Friday, April 29, 2005

samantha runnion's mother

the murderer of samantha runnion in california was convicted yesterday. this is good news. however, i heard a sound byte from samanta's mother this morning which made me sit up and say, "what the.....?" of course, i can't find the same clip on the internet but i did find another quote from her: Ticking off the names of Samantha and other abducted children, Runnion called for parents to take steps to protect their children, the objective of a foundation she launched in the months after her daughter's death. somehow, erin runnion seems to think that child molesters can be stopped before they start by making people aware of the possibility that anyone's child is at risk. how will that stop the crime from happening? there is nothing any of us can do to stop a crime before it happens when we don't know what the criminal mind may be planning and we don't know who the criminal is. the idea that we can stop any kind of crime by making the public more aware is ludicrous. there will always be crime and there will always be criminals to commit them no matter what we do to try to prevent them. all we can do is be vigilant and pray that it won't happen to "my" daughter. as for the murderer, torture him before you kill him. i'm sure he did the same to samantha.

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