Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Waste Of Time

"To give a satisfactory decision as to the truth it is necessary to be rather an arbitrator than a party to the dispute." --Aristotle

I fail to see why the Senate Judicial Committee even conducts these hearings. The outcome is already fixed. The Democrats will vote against Alito, and the Republicans will vote for him.

There is no need to ask Alito any questions. The Democrats have already made up their minds. If Alito said, "As a Supreme Court Justice, I will vote to change the Constitution in favor of the Liberals at every possible opportunity," the Democrats would still vote against him. And not because they believe in judicial restraint, because nothing would delight them more than judicial activism in their favor. Alito has demonstrated beyond a doubt that he is fair and impartial, but that isn't what the Democrats want. If it was, they would approve him by a unanimous vote.

They don't want Alito on the Supreme Court because Bush nominated him. That's all.

This appointment isn't about ideologies, or judicial activism, or judicial restraint or fairness. It is about power. The Democrats on the Judicial Committee are obsessed with winning the majority back on the legislature. Nothing else matters to them. They are still angry that Bush won the election in 2000, and they will stop at nothing and stoop as low as necessary to accomplish that end. Anything to make Bush look incompetent and foolish.

They want their power back.

But here's a news flash for them:

They are doing more to hurt their chances than they are to help them. The American people are not stupid, as the Democrats apparently think. They see through this obvious attempt to undermine the Presidency.

It will not work. The American people are too smart to buy what the Democrats are selling. We want solutions, not questions. Positive suggestions, not complaints. Plans that build, not plans that divide.

If the Democrats want to win Senate and House seats this year, they had better come up with a workable plan, and that doesn't mean tearing down the President. It means come up with a plan to stop illegal immigration and plans to prevent attacks on America from terrorists, and plans to further reduce taxes and reduce pork in the budget.

These are among the things that America wants.

But what America wants the most is security. And pointing out perceived inadequacies in the present administration is counter-productive.

Lie Of The Day (From Laura Ingraham's web site)
"To put it plainly, average Americans have had a hard time getting a fair shake in [Judge Alito's] courtroom," claimed Sen. Ted Kennedy, in his opening remarks at the Alito hearings.

Oh REALLY?!? Check out Byron York's latest piece, linked on our "Read It Or Weep" section.


Poison Pero said...

I love these hearings........And any other where the Dems get a mic in front of them.

The more they talk, the more the American people get sick of them......If they'd shut the hell up they'd win more elections. So by all means we should encourage them to continue with their ramblings.

This is why I'm actually hoping they get the balls to filibuster, and also to go after impeachment proceedings against Bush.......Because they kill themselves when they have the stage.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

It's funny how much grand-standing is done before the cameras. I guess we all know now why these are called "hearings". The Democratic Senators get to bloviate, while the nominee, Alito gets a front-row seat to hear it all. they want to let him speak, or just use up all their time in meaningless platitudes and bloviating?

Erudite Redneck said...

Oh, come on. All y'all really that naive? The hearings have become a venue for each party to shore up their base. Quit actin' so dadgum high and mighty -- and surprised.

Ah, memories. I wrote an editorial for my colege paper back in the day, with the headline: "Bork the dork." Drove the Reagan youth nuts, which made it worth it.

Sheila said...


I thought you guys would get it. The dems are supposed to grill the guy. If he's a not a bad one, it makes him look so much stronger and of course some are going to vote against him. Watch which ones do. There will be a potential Presidential Candidate in there I bet.

The same happens to Democratic nominees. This is the game.

This nomination is particularly boring because its obvious judge Alito has gone through the Senator Fred Thompson School of SCOTUS. He's very prepared.

This stuff was going on long before you guys finally got interested. So stop the rash statements and get some education. It's a very interesting human process thats been going on since the country began. Nothing new or evil here.

By the way Mark, I'm in Palm Beach working in Domestic hell for the Winter. I failed to say and dropped out of sight. My appologese. Glad to see the site is free of restrictions again.

Erudite Redneck said...

But wait! The Byron Dork article is from a MSM source! And it's obviously not "objective"! For shame!


Mark said...

Sheila, Of course they're supposed to supposed to grill him, and they're doing so. All I'm saying is that they are predictable, except that they've gone way overboard making outrageous accusations that are not only not true, but are so easily unproven that they make themselves look stupid.

As far as watch which ones vote against him...we don't need to watch that. We already know. Like I say, they are predictable.

