious problem, costing us taxpayers millions of dollars that could be better spent protecting, rather than endangering America's security.

But "Yak" lost. Illegal immigration has won. For the time being. The only solace I have is the knowledge that fortunately, Democrats usually do little of significance that they promise. I believe we are still safe. I hope.

That is just part of the reason I am feeling so anxious today. Another part of the equation has to do with the fact that I haven't posted any meaningful posts as of late. The fact is, I am simply tired of being outraged.

I am losing my mental faculties. This morning alone, I misplaced my car keys and had difficulty locating my shoes. And there have been many other similar episodes in the last few weeks. It worries me because this is totally unlike me. I don't lose things. I am not absent minded. At least I didn't used to be.

I am also starting to make mistakes. Not mistakes that are particularly dangerous, just silly little mistakes in my concentration. For instance, this morning I went to the grocery store and attempted to write a check for my purchase. The purchase was a mere $2.82, but I began to write my check for the amount of "two hundred...".

Next, although this isn't really anything I mistakenly did, but the check printer approval machine/computer wouldn't work and I stood for at least 15 minutes waiting for the cash register computer to unfreeze so they could process my check.

My right knee and ankle are mysteriously and suddenly causing me no small amount of pain. I don't know or understand why, because I haven't twisted, bumped or otherwise done anything that would create the pain. So, standing at the check out counter waiting for approval of a two dollar eighty-two cent check didn't help. I may soon have to acquiesce to the possibility that I'm getting old.

Maybe all this is a kind of Karmic ying/yang response to the things I do. Just before I wrote my check I helped an elderly woman unload some heavy items out of her cart onto the conveyor belt at the checkstand.

I drove into the 7-11 to get gas right behind a middle aged black woman who was limping into the parking lot on a flat tire. I offered to change her tire for her but she refused.

But I need to write. Something. Anything. Writing on this blog is a catharsis for me. I was in the throes of a full blown anxiety attack when I began this post, but already I feel much better. Just from writing.

I knew it would help.

I think my next post will be something expressing my outrage about something outrageous the Democrats or Libs (is that redundant?) are doing or saying or have done or said.


Mike's America said...

It would seem you are suffering from overexposure to liberal lunacy.

The radiative effects of the poisons they have dumped into the nation's political discourse can have profound debilitating consequences.

The cure is to continue with treatments to counteract the poison.

I went to see Mitt Romney today, as I have Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter. Every single one of them carries the antidote to what ails you.

mom2 said...

Do you take cholesterol meds? Until I discovered that when I take Co.Q 10 daily, my cholesterol medicine was making me stiff and sore and ache, but taking the Co.Q 10 has helped that. You are not as old as me though, so probably no comparison.
As for the outrage, I have decided that I will try to learn as much as possible about the candidates and vote the way that my conscience leads me, then I figure that the outcome is in God's hands and if things get too bad, He is still in control. He may be letting things lead up to His return as is foretold in the scriptures. To know Him is to know peace. No Jesus - no peace.

Mark said...

Mom, I don't take any meds. A doctor prescribed some prescription strength Ibuprophren for my tennis elbow and trigger finger, but I don't take them unless I am in much more pain than I am now.

Mike, I have long past the stagw of being outraged at Liberal lunacy. I now find them comical.

Dan Trabue said...

Hope you get to feeling better.

Trader Rick said...

You need to get someone to sew labels in your clothes with your name and address on good for me.

Abouna said...

Mark, you will definitely know when you are getting old:

1.) When you can remember a time when your hair was thicker than your waist, you are getting old.

2.) When you wake up in the morning and your pillow looks like it has entered puberty, you are getting old.


3.) When you begin to hurt in places that you didn't even know you had, you are getting old.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I gotta agree with Mike lol