Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Possible Hypocrisy--Maybe?

"Hypocrisy: Prejudice with a halo" ~ Ambrose Bierce

Yesterday, when I posted my blog entry, I got a little carried away and strayed from my original subject, and ended up making two posts in one. If you didn't see it, I am not going to explain.

Anyway, I am rectifying that today, by separating the two subjects into two separate posts, to wit:

I realize it may appear I am picking on ER specifically, but it just happened that I visited his blog shortly after he posted a humour piece, that could nevertheless be construed as unflattering about our Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Other than how he mispronounces his own last name, I know of nothing Cheney has done that warrants such denigration.

Be that as it may, ER posted two pictures, one of actor Lionel Barrymore (now deceased) in his famous role of the curmudgeonly wicked old man Potter, from the movie "What a Wonderful Life". The other picture was of Vice President Dick Cheney (he pronounces it Chaney). Then ER pointed out a physical similarity between the two, and implied the two shared a similar personality.

(Incidentally, my favorite Barrymore film is an obscure little picture in which Barrymore, who plays a curmudgeonly old man confined to a wheelchair, magically traps Death, played by Sir Cedric Hardwicke, in an apple tree. Oh! The name of the movie is "On Borrowed Time")

I have no doubt that ER intended the piece to be humorous, and indeed it is.

But it reminded me of a post I created back in April, 2006 in which I posted pictures of Democratic representative Cynthia McKinney and Rocket J. Squirrel in order to point out the similarities in their physical appearance.

I made no implications that the two are similar in any other way. In fact, The gist of that particular post was a defense of Ms. McKinney, a fact that was apparently lost on ER, as his first comment on the post was:

"You're just being mean. Who wants to comment on that? Quit being a jerk."

I'm still trying to figure out how I am a jerk when I post pictures that suggest a physical comparison between a fictional character and a real human being and ER is just being funny.

Once again, as I pointed out in yesterday's post:

It does make one wonder if Libs are somewhat hypocritical, does it not?


Lone Ranger said...

Do as I say, not as I do -- one of the planks in the liberal platform.

Henry said...

LOL!! I must have missed the McKinney/Rocky post. The similarity is pretty funny.

Re ER: Yep, "progressive" hypocrisy at it's finest

Gayle said...

Liberals hypocritical? You've got to be kidding, Mark! ROTF!

I don't think the McKinney/Rocky post is mean. It's funny and cute. The similarity with the teeth and eyes is obvious and there's noting mean about it. She could do far worse than be compared to a cute little old harmless squirrel! :)

Mark said...

And need I mention that Rocky the flying Squirrel is an American hero, who successfully defended America against Boris Badenov and Natasha, who were obviously Communists and Fearless Leader, who resembled a Nazi?

When it comes down to it, Cynthia McKinney could do far worse that be compared to a remarkable rodent like that. In fact, she would do well to emulate him rather than be a sniveling Defeatocrat with a "victim complex".

She should be flattered at the comparison and Rocky should be insulted.

Trader Rick said...

You do Rocky a disservice...

ELAshley said...

It all makes sense in the High Grass of Liberal Conceit.

mudkitty said...

Potter is the classic Rightwing Republican...

Ms.Green said...

Reminds me of an old SNL skit that made fun of Bob Dole by focusing on his paralized right arm. I mean, the whole skit revolved around making a joke out of his inability to maneauver it or use it normally. This is a man who was wounded while serving our country - but the liberal hollywood types have no problem making a sport of laughing at his misfortune.

Now, if another show were to have put together a similar skit making fun of, let's say, Christopher Reeves in his wheelchair, what would the libs have done then????

Erudite Redneck said...

As I said, I meant to compare that the despicable personal character of the vice president and Henry Potter were comparable.

You meant to make fun of the way McKinney looks.

Big diff. Try again. Better yet: Don't bother. You never get anything right about me or what I write, or what I think.