ER, Alito can't be borked. This time Republicans are in the majority.

Mark said...

ER, National Review is MSM? That's news to me!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


If this is "grilling", they're shooting off nothing but blanks at a man who's bullet-proof. And you said it yourself: it makes Alito look stronger, and the ones who don't even really "listen" to his response, but drive on to the next bloviation, just look foolish.

Sheila said...

Hi Mark.

This time i wasn't talking to you. I was talking to everyone else. When I'm watching these hearings, I'm taking everything said at face value.

I'm watching the body language, listening to the questions and trying to see if there's a trip wire some where.

Judge Alito's wife...who looks like his sister by the way...has definate facial reactions to his questions. Which i find more interesting because its all so canned and theater this time.

I'm watching the Dems theater more this time because their is a potential candidate and I want to see how he does.

AND Kenneday. He's the official attack dog of the party. He's as bad for the REPS as Delay is for the DEMS.

I'm only pointing out that you guys are too polarized to see the real politics.

I remember the Clarence Thomas hearings. He was shredded. These are very defanged in comparison.

By the way. I've been researching Liberal Activist Judges on the Supreme Courts. How much has been done in the last 50 years.

It turns out Clarance Thomas is the winner of 69% of the over turns. Briar and Ginsburg come in last at a whopping....we'll say 30% to be kind.

See...its a political ploy used by the Republcan Congress to whip up the base and it worked. You guys are truly offended by something you believe has happened to this country. Its not your fault.

Now thats politics!

Fritz said...

This is the final touches of the Reagan Revolution, de-Warrenizing the Court. Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to preserve the status quo. My race-baiting Senator Durbin is always troubled.

Sheila said...


I really respect your words. I've missed reading you too. I am not for the left or the right. I'm for this country.

I'm also coming out of 9/11 finally and depolarizing myself on purpose. I see no benfit in trying to hurt my fellow citizens over politics.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


You're always too nice to me! Thank you.

I'm for this country too....which is why I'm standing just to the right of center! (^_~)

Yes, on Clarence Thomas, only if the way you define "judicial activism" is in how often a justice votes in striking down a law passed by Congress. So what is a Supreme Court Justice supposed to do when Congress "gets it wrong", and passes a law that violates Constitutional Law? Is a judge's roll as a strict constructionist? Living Constitution interpreter?

I think the way those on the Left define "judicial activism" is in striking down laws enacted by Congress. Conservative judges, such as Thomas, use a strict constructionist approach to frustrate the "democratic character" of a "living, breathing" Constitution. (If this is how we define it, then, yes, I think that study is probably correct on Clarence Thomas being the most activist).

Those on the right, I think, however, define "legislating from the bench" differently. Conservatives argue that judicial activism is a process of ignoring or selectively choosing precedent in order to make rulings that expands upon personal freedoms such as Roe v. Wade. Or simply "making stuff up", which is how I see the whole "separation of Church and State" line of reasoning, which began in 1947.

If this is how we are to define "judicial activism", then I think Clarence Thomas is "off the hook" on this one.

Prove me wrong, because I may well be. And I'd want to know.

Sheila said...

No Word,

I think your right because you have honor and your opinion is a great perspective.

But what if Briar and Ginsburg agreed with the constitution more times than they disagreed with it. Which is what I found out.

I was trying to see the truth in what the right was saying about OConner. I found that in 99% of her rulings she was marching to the heartbeat of America. Which by the way IS what her job was.

How can she be demonized unless the Right Wing is trying to change the thinking of the public.

Ginsburg and Briar Voted more times in tune with the consciense of the country. And because they are "other Than Republican" they are demonized.

I don't find it surprising that the average american doesn't have the time to research. I think after 9/11 anyone could have been manipulated with lies. We tend to want to trust our elected officials.

We had the luxury of just waiting until their terms ran out. Now, its differant and a lot of people are about to get up and get active in order to show the real will of this country and its in the center of all this political CAOS.

My theory is this. Our citizens are just out of practice with being active with their rights.

They will only take so much manipulation and then they will rise and show what they want.

I'm like you. Your right of center. I'm left of center. We ARE the majority in this country.

I found that Thomas, Ginsburg, Briar, and Oconner were really working on behalf of our country. Just because you didn't like the ruling or I didn't like the ruling. Whether it was from ideological beliefs the WE have.

None of them over turned because of their ideological beliefs. Sorry if it disapoints people.

My opinion is that both Roberts and Alito will become a voice of the country too. NOT a voice of the Right Wing or the Left.

My personal theory is that Roberts will become the Swing Vote.

Fritz said...

I don't know where you get your information, but Ginsburg and Stevens consistently were in the decent of the Rehnquist Court. Justice Breyer tends to vote with the majority on business matters.

Sheila said...

Fritz sweetie,

Its all in the writing. If you want to see needless bias, your going to see it.

My mission for myself was the unbiased truth this time and I came up with less evil from all the figures on the Supreme Court than what was being implied to us.

Sorry to disapoint you. Go ahead and believe what you please.

I found no concrete evil on the court or against the citizens of this country.

Gayle said...

Mark, I came in here simply to thank you for stopping by and wishing me well. Thank you! :)

You wrote an excellent post and I agree with you. All the Dems are doing is "grandstanding." Whenever they get in front of a mike it's a good thing, just as poison pero said. Let them talk. Given enough rope.....

Sheila said...


Alito is doing a good job. The necesary pummeling from the left is really pretty soft this time. They know he's not worth demonizing. he's pretty good.

Fritz said...

I wish you would provide a link to this information you have discovered. All I know is Teddy Kennedy is wasting our time talking about Vanguard. It is a total smear.

Fritz said...

Ohhh, Teddy going McCarthy on Alito, CAP must have been worse than the KKK. Don't we have a Grand Kleagal from West Virginia serving in the Senate?

Erudite Redneck said...

The National Review, the mainstream conservative voice for 50-something years, is as MSM as anything.

Unles you mean MSM to be any damn publiucation you happens to disagree with -- which I think really IS what righty-rights consider MSM, which is funny because it shows they know they are NOT "MS."


Kroisoned Zero said...

I love these hearings........And any other where the Repubs get a mic in front of them.

The more they talk, the more the American people get sick of them......If they'd shut the hell up they'd win more elections. So by all means we should encourage them to continue with their ramblings.

This is why I'm actually hoping they get the balls to keep smearing Soldiers, and also to go after the Veterans for A Secure America.......Because they kill themselves when they have the stage.

Mark said...

ER, Actually, I do consider The National Review mainstram. I just didn't think you would.

Sheila said...

Hey Mark,

I think the national Review is too. I think the Christian Science Monitor is main stream too.

And Fritz, If I knew you wouldn't use my findings for an argument that made no sense, I'd happily share it.

But Fritzie boy, I have your number and I dare you to spend the time researching and finding the information your self. Its not all just googling. I dare you.

You'll feel better for it and so will I. :)

KEvron said...

"There is no need to ask Alito any questions."

you're right; the chimp's candidates don't seem capable of giving a straight answer anyway, so why bother....


Poison Pero said...

All 100 senators made up their mind on how they were going to vote........Before Bush even nominated Alito.

It doesn't matter how he replies to the Grand Inquisitors. He could come out and say President Bush sucks, and he loves seeing unborn children's brains sucked into vacuum containers and the Dems would still vote against him.

The whole thing's a joke.

Goat said...

I put a Barnyard endorsment on this post, Mark you are right on, I need not say more!

KEvron said...

"All 100 senators made up their mind"

speaking of "made up":


Erudite Redneck said...

Well, Mark, that's my point. It doesn't matter what one "thinks" is MSM. That's an assessment that can be made without regard for content or a publication's leaning.

MSM is established, such as newspapers, magazines and broadacasting, period. Non-MSM is online not connected to a magazin, newspaper or broadcasting, pods, blogs, etc.

However, when those on the right use the term, they very often mean "news or information outlet with which I do not agree."

Erudite Redneck said...

KEvron, damn you. For getting me over the blof of the rightiest of the righty rights!

My eyes! My eyes!

Hey, PP, re: "Niggra = Sen. Robert Byrd's version of the "N-word". --He's used it many times in the U.S. Senate."

So did my dad, who would be about Byrd's age now. Get off that generation of rural Southerners' ass.

It was their dialectical version of "Negro," and you know it. Or if you don't, you Yankee bastage, now you do.

Maybe I should scour yer place for even more example of outright misrepresentations. Spin all you want. But lying sucks.

Marie's Two Cents said...

It sure would be nice to see someone put Kennedy up in front of the panel and question him on all his antics from 40 years ago.
Let's see, how old would Mary Jo be now?